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23 art business ideas to inspire your entrepreneurial spirit

art business ideas to inspire you

Starting a business in the art world is not just about producing work, it's about becoming an integral part of your community while contributing to its cultural enrichment. Choosing the right art business idea is crucial, as it shapes your identity as an entrepreneur, your clientele and public perception of your venture. Considering that in 2022 the global art market generated nearly 68 billion U.S. dollars, your art business has the potential for huge success. In this article, we’ll go over the most important factors to consider when starting your own art business.

What makes an art business idea great?

The ideal art business idea should resonate with the community, provide value to your target demographic and contribute positively to the local artistic scene. It's not just about building a business, but also about building lasting relationships with your clients. Here are key factors that make an art business idea well-suited for a small business owner.

Local demand

The idea should address a genuine need or desire within the community. Understanding specific artistic preferences or gaps in cultural offerings is crucial for success in a smaller community.

Community engagement

Art businesses that involve and engage with the local community tend to thrive as opposed to those that don’t consider those factors. Incorporate ideas that foster a sense of belonging and connection through enriching artistic experiences.


An art business with a unique artistic approach can stand out in a smaller market. Look for opportunities to offer something different or provide a unique twist on traditional artistic concepts.

Potential for local partnerships

Partnering with local artists, craftsmen or other businesses can enhance your art business's presence and contribute to a vibrant local arts ecosystem.

Personalized service

In the art industry, personal relationships matter. An art business idea that allows for personalized and friendly service can be a significant advantage.


Keep in mind the local economic conditions and ensure that your art offerings are reasonably priced and accessible to a wide range of people.

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23 art business ideas

These 23 art business ideas will give you a chance to follow your artistic passions and contribute to the local cultural scene.

01. Art gallery

Establish an art gallery to showcase local artists' work and provide a space for the community to appreciate and purchase art.

02. Outdoor art exhibitions

Take advantage of the local surroundings by organizing outdoor art exhibitions, bringing art to public spaces.

03. Personal art classes

Provide personal art classes for individuals or small groups, offering customized lessons based on their artistic preferences. 

04. Art workshops and events

Organize art workshops and events to teach locals various art techniques and share your passion for creativity. This is a great scalable business idea if you’ve ever thought about offering online courses and workshops or hosting virtual events.

05. Local artisan market

Create a market space that features local artisans and craftspeople, offering unique and handmade art pieces. This also presents a great opportunity to engage with your local community. This can be offline or online, learn more about how to sell crafts online.

06. Mobile art studio

Bring art to different neighborhoods, schools and community centers with a mobile art studio, offering art classes and activities for all ages. 

07. Community art projects

Initiate community art projects that engage residents in collaborative artistic endeavors, fostering a sense of unity. 

08. Pop-up art installations

Set up pop-up art installations at various locations within the community, offering dynamic and ever-changing artistic experiences.

09. Themed art nights

Plan themed art nights, such as abstract art nights or special exhibitions, to attract diverse crowds.

10. Art rental services

Offer art rental services, allowing customers to rotate artwork in their homes and offices.

11. Custom art pieces

Create and sell custom art pieces tailored to individual preferences, such as personalized paintings or sculptures.

12. Public art murals

Start a public art mural project that contributes to the visual appeal of the community.

Jasmine Miikika Craciun, “Kik”, creates stunning murals that truly uplift the setting.

13. Art and wine pairing events

Organize art and wine pairing events, collaborating with local vineyards for unique and fun cultural experiences.

14. Art tours

Plan and execute art tours that explore the diverse artistic offerings within the community. Pair the art tour by combining galleries and street art, alongside street food and must-see areas around your local community.

15. Art competitions

Host art competitions for residents to showcase their artistic skills and creativity. Make it an event by hiring a DJ and live music artists to play during the competition, food stands and even a small market where local creators can sell their art.

16. Art delivery services

Provide art delivery services, reaching residents who prefer to enjoy unique artwork without leaving the comfort of their homes. 

17. Art supply store

Open an art supply store, offering essential materials for local artists and hobbyists. Pro tip: Creating a website to expand your online presence can give you that extra boost. Cass Art is a UK-based art supplies store, brimming with everything an artist could need.

18. Art event planning

Offer event planning services for art-related occasions, ensuring a creative and visually stunning atmosphere.

19. Virtual art classes

Conduct virtual art classes for artists who prefer learning new mediums, skills and techniques from home.

20. Artisanal craft fair

Organize artisanal craft fairs that celebrate the diversity of artistic talents within the community.

21. Art merchandise

Create and sell art merchandise, such as prints, apparel or unique art-related products. Learn more about how to sell online.

22. Local art festivals

Organize local art festivals that showcase the richness and diversity of artistic expressions within the community.

23. Fine art studio

Establish a fine art studio, offering classes and studio space for serious artists and enthusiasts.

How to start an art business in 5 simple steps

Starting an art business involves specific steps to ensure maximum success. Follow along to get started.

Market research and idea validation

Identify gaps in artistic offerings and validate your art business idea by engaging with locals and understanding their artistic preferences.

Create an art business plan

Develop a detailed business plan outlining your concept, target market, competition, art offerings, marketing strategy, financial projections and funding needs.

Register your art business

Register your business, obtain necessary permits or licenses and comply with relevant regulations. Decide on the legal structure of your business, such as a sole proprietorship, LLC or corporation.

Secure financing

Determine how you'll finance your art business, considering personal savings, loans, grants or investments. Prepare a budget for startup and ongoing expenses.

Promote and market your art business

Find a suitable location, create an appealing portfolio of artworks or services and establish a strong online presence through a business website and social media. Use local outreach and community engagement to promote your art business.

most popular business ideas in the US - art business ideas

Inspiring art business examples built on Wix

This contemporary artist from Canada is creating unique art and offering it on his online store, alongside other merchandise.

Pranaa is a conceptual artist and event engineer, exploring the processes of globalization and the evolutions of ecosystems. 

This fun & funky graphic designer from Israel is making unique and retro 80s-style abstract art and accessories.

Art business ideas FAQ

How can I attract customers to my art business idea?

Effective marketing strategies are crucial for attracting customers to your art business. Creating a business website will showcase your artworks or services through visually appealing platforms, establish a strong online presence on social media, collaborate with local businesses and participate in community art events. Building a reputation for excellent artistic offerings and service is essential.

What equipment do I need to start an art business idea?

How do I determine pricing for my art services?

Other business ideas to consider

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