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Why's everyone so obsessed with productized services?

What are productized services and why should you care?

Imagine this: You walk into a restaurant, sit down and instead of glancing at a menu, you call the chef over to your table. Now, picture yourself explaining your tastes, dietary preferences and cravings in great detail. Then, you negotiate with the chef on how your meal should be cooked and how much it should cost. Absurd, right? 

That's why (most) restaurants don't work like that. They have menus with clear options and set prices. Every customer knows exactly what they’re getting. 

This is the essence of productized services. Instead of negotiating with your clients every time you do business, you offer a set "menu" of ready-to-go services that your customers can choose from. 

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What are productized services?

Productized services are essentially a way to package your expertise into clear, marketable products. Think of it like this: In the world of SaaS (software as a service), companies like Wix offer various packages, each with a different set of features and price points. Customers can easily see which package suits their needs and purchase accordingly. 

Now, apply that concept to your service-based business. Whether you’re a consultant, designer or gardener, you can convert your services into predefined packages that customers can understand without the endless back-and-forth.

Productizing doesn’t mean everything is self-serve or that you can avoid educating potential customers altogether. It simply means you’re offering your services in a way that’s easier for clients to grasp, much like how products are sold off the shelf. 

Who are productized services for?

Productized services are a game-changer for a wide range of professionals. Freelancers, consultants, agencies, startups and even traditional service businesses can benefit. 

In other words, freelancers can offer several packages that include a set number of revisions and specific turnaround times. Instead of vague hourly rates and scope creep, consultants can charge fixed prices for specific outcomes, like a market analysis or a strategic plan. Agencies can bundle their services into packages that cater to different client sizes and needs. Startups can streamline their offerings to make it easier for potential customers to understand what they’re getting.

12 productized service examples

Let’s look at several more examples to illustrate the versatility of productized services.

01.  Photography 

Many photographers already take the productization approach to set the right expectations. For instance, Zion Adventure Photog sells photography packages for families venturing into the Zion and Southern Utah wilderness. 

Each package is defined by a minimum number of images and a maximum photoshoot time. Each also comes with a fully edited gallery and your choice of location.

productized services example: Zion Adventure Photog

02. Consulting sessions

Offer predefined consulting sessions focusing on specific topics, such as business strategy, marketing or financial planning.

Packages can be categorized as "Business Strategy Session," "Marketing Audit" and "Financial Planning Workshop." Each package could include a set amount of time and specific outcomes, such as a strategic plan or marketing analysis. 

03. Home cleaning

Cleaning services must often cater to different levels of cleaning: basic, deep clean or move-in/move-out services.

You can create packages based on these needs. Each package may include specific tasks and time estimates, making it easy for clients to choose the right service. This approach not only simplifies the booking process but also helps cleaning businesses manage their schedules more efficiently.

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04. Interior design 

Even less predictable, highly personalized services can be productized. Take Wix user Casa Vilora Interiors as an example. Founder Veronica Solomon breaks out each part of the consulting and design process into separate appointment types.

A two-hour, in-home consultation will cost $600, while a two-hour art curation session will cost $400. 

productized services example: Casa Vilora Interiors

05. Life coaching

In both business and life, many of us could use a little push in the right direction. Wholistic life coach Angela Kerri aims to support professional women in achieving their life goals. Her various packages set the tone for what’s to come. 

While one package offers a 12-month course with group coaching sessions, office hours and self-service resources—another package offers many of the same perks but for a shorter six-month period. 

productized services example: Angela Kerri

06. Fitness training 

Fitness packages can be catered to different fitness goals or familiarity levels. In the case of Aly Gray Fitness, membership plans grant different levels of access to virtual classes, coaching and other resources that are available on her fitness website.

For example, the AGFitFam plan includes unlimited on-demand streaming, alongside live classes, pre-recorded workout videos and Aly’s Kitchen Cookbook. Meanwhile, the Online Coaching package comes with a personalized fitness program, workout videos, meal plans, weekly check-ins and more. 

productized services example: Aly Gray Fitness

07. Website optimization services

Imagine offering a "Website Health Check" or “Landing Page Audit” package. For a fixed fee, you could review a client’s website, identify areas for improvement and provide actionable suggestions. 

This type of productization may be valuable for clients who want to optimize their site but aren’t sure where to start. Plus, it serves as an excellent lead generation tool—clients get a taste of your expertise, which can lead to more in-depth projects.

08. SEO services

SEO services are a prime candidate for productization. You can create packages like "Basic SEO," "Advanced SEO" and "Premium SEO" that bundle different types of SEO tasks together. 

For example, each package could include a set number of researched keywords, on-page optimizations and link-building efforts. Clients can choose the package that fits their budget and needs, making it easier to seal the deal and set clear expectations.

Tip: Use Wix SEO tools to work more efficiently at scale.

09. Web design 

Create packages for different levels of design work, from a basic logo design to a full brand identity package.

Designers can offer tiered packages like "Logo Design," "Brand Identity" and "Complete Branding Package" to include specific deliverables like initial concepts, revisions and final files. This approach simplifies the buying process for clients and allows designers to showcase their range of services.

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10. Travel tours

Travel tour services can come pre-packaged with pre-defined itineraries and accommodations. Arizona Private Tours, as an example, makes it very clear what each tour package entails. 

Travelers can choose an eight-hour Grand Canyon tour, which includes lunch and a private tour guide for a fixed price. Or, those who are looking for an extra thrill can opt for a full-day Jerome Ghost Town tour that explores “the riches of the Verde Valley” and includes lunch plus entry fees. 

productized services example: Arizona Private Tours

Check out these tourism websites to help round out your online presence.  

