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11 cleaning business ideas to start today

cleaning business ideas

Cleaning businesses play a crucial role in maintaining a hygienic and organized work and home environment for their clients. These businesses can offer a variety of cleaning services, from regular janitorial tasks to specialized cleaning solutions. Starting a cleaning business can be an extremely lucrative venture, allowing you the flexibility to cater your hours (and income) to your lifestyle. Cleaning services are also in consistent demand, making it a good recession-proof business idea

11 cleaning business ideas

When starting a business, it’s important to find the right niche. Here are eleven cleaning business ideas to help you find your corner of the market.

01. Office cleaning services

You can offer comprehensive cleaning solutions for offices, including janitorial services, floor cleaning and sanitation. These kinds of services are usually on a long contract basis, meaning consistent business and income. 

02. Carpet cleaning

Specialize in deep cleaning and maintenance of carpets for businesses, homes and other facilities. Sometimes specializing in a hyper-specific area can help you establish a good reputation and make you the go-to referral for others who need the same services. 

03. Industrial cleaning

Provide cleaning services for industrial facilities, addressing unique challenges such as machinery cleaning, grease removal and more. This may be a less competitive service to offer, meaning it might be easier to attract a consistent clientele. However, it may also require a certain degree of specialized skill and experience when it comes to industrial cleaning and the risks involved. 

04. Window cleaning

Focus on professional window cleaning services for commercial and residential buildings, ensuring a spotless and streak-free finish. Window cleaning takes a great deal of skill and experience, so make sure this is something you’re familiar with before starting. 

05. Medical facility cleaning

Specialize in cleaning medical offices, clinics and hospitals. Keep in mind, this will mean adhering to strict hygiene standards and regulations.

06. Restaurant and kitchen cleaning

Offer cleaning services for restaurants and commercial kitchens, ensuring compliance with health and safety standards.

07. Event venue cleaning

Provide post-event cleaning services for venues, ensuring quick and efficient cleanup after conferences, seminars or parties.

08. School and educational facility cleaning

Specialize in maintaining cleanliness in educational institutions, including classrooms, corridors and common areas. This can be a great scalable business idea if you work with several schools within a county or city. 

09. Retail store cleaning

Focus on cleaning services tailored to retail spaces, ensuring a clean and inviting shopping environment. Lots of brands have multiple retail store locations, meaning you could build up a lot of cleaning work across all their stores. 

10. Hotel and hospitality cleaning services

Offer comprehensive cleaning solutions for hotels, ensuring guest rooms, lobbies and common areas are immaculate.

11. Green cleaning services

Differentiate your business by offering eco-friendly cleaning solutions, appealing to businesses with a focus on sustainability. This might mean using only environmentally friendly cleaning supplies or other measures to make your business green. This green cleaning company, Green Clover, does just that. 

How to get started with your cleaning business idea

Apply your industry knowledge and experience

You’ll need to develop a deep understanding of various cleaning techniques, equipment and industry best practices based on the services you offer. If you have specific experience, like window cleaning, start there as you grow your breadth of experience. 

Choose your specialization or niche

Consider specializing in a cleaning niche or industry to provide tailored services. This can help you gain a professional reputation as a well-respected expert. This can be especially successful if you identify and fill a gap in service providers in your area. 

Build a professional network

Build a strong professional network to connect with potential clients. Consider creating a website to expand your online presence and market your services and cleaning business. 

Check out these best small website builders to get started.

Choose a legal structure for your business

Decide on the legal structure of your business, such as a sole proprietorship, LLC or corporation.

Determine your pricing strategies

Choose your pricing model, whether it's hourly rates, monthly retainers or project-based fees. Then, set your rates and pricing. Be sure to lay all of this out in your cleaning business plan. 

Cleaning business examples (built on Wix) to inspire you

This cleaning service company offers a wide range of cleaning services—from deep cleaning to commercial and office cleaning. 

Tier One offers both office and home cleaning services. Their services range from one-time cleanings to more long-term contracts, appealing to a wide client base. 

This cleaning company specializes in home cleaning services. They also offer window cleaning, pressure washing and post-construction cleaning services.

Cleaning business ideas FAQ

What types of cleaning services can I offer through my cleaning business?

The cleaning industry offers a wide range of services to choose from. You can consider offering general janitorial services, carpet cleaning, window cleaning, industrial cleaning, medical facility cleaning, restaurant and kitchen cleaning, event venue cleaning and more. Choose a niche that aligns with your expertise, interest and target market.

How can I attract clients to my cleaning business?

What equipment and supplies do I need to get my cleaning business off the ground?

How do I determine pricing for my cleaning idea?

How can I ensure the safety of my staff?

How can I differentiate my cleaning business idea from competitors?

How can I grow my cleaning business idea?

Other business ideas to consider

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