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12 business ideas for couples to start together

business ideas for couples

Starting a business as a couple is not a decision to be made lightly. There are many business ideas for couples that can be started from home and with lower startup costs. When choosing the right business idea to start as a couple it’s important to understand your shared interests from which to build a business, while also understanding how each of your own individual strengths can contribute to the success of your venture.

12 business ideas for couples

Starting a business as a couple offers a dynamic partnership in various ventures like catering, pet care, fitness services and more. With shared goals and diverse skills, couples can collaborate in running successful businesses together.

01. Catering

Catering as a business idea involves providing food and beverage services for events, parties or gatherings. This can range from small private dinners to large weddings and corporate functions. An example is Penelope’s Mexican Food, with its home delivery and extensive menu ranking from breakfast plates to burritos.

Why is it a good business idea for couples?

Couples often have complementary skills that can be combined to run a successful catering business. If one of you is a skilled chef, they can focus on the cooking while you apply your skills to your business management and marketing.

Catering can be started from home, at least in the beginning as you build up a regular clientele. This means it can be started around other work and family commitments and with lower startup costs.

02. Pet care

Pet care businesses can include pet sitting, dog walking, pet grooming or even opening a pet daycare or boarding facility. Loved Well Pet Care is a great example of this type of business idea.

Why is it a good business idea for couples?

Many couples share a love for animals and starting a pet care business allows them to turn their passion for pets into a profitable venture. Pet care means working together to ensure the pets receive the best care and attention they need. Clients may also be more open to trusting a family-run venture with their animals. This is also what makes this a great family busines idea.

03. Fitness services

Fitness services can encompass personal training, group fitness classes or even opening a gym or fitness studio. Anna Bolden Fitness is one example of a fitness business.

Why is it a good business idea for couples?

Couples with a shared interest in health and fitness can leverage this and their experience to start a fitness business. You can motivate and support each other to plan and teach fitness classes and serve as great role models for clients. This teamwork can help create a welcoming and encouraging atmosphere for people looking to get fit and commit to a healthier lifestyle and help you both make money as personal trainers.

04. Landscaping

Landscaping businesses involve designing, building and maintaining outdoor spaces, including gardens, lawns and hardscapes. A great example of this type of business is Country Green Landscaping.

Why is it a good business idea for couples?

Landscaping can be a physically demanding but rewarding business. Couples with complementary skills in design, horticulture and project management can work together to help clients improve their lawns and gardens. They can also offer clients a more personal touch by being directly involved in the work and in the process building stronger customer relationships.

05. Cleaning

Cleaning businesses provide residential or commercial cleaning services. This can include general cleaning, deep cleaning and specialized services such as carpet window or pool cleaning. For more inspiration check out Tier One Cleaning Services as an example.

Why is it a good business idea for couples?

Cleaning businesses are relatively easy to start with minimal upfront investment. Couples can then leverage teamwork and the division of labor to efficiently complete cleaning tasks. Cleaning can also be organized around other commitments. It is also considered a fairly recession-proof business idea.

06. Coffee shop

A coffee shop business involves serving coffee, pastries and other beverages and snacks in a cozy, social environment, much like Cafe Con Dan does.

Why is it a good business idea for couples?

Coffee shops are known for their inviting and community-oriented atmospheres where couples can work together to create a warm and welcoming space, all with a personal touch. They can also divide tasks, with one partner handling the front of the house and customer service-related tasks and the other managing the back of the house (coffee preparation and kitchen), making it an ideal business for couples with different skills and expertise.

07. Blogging

Blogging involves making a website or starting a blog, where you share your expertise, experiences and content on a specific topic or niche. Blogs generate income through advertising, affiliate marketing, sponsored content or by selling digital products such as courses or subscriptions,

Why is it a good business idea for couples?

Couples can collaborate on content creation, marketing and managing their blog. Sharing responsibilities can lead to faster growth and monetization and the combined expertise of both partners can make the blog more well-rounded and appealing to a wider audience. Perhaps one of you is the writer, the other the marketer with the skills to promote your blog and generate traffic to it. Combining diverse skills is what makes businesses run by couples so successful and what makes this also a valid scalable business idea.

Get started with the Wix Blog Maker.

08. Consulting

Consulting businesses provide specialized knowledge and advice to individuals or organizations in various fields, such as management, marketing, finance or technology.

Why is it a good business idea for couples?