11.  Sports lessons 

Many trainers and coaches may offer lessons for an hourly fee, giving their students unlimited flexibility in terms of the length and duration of their training. But, in the case of companies like Gather and Glide Surf Academy, productized services can help you appeal to a larger range of students without spreading yourself too thin.

The surf academy offers “progression courses,” which give new or semi-new surfers an unintimidating way to get started. Students can choose between a “Level One Beginner Course,” “Level Two Improver Course” or “Level Three Advanced Course” that each includes multiple days of lessons. 

productized services example: Gather and Glide Surf Academy

12. B2B marketing solutions

If you’re in the business of offering B2B marketing services, you could split your services up by business need and budget. The most basic package might include essential services, like target audience research, persona development and a monthly content calendar. 

Meanwhile, a second tier might include social media management for three platforms, a monthly email marketing campaign and a quarterly performance report. A third (more premium) tier could include paid advertising management, a comprehensive SEO strategy and monthly performance reports with in-depth strategy sessions. 

The benefits of productization

Why should you consider productizing your services? Let’s break it down.

  • Clarity for customers: Clear packaging helps customers instantly understand what they will receive. This transparency eliminates confusion and simplifies the decision-making process. It also builds trust, as clients feel more confident knowing there are no hidden fees or surprises.

  • Efficiency for you: Instead of creating unique proposals for each client, you can streamline your process by offering set packages. This allows you to focus more on delivering high-quality work and less on administrative tasks.

  • Predictable revenue: When you productize your services, you establish fixed prices for each package. This helps you forecast your income and manage your cash flow more effectively. Knowing exactly how much revenue to expect each month enables better financial planning and business growth strategies.

  • Scalability: Standardized packages are easier to train others on. This, in turn, makes it easier to and delegate tasks and grow your business without compromising on quality. You can hire team members to handle specific parts of the service, ensuring consistent delivery while you focus on expanding your client base.

  • Trendiness: The concept of productized services is gaining traction in various industries. As more businesses adopt this model, customers are becoming more familiar with pre-packaged services. Some customers may even favor packaged solutions over custom quotes.

The downsides of productization

While productizing your services can offer numerous benefits, here are potential downsides worth considering as well. Let’s take a closer look at some challenges you might face.

  • Loss of personalization: When you standardize your services into fixed packages, you might lose the ability to tailor your offerings to each client's unique needs. This loss of personalization can be a drawback for businesses that pride themselves on providing bespoke services. The good thing is, the packages you build can be a great base for a more tailored offering if a client demands it.

  • Upfront work: Developing clear, compelling packages alongside the necessary marketing materials takes time and effort. This upfront work can be daunting, especially for small businesses or solo entrepreneurs. That said, the efforts you put into understanding your target market will affect multiple parts of your business and be worth your time in the long run.

  • Perceived value: Some clients may view productized services as less valuable because they’re not tailored to their specific needs. This perception can affect your pricing power and the overall appeal of your offerings. It’s crucial to communicate the value of your packages effectively to overcome this potential downside. 

Why should you care about productized services now?

The timing has never been better to jump on the productized service bandwagon. Here’s why:

  1. AI competition: With AI tools (such as Wix’s AI website builder) now capable of performing tasks instantly, professionals need to offer something more defined and valuable. To stay competitive, professionals can differentiate themselves by offering clearly defined, value-added services that AI cannot replicate. Productized services provide a structured and personalized touch that AI often lacks, making them more appealing to clients.

  2. Increased competition: The freelance economy is booming, and it has become easier and cheaper to find experts all over the world. By offering productized services, you can stand out from the crowd and differentiate yourself on platforms like the Wix Marketplace. Clear, well-defined packages make it easier for potential clients to understand what you offer and why they should choose you over others.

  3. Consumer behavior: People are used to buying products to solve their problems, whether they’re shopping for software or physical products. Productized services tap into this familiar buying behavior.

How to productize a service: the 5-step playbook

Eager to take advantage of productized services? Here’s a simple playbook to get you started.

how to productize a service in five steps

01. Identify core services

Analyze what your business does best and what services are most loved by your customers. This step is about finding the most valuable and enjoyable services you already offer.

One important thing to keep in mind is that different customers might like different services (which also means some customers are just not for you). There are various methods you can take to identify your best offerings. 

One popular method is the 80/20 analysis, or the Pareto Principle, which states that 80% of the outcomes come from 20% of the causes. You can analyze your sales data and see which services are the most popular in different segments. 

Alternatively, you can use a method that a lot of tech companies use when analyzing product-market fit: survey your customer base, then do a bunch of analysis on the data. But I might just need to write a whole piece on it.

02. Standardize the delivery process

Take out a piece of paper, or digital canvas, and write down all the steps that are part of delivering the actual service, focusing on the ones that can be standardized for every client. This will help you in the next step of actually turning these steps into a package.  

03. Package your services

Create two to three packages for these core services, similar to a restaurant menu. Offer solutions that address your customers' most common problems in an organized and efficient way. Each package should be designed for quick and consistent delivery.

packaging productized services

04. Set clear pricing

Establish a straightforward, flat-rate pricing for each package. The pricing should be simple yet flexible enough, eliminating the need for custom quotes for every client.

At this stage, it’s important to be transparent about your pricing. To this end, it can help to provide a comparison table showing the differences between each package. Or, you can call out who each package is intended for so that it’s easy for customers to make a decision and buy your service. 

Remember that you can always offer add-ons and extras that clients can purchase at will.

how to price productized services

05. Market and sell

Display the packages and their pricing prominently on your website, making it easy for customers to understand their options. 

You should ideally offer a checkout option right on your site. This means that you’ll need to install a payment gateway like Wix Payments when updating or building your website. You can also add a call-to-action button allowing customers to instantly contact you via email. 

This step aims to streamline the sales process and attract clients who are willing to buy directly from your website.

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