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150+ Beauty business names

beauty business names

When it comes to starting a beauty business choosing the right business name is far more than just a formality—it's the foundation upon which your brand is built. The significance of choosing a compelling business name cannot be overstated. It's the initial step in starting your business and crafting a lasting brand identity.

Your business name is the first thing potential customers encounter and it wields immense power in shaping their perception of your venture. Your name will be used on your business website, across your social media accounts and hopefully passed along from customer to customer. The impact of a business name extends beyond mere recognition, it can influence your future profitability too. Whether you're seeking something glamorous, natural, or entirely unique, these beauty business ideas can help you create a name that resonates with your brand's style and vision when starting a traditional business or embarking on beauty dropshipping.

Beauty business names to inspire

For more inspiration: Service business ideas

Unique beauty business names

1. VelvetAura Beauty

2. OpulentGlow Studio

3. EtherealBloom Cosmetics

4. LuminaLuxe Skincare

5. RadiantAlchemy Beauty

6. WhimsiChic Beauty Bar

7. GildedPetals Salon

8. MystiQuartz Spa

9. SerenFlora Cosmetix

10. EnchantMist Beauty

11. LushWhisper Studio

12. BelleVerve Cosmetics

13. EclatNebula Beauty

14. VelvetVista Beauty

15. CrystalCrest Salon

Catchy beauty business names

1. GlamGroove Beauty

2. FlareFusion Cosmetics

3. ChicCascade Studio

4. StarStruck Beauty Bar

5. AllureZenith Spa

6. PoshPulse Beauty

7. BelleBliss Cosmetix

8. RadiantRhythm Salon

9. CharmEcho Cosmetics

10. BlinkBeat Beauty

11. DazzleMuse Studio

12. LushLilt Cosmetix

13. GlossGaze Beauty

14. FinesseFever Spa

15. VogueVista Beauty

beauty business name ideas

Funny beauty business names

1. PunnyPretty Salon

2. LaughLines Cosmetics

3. GlamGiggles Studio

4. WittyWink Beauty

5. ChuckleCharm Spa

6. Quirk & Quince Cosmetix

7. GiggleGlamour Beauty Bar

8. SmileStrokes Salon

9. WhimsiTickle Beauty

10. JokesterGlow Studio

11. Grin & Glow Cosmetix

12. GuffawGlam Beauty

13. Wit & Whimsy Spa

14. ChuckleCheek Beauty

15. PlayfulPolish Studio

Professional beauty business names

1. EleganceEssentials Studio

2. PrecisionGlam Beauty

3. OpulencePro Salon

4. SereneSculpt Cosmetix

5. ClassicChic Beauty

6. BelleElite Studio

7. RefinedRadiance Spa

8. MeticulousMakeup Salon

9. ExquisiteElegance Cosmetix

10. ProfessionalPolish Beauty

11. PolishedPerfection Studio

12. PurelyPampered Spa

13. PristinePulse Beauty

14. CoutureCrafted Cosmetix

15. HighGloss Glam

Inspirational beauty business names

1. Bloom & Thrive Beauty

2. RadiatePositivity Studio

3. InnerGlow Cosmetics

4. EmpowerElegance Spa

5. DreamDazzle Beauty

6. InspireBeauty Haven

7. SerenitySculpt Cosmetix

8. Flourish & Shine Studio

9. UpliftGoddess Beauty Bar

10. ZenithAspire Spa

11. GracefulDream Beauty

12. InspireNebula Studio

13. TranquilAura Cosmetix

14. IlluminateYou Beauty

15. RadiantReverie Spa

Location-based beauty business ideas

1. SoCal Serenity Spa

2. Manhattan Glamour Studio

3. Desert Rose Beauty

4. Coastal Charm Cosmetix

5. Rocky Mountain Radiance Spa

6. Palm Paradise Beauty

7. Urban Aura Glam

8. Napa Valley Nectar Cosmetix

9. Lakeside Elegance Studio

10. Savannah Seren Beauty

11. Big Apple Beauty Bar

12. TropiGlow Oasis Spa

13. Windy City Chic Studio

14. Pacific Pearl Cosmetix

15. Beachside Bliss Beauty

Timeless beauty business names

1. EternalElegance Studio

2. TimelessTrends Beauty

3. ClassicCharm Cosmetics

4. VintageVerve Spa

5. Time-Honored Beauty Bar

6. GracefulGlow Cosmetix

7. EverlastingAllure Salon

8. Timeless Beauty Legacy

9. AgelessAura Studio

10. RegalRadiance Cosmetix

11. TimelessGoddess Glam

12. IconicInspire Beauty

13. EnduringElegance Spa

14. TimelessClassic Beauty

15. Classic Couture Cosmetix

Clever beauty business name ideas

1. BrowWow Beauty Bar

2. ManeMarvel Cosmetix

3. GlamourGeek Studio

4. ChicChevron Beauty

5. CurlIQ Salon

6. MakeupMosaic Cosmetics

7. ArtistryAlchemy Beauty

8. PolishedPuzzle Studio

9. ChicSculpture Cosmetix

10. TressTreasure Beauty

11. BeautyBrainwave Studio

12. GlossyGraffiti Cosmetix

13. BeautyBlueprint Salon

14. BelleBanter Spa

15. Canvas & Contour Beauty

Modern beauty business name ideas

1. ModishMuse Studio

2. UrbanChic Beauty Bar

3. NovaGlow Cosmetics

4. TrendyTrance Spa

5. ChicCanvas Beauty

6. PixelPerfect Studio

7. ModaVista Cosmetix

8. SlickStyle Salon

9. GlamGroove Beauty

10. LuxeLoom Studio