Couples with complementary skills and expertise can offer a wide range of consulting services. Working together and in turn provide clients with a comprehensive set of solutions. This can help you offer consulting services for a more diverse client base, increasing your chances of scaling and profitability.

09. Event management

Event management as a business involves planning, organizing and executing various events, including weddings, corporate meetings, parties and conferences. This includes tasks like budgeting, vendor selection, venue booking, logistics and overall event coordination.

Why is it a good business idea for couples?

Event management requires strong teamwork, communication and coordination skills, making it an ideal choice for couples who can combine their skills and work together effectively. Couples with a deep understanding of each other's strengths can create a well-organized and personalized event-planning service.

10. Bed and breakfast

A bed and breakfast is a small lodging establishment where guests can rent rooms and have breakfast included in their stay. B&Bs as they’re often called offer a more intimate and personalized experience compared to traditional hotels. They’re often run from private houses.

Why is it a good business idea for couples?

Running a B&B is well-suited for couples who enjoy hosting and creating a welcoming environment. Couples can manage different aspects of the business - such as guest relations, housekeeping and breakfast preparation.

11. Tutoring

Tutoring involves providing educational support and instruction to students in various subjects or skills. This can be done in person or online and it often targets students of all ages.

Why is it a good business idea for couples?

Couples with teaching backgrounds or expertise in specific subjects can collaborate to offer tutoring services. They can provide a diverse range of skills and experience to their students, potentially expanding the range of subjects they can teach. Working together can also make scheduling and covering different subjects more manageable.

12. Craft business

A craft business involves creating and selling handmade crafts or artisanal products, such as jewelry, pottery, candles or artwork.

Why is it a good business idea for couples?

Craft businesses allow couples to leverage their creative skills and passion for crafting into something profitable. They can work together on product design, production, marketing and sales alongside the actual crafting. Additionally, the shared responsibility and creativity of a couple can lead to unique and appealing handmade products that stand out.

7 core benefits of running a business as a couple

Running a business as a couple can offer several benefits, provided you have a strong and supportive relationship with effective communication. Here are some advantages of starting and operating a business together as a couple.

  • Shared vision and goals: couples often have similar life goals and values, which can make it easier to align business objectives and long-term strategies. This shared vision can provide a strong foundation for the business.

  • Complementary skills: couples often bring different skill sets to the table. Combining these skills can lead to a more well-rounded and efficient operation. For example, one partner may excel in marketing and sales, while the other may have strong financial and operational skills.

  • Trust and reliability: a couple-run business can benefit from the inherent trust and reliability associated with a family-run operation. Clients and customers may feel more secure in their business dealings with a couple they perceive as being committed to the success of their enterprise.

  • Better work-life balance: Couples can work together to establish a healthier work-life balance. They can create schedules that suit their personal and family needs, allowing for a more balanced lifestyle compared to traditional 9-to-5 jobs.

  • Cost saving: by sharing responsibilities and roles, couples can save on labor costs. This can be particularly advantageous for small businesses and startups with limited budgets.

  • Motivation and support: working together as a couple can provide motivation and emotional support. Couples can encourage and push each other to achieve business goals and emotional support can be especially valuable during challenging times.

  • Flexibility: couples can adapt to changes and challenges more easily. They can pivot the business direction or adjust schedules according to their needs and preferences without having to consult or negotiate with external partners.

We love this example of a couple-run business, Bonsie by Anna and Joey Turcottee. Their couple business idea started the day they gave birth to their first child. What happened in that delivery room became the catalyst for an eCommerce brand whose mission would be to facilitate and promote the practice of skin-to-skin bonding. After two years of prototyping and sourcing, the Turcottes had a garment that "if someone saw a baby wearing...they'd immediately know it was a Bonsie.” Now, they were ready to present Bonsie to the world. Using Wix for eCommerce, the couple built their first eCommerce website and set up the eCommerce business—all while having two kids under the age of five running around the house. The true root of their success, however, lies in having a deep understanding of their target audience: new parents.

Other types of business ideas to consider as a couple

Business ideas for couples FAQ

Is it a good idea to start a business with my partner?

It can be a great idea if you have a strong and healthy relationship, complementary skills, shared goals and effective communication. However, it's important to carefully consider the potential challenges as well.

What are some common challenges when starting a couple-led business idea?

How can couples maintain a healthy relationship when running a business together?

Should we separate personal and business finances?

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