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27 of the best eCommerce website templates

27 of the best eCommerce website templates

This post was last updated on December 18, 2023.

As a small business owner, you want to make a good first impression. The right eCommerce website template design can help you do just that when it comes to starting your business. The best templates are not only visually appealing, but also provide a positive customer experience that encourages customers to explore your products and make a purchase.

To help you get off on the right foot, we’ve put together a list of our best eCommerce website templates. Whether you’re a brick-and-mortar business looking to sell online or are a first-time merchant, Wix’s eCommerce website templates can simplify the process of starting an online store and help you harness the power of good eCommerce website design.

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The 27 best eCommerce website templates

Below are some of our favorite templates on Wix. Jam-packed with the latest design features and the business tools you need, these templates will help you to attract and convert shoppers. The best part? They’re 100% customizable, so you can make your online store entirely your own and expand it as your store grows.

Here are the 27 best Wix eCommerce website templates to get you started with your online store:

Wix accessories store template

You can’t help but fall in love with this elegant and neutral template. This clean, no-nonsense design is a great resource to start selling online with a professional eCommerce website.

The clean and spacious design gives you a lot to customize without interfering with the site’s professional, user-friendly shopping experience.

The product-focused template is ideal for merchants looking to sell just about anything. It includes all the important site pages and sections your store needs, like “Our Story,” “Shipping & Returns,” and “Payment Methods.”

Pro tip: Use the subscription field in the template’s footer to gather customers’ email addresses. Then send newsletters to promote new products or holiday sales.

Best for: Clothing stores, handbags, accessories, apparel, handmade items, boutiques, and fashion retailers.

Try the Accessories Store template

Wix plant store template

Watch your sales blossom with this plant boutique template.

If plants aren’t your thing, you can use this template to sell rustic furniture, handmade jewelry, alcoholic beverages, or anything else. Leverage the already-made product category templates to categorize your items and help your customers quickly find what they’re looking for.

Notice the flashing header at the top. This useful feature is great for creating a sense of urgency when promoting sales or other limited-time offers. You can also customize this to inform your customers of any changes to your store policies, shipping delays, and more.

Pro tip: Place a clear call-to-action (like Shop Now!) prominently at the top of your homepage to send your visitors straight to your categories and products.

Best for: Plants and decor, handmade jewelry, rustic furniture, boutique items

Try the Plant Boutique template

Wix wellness store template

Light up your screen with this natural soap and candle store template.

This elegant template is a pleasure to navigate and is fitting for an artsy boutique, a hemp-based CBD store, or virtually any other type of shop.

Engage your customers with a clean, simple, and prominently displayed product catalog. As customers hover over a product image, they’ll be met with a smooth zoom-in effect. The catalog also offers shoppers the chance to place items into their shopping carts without needing to visit the product page first—removing one more click from the checkout funnel.

Pro tip: The fewer the clicks, the better the shopping experience. If you’re selling low-cost products, give your customers the option to add items to their cart directly from your product category pages.

Best for: Candles, soaps, bath and body products, small-batch beauty supplies

Try the Wellness Store template

Wix t-shirt store template

This template is sure to fit your T-shirt business to a T. Thanks to a growing work-from-home culture, T-shirts are in demand, with sales expected to grow 7.3% between 2022 and 2030.

But don’t limit your store to T-shirts. Use this template to sell jewelry, shoes, or other apparel. Easily categorize your catalog by gender—plus include a ‘sale’ section to engage shoppers who are looking for a bargain. You can also show off your newest collections right on your homepage so that your customers don’t have to sift through your whole catalog to find them.

Another great feature: the Quick View button. This lets shoppers choose a color, size, and quantity of your items without having to click into the product page itself. This helps your customers choose products to buy and then immediately continue shopping.

Pro tip: When creating your product pages, make your product info, return policy, and shipping terms collapsible so that the page isn’t overloaded with text.

Best for: T-shirt, streetwear, casual wear, custom apparel

Try the T-Shirt Store template

Wix home tech store template

This sleek tech store template is ideal for merchants who sell a singular product.

You can use the long-form homepage design to showcase your product’s features, appearance, and easy-to-use functionality. Complement static photos of your product with high-quality videos that let shoppers see your product in action.

You can additionally feature customer testimonials on a designated “Expert Reviews” page. Then, create forums where buyers can discuss how to use your product, how to care for your product, and more. You can further invite shoppers to join your email list by leveraging the “Newsletter” tab. This will allow you to send promotions, content, and product updates directly to your community members.

Pro tip: Use live chat to respond to customer questions privately and quickly. Wix Stores that offer live chat earn eight to 12 times more revenue than those without, and stores that recommend products to customers via live chat generate 71% more sales.

Best for: Tech stores, gadget shops, specialty electronics

Try the Home Tech Store template

Wix home accessories store template

Put your products in the limelight with this attractive and modern eCommerce template.

Showcase bold and beautiful photos of your products, and inspire your customers to think about how they want to enhance their homes. Parallax scrolling makes the featured image dynamic; as you scroll down the page, the featured image moves at a slower pace, creating the illusion of a 3D space.

The “About” section of the site leaves room for you to visually display important details about your products, such as “organic” or “waterproof.” Use this feature to show off what makes your products unique.

Pro tip: Include links to your social media pages on your site’s footer. This will let customers follow your store to see new styles or products as they’re released.

Best for: Textiles, home decor, artwork, accessories, fabrics, handcrafted items

Try the Home Accessories Store template

Wix kids clothing store template

This template offers the perfect blend of playful and professional. Use it to sell clothing, toys, children’s shoes, or anything else that warrants a fun theme.

The design is clean, simple, and easy to navigate, making it perfect for showcasing smaller, more specialized clothing collections for busy parents. The product gallery lets customers filter products by type, color, price, or size. Then, once customers make it to the product page, they can scroll through even more related products until they find something they love.

You can additionally use the “Our Story” tab to tell your customers about yourself and why you do what you do. Providing a story can help shoppers feel more secure buying from your site and adds a personal touch.

Pro tip: Running a sale? Draw attention to it by adding a banner at the top of your homepage.

Best for: Children’s apparel, toys, accessories, gifts

Try the Kids Clothing Store template

Wix sporting goods store template

Get your business in shape with this standout website design. Whether you’re selling protein powders, workout equipment, or something else entirely, this template’s bold black background ensures that your text and photography pop off the page.

Inspire customers to make a purchase by giving them the chance to add items to their cart without needing to leave your homepage. They can open Quick View lightboxes and immediately place an order.

If you’re selling a specialty item like workout gear or foods, incorporate a blog on your site. You can use your blog to provide exercise tips, explain how to use your equipment, and/or share healthy recipes (as examples) to engage potential buyers and boost your visibility online.

Pro tip: Clean, image-focused templates like these are perfect for stores with small product collections. Pack a visual punch with great photography so that even small collections create a big impact.

Best for: Health and fitness foods, personal care, workout equipment, active wear

Try the Sporting Goods Store template

Wix backpack store template

Start your very own eCommerce adventure with this outdoorsy template. Show off your products with this cool, down-to-earth design that lets viewers feel as if they’re immersed in nature.

The template offers other great features that are intended to improve conversions. For example, it’s no secret that everyone loves a good bargain. Draw customers in by showcasing your discounted or sale items directly on your homepage. From there, direct them to the product page and let them check out. If customers aren’t quite ready to seal the deal, let them use the Wishlist feature to save the items they love for when they are ready to purchase.

Pro tip: Include your shipping and returns policy on your site’s footer, where customers can easily locate it.

Best for: Outdoor and adventure gear, backpacks and cycling accessories, luggage, travel accessories

Try the Backpack Store template

Wix beauty store template

Talk about aspirational: even the background colors of this lush template are as smooth as the skin of a pampered spa-goer.

This popular beauty store template goes heavy on mood and keeps the text to a minimum, creating an aesthetic vibe that shows your customers what they can expect. Sexy, evocative, and minimalistic, this is a great template for promoting a luxury brand and products.

Check out the header bar, which cleanly delineates between face, lips, and eyes. This chic, understated approach lets your customers easily find what they’re looking for.

Pro tip: Add a Related Items gallery to your product pages to upsell products from other categories or curate beauty bundles that combine skin, lip, and eye treatments into an all-in-one beauty set. Wix Stores that display related items on their product pages get an average of 43% more sales transactions.

Best for: Beauty products, personal care, cosmetics, wellness products, home spa

Try the Beauty Store template

Wix home goods store template

Make your customers feel right at home with this elegant and aspirational home goods template. Whether you’re selling furniture, rugs, lamps, or home accessories, this template was designed to make your customers want to come in and stay a while.

The “Best Sellers” section on the homepage gives you a chance to showcase the full spectrum of your products. Beneath that, a stylish magazine-style layout provides a lifestyle feel that can both embody your store’s brand and create an aspirational feel for your customers. The right product photography can really make this section shine.

Pro tip: Take advantage of the “Stories” page to highlight home tours, lookbooks, design ideas, and other resources that show your products in action.

Best for: Furniture and home goods, art and decor, lifestyle, interior design

Install the Home Goods Store template

Wix arts and crafts store template

Striking colors, large layout blocks, and an inspiring can-do motif make this arts-and-crafts template a masterpiece awaiting your personal signature.

The color scheme speaks for itself—but notice the large photo blocks, fonts, and distinguished product categories. This spacious layout makes it easy for customers to filter your products by target age range, artistic medium, materials, and other attributes.

When inspiration strikes, the last thing you want is to be delayed. This artful and accessible layout allows your customers to quickly find what they need so that they can easily buy and then retire to the studio to get crafting.

Pro tip: Use the drop-down menu in the “Shop” header tab to help shoppers—whether they’re professional artists, craft hobbyists, or parents buying children’s art supplies— find what they’re looking for.

Best for: Art supplies, hobby kits, classroom supplies, party-planning supplies

Try the Arts & Crafts Store template

Wix toy store template

The ideal eCommerce template embodies your store’s personality at the very first glance. It’s hard to find a better example than this playful, interactive toy store template.

Notice the lively pastel colors, the dynamic slideshows, and the asymmetrical layout blocks that resemble a puzzle just waiting to be solved. Customers will be immediately drawn in by the mixture of professionalism and playfulness.

The easy-to-find “About” page and contact info sections offer credibility and trustworthiness to your store that, when combined with the playful layout, sends a message to parents that you understand the needs of both children and adults.

The color scheme, the unified play motif, and customizable slideshows additionally make this an immensely popular choice for any online store that wants to communicate professionalism, playfulness, and a bit of visual pizazz.

Pro tip: Use lifestyle photos (e.g., children playing with your toys) to heighten the effect of the modular layout and slideshows, and to give your store an interactive feel.

Best for: Toys, children’s apparel, party supplies, hobbies, educational tools

Try the Toy Store template

Wix electronics store template

Give your gadgets the digital showroom they deserve with this futuristic template that boasts all the sophistication that your customers would want—with none of the clutter.

The homepage provides a macro-view of your store, with a showcase of recognizable brands and best sellers. Each product page offers ample space for photos and descriptions, as well as room for in-depth tech specifications in a clean and readable layout.

Pro tip: Use the “Top Brands” section of the homepage to show off your big-name electronics manufacturers. Then, zoom in on your most intriguing products below to give your customers a glance at new releases and top sellers.

Best for: Electronics, devices, accessories, specialty tech

Try the Electronics Store template

Wix pet supply store template

This template’s spacious, versatile layout may be the reason it has become one of the more popular templates over the last year. Or maybe it’s the rich product categories, which invite you to come in and stick around for a while. Of course, the cute animal photos couldn’t have hurt.

But pet store owners aren’t the only ones who can benefit from this template. This versatile template can serve businesses of all types, with its wide array of customizations and all-purpose features.

Check out the well-defined categories that make it easy for your customers to find exactly what they’re looking for. No matter what type of customers you’re appealing to, this friendly layout makes for a fluid shopping experience.

Pro tip: Highlight the full range of your product offerings using the homepage’s unique layout, which puts your main product categories front and center.

Best for: Pet supplies, home and garden, household essentials, all-purpose

Try the Pet Supply Store template

Wix product landing page template

Unleash the full potential of your product launch with this sleek landing page that removes distractions and keeps the shopper focused on your product.

The striking call-to-action (CTA) buttons stand out from the dark background, inviting visitors to explore product specs and make a well-informed purchase decision. Use the icon blocks to highlight key specifications or features about your product.

At the bottom of the page, you’ll find an area to embed a Wix Form, which simplifies the process of collecting and managing an email list. To entice signups, try offering a discount to every new subscriber and tease the perks of joining your list, such as being the first to hear about your new product releases.

Pro tip: Drive traffic to your product landing page using social media, email, and other channels at your disposal. Then, supplement your organic traffic with paid, targeted advertising on Facebook or Google for a quick boost.

Best for: Electronics producers, tech startups, consumer health companies

Try the Product Landing Page template

Wix shoe store template

This vibrant eCommerce website template grabs the attention of your customers and entices them to make a purchase—whether you’re selling shoes or any other type of accessory.

The homepage is filled with energetic images, buttons, and galleries to keep your customer visually engaged and direct their attention to your top-selling products. All that remains is for you to upload your product images, add custom fonts, and switch up the colors to reflect your brand's style.

Pro tip: Add features that help to cross-sell or upsell your customers as they’re browsing your site. As an example, you could offer product subscriptions or showcase related items.

Best for: Sneaker, shoes, accessory stores

Try the Shoe Store template

Wix jewelry store template

Elevate your brand with this refined template design.

With its minimalistic (yet chic) design, this template allows your products to take center stage while providing a polished and professional look for your online store. Use the product carousel to feature your newest or best-selling products right on your homepage.

The Quick View option allows shoppers to easily add items to their cart or click to see a more detailed product page. Add your own descriptions, upload high-quality photos, and let your products sparkle.

Pro tip: Use the SEO and analytics tools within your Wix back office to track your website traffic and optimize your pages for improved page rankings and audience reach.

Best for: Fashion, jewelry, apparel

Try the Jewelry Store template

Wix clothing store template

Attract the most fashion-conscious style aficionados with this beautiful and minimalist online store using high-quality product photos. Then, create a lasting impression right from the homepage by highlighting your hottest products under the “Must Have Items” section.

This template also includes an elegant and stylish product gallery for showcasing your products on the “Shop” page. By placing the focus on design and your top products, you can create an online store that flawlessly aligns with your brand’s chic aesthetic.

Use the “Customer Care” page to share all the information that your customers may look for in a clean and easy-to-digest layout. Include ways to get in touch with your team for support, product returns, and frequently asked questions.

Something else you can do to position yourself as a top clothing store is to make sure you have a logo that represents your brand and attracts new customers. Use a Boutique Logo Maker to give you inspiration and to help you create your own.

Pro tip: Make it easy for customers to get their questions answered quickly by adding Wix Chat to your website.

Best for: Fashion designers, fashion retailers, boutique stores

Try the Clothing Store template

Wix stationary store template

Speak to the hearts of craft lovers with this clean and elegant eCommerce template that brings your products to the forefront.

Help your customers avoid choice paralysis by organizing your products into collections that resonate with your target audience. For example, if you sell stationery products with multiple styles of cards, notebooks, calendars, and journals, group the items into related categories to help whittle down the number of choices.

We love the clean footer area, which offers easy access to a list of all product categories for quick browsing. In addition, the footer contains clear links to important information, such as shipping and return policies, that improve a consumer’s trust in your store.

Pro tip: Use the handy banner across the top of your website to highlight sales or shipping details.

Best for: Paper stores, craft shops, gift boutiques

Try the Stationery Store template

Wix cookie store template

Who doesn’t love a batch of freshly baked cookies? Tempt the taste buds of your shoppers with this brightly colored eCommerce template.

Whether you’re a chef, baker, or catering service, you can use this template to show off your savory products. Leverage an eye-catching image gallery, and let customers purchase from your online store with ease. Keep visitors connected to your brand by drawing attention to your social accounts right from your homepage.

Pro tip: Consider hiring a professional photographer to take high-quality photos of all your tasty creations. A photographer can help you showcase your products with mouth-watering detail using the best possible equipment.

Best for: Bakers, dessert shops, caterers

Try the Cookie Shop template

Wix ceramics store template

This eCommerce website template will help you open the doors to your ceramic studio, and introduce your artistic talent to the world.

The template features a modern, responsive design that creates a welcoming and down-to-earth atmosphere. Display stunning images of your masterpieces on thoughtfully constructed pages that make it easy for consumers to browse and appreciate your collection. Customize colors, fonts, and more to tailor the template to your specific brand.

Pro tip: Embed Google Maps to your site so that shoppers can pinpoint the location of your studio or the nearest gallery that features your work.

Best for: Art studios, galleries, design shops

Try the Ceramic Studio template

Wix sportswear store template

Step up your eCommerce game with this stunning template that’s easy to navigate.

The built-in forum feature allows you to engage sports enthusiasts and fashion lovers with more than just your products. Invite customers to discuss topics with one another and learn from fellow athletes.

The product filter allows your customers to quickly narrow their product choices by price, color, size, or category so that they can find what they’re looking for—fast. From there, checkout becomes a breeze as their selections appear in the slide-out cart overlay.

Pro tip: Use the site member’s area to expand your customer loyalty program with rewards and incentives that keep your top customers coming back for more.

Best for: Women’s sportswear stores, fitness apparel shops, boutiques

Try the Sportswear Store template

Wix gaming store template

Introduce your customers to a visually captivating and action-packed online shopping experience with this dark template.

Draw attention to your top-selling or newest arrivals directly on your homepage by prominently displaying them via a dynamic slider gallery. The visual design invites customers to browse additional pages and explore various product categories.

Banner images and hover effects add a dynamic touch, providing an engaging user experience that leaves a lasting impression on your visitors.

Pro tip: Use Wix Video to stream videos directly to your site, allowing shoppers to get a glimpse of your video games in action. Take it a step further and offer coupons or participant-only giveaways during your live streams.

Best for: Online gaming retailers, video game shops, game developers

Try the Gaming Store template

Wix bookstore template

Turn your bookstore into a destination for book enthusiasts everywhere with this cleverly designed template that spotlights the best of your literary offerings.

The template allows you to effortlessly upload images of your best-selling books, must-have coffee table reads, and other literary sensations. Or, customize this template to showcase other products—like books, journals, planners, or even hand-crafted items.

Additionally, you can keep your customers informed about upcoming events via an on-site calendar, plus a dedicated page that shares information about your store.

Pro tip: Use features like the “Recommended Books” section to highlight new items on a regular basis, so your homepage remains fresh with new content that encourages shoppers to keep coming back.

Best for: Digital bookstores, used booksellers, online book, magazine publishers

Try the Bookstore template

Wix subscription box store template

This stylish eCommerce template provides a sleek and modern design for showing off subscription boxes that are filled with specially curated collections of your products. The design is fresh and inviting, encouraging customers to explore your various subscription types.

The template makes it easy to upload images, product information, and pricing options. Not to mention that with the help of Wix’s back-office tools, you can easily keep track of subscribers, manage inventory, and process recurring payments.

Use subscription boxes to introduce new and unique products that your customers may not have found on their own, and thereby create a sense of excitement with each delivery.

Pro tip: Consider basing your subscription boxes on a theme, such as seasonal items or staff favorites. If you sell everyday items that need regular replenishing, offer product subscriptions. You can even take it a step further by letting your customers build their own subscription boxes from any products in your catalog.

Best for: Cafes, specialty boutiques, craft supply stores, food shops, online retailers

Try the Subscription Box Company template

Wix cbd store template

When you sell all-natural, soothing products designed to keep the body and mind at ease, you want a website that reflects the same purpose and passion. This customizable eCommerce website template does just that, and more.

The template offers a bright, clean, and polished design that helps you shine brighter than the rest when you upload images of your products and connect to your social accounts. Feature your favorite products or categories prominently on your homepage with eye-catching visuals.

Use the “About” page to share information about your business, how your products are made, and the benefits of using your products. Then, use the banner across the top of your website to highlight your fast shipping capabilities and/or promotions (as examples).

Pro tip: High-quality product photos are a powerful marketing asset. Make the most of them by posting your photos on visual social media channels (such as Instagram) and then showcasing your feed directly on your homepage. Include links to your products within the post descriptions to make shopping easy, whether a customer finds you on social media or your online store.

Best for: Wellness brands, beauty retailers, holistic shops

Try the CBD Wellness Store template

What to look for in a good eCommerce template

Some templates are versatile enough to work well with all types of products and stores, while others may have features that make them especially ideal for a certain industry. That said, there are some universal factors to consider when choosing the best template for your business.

Visual appeal

Many factors contribute to a well-designed website. For example, high-resolution images, videos, and consistent branding are critical in making a good first impression. At the same time, a clean layout with well-defined sections is important for driving action. You’ll want to consider the user journey carefully and ensure that your template design invites customers in rather than scares them off back to Google.

User experience and navigation

While organizational factors may be less flashy, they’re equally important in making a good first impression on your customers. For example, well-organized menus, product categories, buttons, and links go a long way toward guiding your customers through your online store. With this in mind, you’ll want to avoid layouts that look cluttered, rely on large walls of text, or are overloaded with links that compete for your customer’s attention.

Mobile responsiveness

Considering how over three-quarters of adults in the U.S. say they’ve purchased items online via their smartphone—versus just over two-thirds that reported using a desktop or laptop computer—it’s imperative that your online store template looks good and functions well on all devices. This means that your template should be easy to navigate on a smaller screen. