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Beauty Business Name Generator

Beauty Business Name Generator

Type a word or two you want in your business name, and get a list of beauty brand name ideas and suggestions instantly.

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Beauty Business Name Generator
Beauty Business Name Generator

Choose the best name for your beauty business

Deciding on a name is one of the first and most vital steps in branding your beauty business. It’s important to pick a name that shows who you are as a business, and what you do best. Most importantly, your brand’s name should be memorable—so make sure that the name you choose is easy for people to spell, pronounce and remember.

Use our free Beauty Business Name Generator to brainstorm beauty brand name ideas, or take inspiration from the examples below. Once you’ve found a name you like, you can find the domain name, choose your favorite beauty website template, and take your brand online.

Examples from the Beauty Business Name Generator

Each of these three names has a story to tell. Think about your story when choosing your beauty business name.

01. Vital Organics

A skin care clinic using eco-friendly products for every treatment.

02. Curl Connection

A trendy hair salon specializing in cutting, styling, and caring for curls.

03. Gelify

The go-to nail bar for gel manicures that stand the test of time.

Let these beauty brand name ideas help spark your creativity

We’ve put together some inspiring and catchy beauty business name examples from our Beauty Business Name Generator to help you along your journey.

What makes a good beauty business name?

A good beauty business name should be memorable, unique and reflect the services you provide. To find one that's perfect for you, start by thinking about the vibe you want to create. For example, do you want your salon to be known for its tranquil, spa-like experience or its modern, cutting-edge services?

It's also a good idea to pick a name that isn't too specific. Instead of naming your nail salon "Acrylic Nail Universe" you could go for "Rose Nail Spa" to give you flexibility in the services you offer. Similarly instead of naming your cosmetic or skincare line “Lala’s Lipsticks,” you could go with something a little more vague like “Kiss and Make Up” to give yourself room to grow.

Keeping the right adjectives in mind can help create the feeling you want clients to have when they see your salon name. Remember, your salon name is your beauty identity, so make sure it showcases your personality, resonates with your target clients and leaves a lasting impression.

How to come up with your beauty business name

Use the Business Name Generator to come up with creative ideas. Then, pick the right name for your art business by keeping these best practices in mind.


Decide on your key message

Choosing the right keywords to describe your beauty business on websites and in articles can make it easier for potential clients and customers to find you online and help them decide if your business is what they’re looking for.


Get to know your target audience

Take time to understand how potential clients and customers speak about products or services like yours. Make sure the name you choose fits their language and that the content you’re putting out speaks to their needs.


Scope out the competition

See what your competitors are doing in order to stand out in the crowd. The name you come up with should be different, bold and unforgettable. Be sure to run a thorough search to make sure the name you want isn’t already taken.


Plan for the future

If you plan on going global, check that the name you choose has positive connotations in different languages. Mapping out campaigns in advance can also help you decide if the name will stay relevant as your business grows.


Get feedback on your new name

Once you’ve chosen a name that you like, run it past potential clients, customers or people in your industry to see what they think. Take note of their comments and reactions, and keep in mind any biases they may have.


Brand your beauty business

Build a brand that will stay at the forefront of your clients’ or customers’ minds with a memorable logo and strong website. Creating mockups of your logo is a great way to test if your new name will look good online and in print.

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Establish your brand online with Wix

The website of a skincare brand featuring a man in a dressing gown using a jade face roller. The header reads “Fresh and clean” and is being edited with Wix’s website builder.

Beauty Business Website

Build your own site with advanced tools and customizable templates designed to meet your business needs.

Two skincare products alongside a selection of icon options for a cosmetics brand. The icons are created with Wix’s free logo maker.

Logo Maker

Showcase your new business name with a custom logo that reflects your brand.


What are some popular beauty brand names?

Popular beauty brand names often emphasize elegance and luxury. They also often allude to a cosmopolitan or worldly sensibility. Examples include:

  • Sephora

  • MAC Cosmetics

  • L'Oréal

  • Fenti Beauty

These names evoke a sense of high-quality products and appeal to a wide audience, showcasing the power of branding in the beauty industry. Find the perfect intersection between what you offer and what your customers are looking for.

What are some beauty business name ideas?

When brainstorming beauty business names, consider words related to beauty, skincare or wellness. Names like "Glowing Beauty Studio," "Pure Radiance Spa," or "Blossom Beauty Boutique" convey the essence of your business, helping you establish a unique identity in the market.

What's a good name for a business geared toward women?

A business targeting women can have a name that reflects empowerment, confidence or femininity. Names like "EmpowerHer Wellness," "Femme Elegance Boutique," or "LadyLux Beauty" can resonate with your female clientele, creating a brand that speaks directly to their needs and aspirations.

How does the Beauty Business Name Generator work?

Using the Beauty Business Name Generator is simple. Just type in a word or two that you want in your name, and click the “Generate Name” button to instantly get a list of beauty business name ideas. You can also type in your industry or niche to further refine your results. From there, choose the name that best represents your brand as well as what types of products and services you offer.

How do I know if my beauty business name is taken?

The fastest way would be to run a Google search. You can also check the availability of the domain you want using the Wix Domain Name Search tool, and look up whether the name is a registered trademark in the USA or internationally by using the USPTO and WIPO databases. Choosing an existing name may result in lawsuits, so we definitely don’t recommend it.

How long should a beauty business name be?

A beauty business’s name can vary in length, but it should be catchy and speak a similar language to your audience. Your customers should know instantly that your business is what they’re looking for, and what kind of products or services you offer. 

Just make sure it’s not too long—you want it to stay in your customers’ minds so they can remember it and share it with their friends.

How do I create a catchy and unique beauty business name?

Think about what your business is about, what products or services you offer, and what you want people to feel and think when they see your name. Boil it down to two strong keywords that are the most relevant to your company, and insert them into the Beauty Business Name Generator. 

Find a name that connects with you the most, and claim a domain for it to solidify your brand online. Check out our free business tools for more ways to build your brand and run your business.

What is the best top-level domain for a beauty business website?

There are several different top-level domains that you can use for your beauty business site, like .com, .net, .org, .co or a country code. Depending on what you’re aiming to achieve and the audience you’re planning to target, your domain will change. 

Keep in mind that .com and .net are the most common top-level domains, so make sure that your chosen name is not already taken. With so many companies existing online, it can be hard to find an available domain for your new business. Using a different domain extension (i.e. .shop, .store, .online) can help you find what you’re looking for.

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