11. VogueVelocity Cosmetix

12. UrbanGlow Glam

13. ModernMarvel Beauty

14. ChicFusion Spa

15. StreamlineSculpt Beauty

Classic beauty business name ideas

1. TimelessBeauty Studio

2. ElegantEvoke Cosmetics

3. ClassicCharm Beauty Bar

4. RegalRadiance Salon

5. GracefulGlamour Cosmetix

6. BelleClassique Beauty

7. VintageVerve Studio

8. RefinedElegance Spa

9. Time-Honored Charm Cosmetix

10. IconicElegance Beauty

11. EvergreenAllure Studio

12. RoyalRenaissance Glam

13. PrestigePolish Beauty

14. TraditionalTress Spa

15. TimelessGoddess Cosmetix

Minimalist beauty business name ideas

1. PureElegance Studio

2. ChicSimplicity Beauty

3. CleanCanvas Cosmetix

4. SimpleGlow Salon

5. MinimalMystique Beauty Bar

6. EssenceEvoke Studio

7. ZenithMinimal Spa

8. SleekSculpt Cosmetix

9. PurePulse Beauty

10. ModMinimal Glam

11. ChicEssential Beauty

12. SereneSimplicity Studio

13. BareCanvas Cosmetix

14. ClarityGlow Beauty

15. MinimalistMuse Spa

Beauty business real name examples

Consider these service business examples for business ideas and name inspiration.

The wholesomeness of this name effectively conveys their beauty offerings in the form of soaps and face coverings. This location-centric beauty business name is classic and endearing.

The uniqueness and boldness of this beauty business name is reflective of the boldness of the business owner behind it and her service offerings.

Opting for a playful business name that utilizes wordplay can be a great way to convey fun and personal energy. Beauty should be fun and inspiring and we love a name that can capture that.

A unique name can also work if your brand identity is focused on a more classic look and feel.

How to choose the right name for your beauty business

In your quest for the ideal name for your beauty business, follow these practical steps to uncover a name that authentically mirrors your brand's identity and establishes a lasting presence within the beauty industry.

01. Define your brand identity

Before you can choose the perfect name for your beauty business, you need to have a clear understanding of your brand identity. Ask yourself what sets your beauty business apart from others. Is it your specialty in skincare, makeup or hair care? Are you focused on eco-friendly or luxury products? From this define your unique selling points, target audience and the emotions you want your name to evoke in your future customers.

beauty business names, choose your niche

02. Brainstorm ideas

Start brainstorming potential business names that align with your brand identity. Think of keywords related to beauty, cosmetics, skincare or haircare. Then consider your brand's values and what you want customers to associate with your business. From this brainstorming try to come up with a variety of options, from descriptive names to more abstract and creative ones. It’s always better to start from a longer list and narrow it down than to have too few options.

03. Use a business name generator

Utilize a beauty business name generator. These tools can help you generate unique and relevant name suggestions either to use or to inspire your own names. Input keywords and ideas related to your business and the generator will provide you with a list of potential names to choose from or improve on.

For more inspiration:

04. Confirm availability

Once you've compiled a list of potential names, it's crucial to check the availability of your name as a domain name and social media handle. Having a consistent name across all of your online assets is essential for your beauty business's success.

05. Test out your beauty business name and get feedback

Before making a final decision, test your top name choices with friends, family, or current customers. Get their feedback on the names' appeal, memorability and whether they convey the right message about your beauty business. Pay attention to any associations or connotations the names may have that may be culturally sensitive or inappropriate. Ultimately, choose a name that resonates with your audience and aligns with your brand's vision. You must love it too. Then you can start making your website. Testing your business name by incorporating it into email name ideas can also provide insights into its effectiveness and appeal.

Beauty business name ideas FAQ

Can I use my own name for my beauty business?

Yes, using your own name can create a personal connection with your customers. However, consider whether it reflects your brand identity and if it's memorable.

Is it better to have a descriptive or abstract business name?

Should I include keywords like "beauty" or "cosmetics" in my business name?

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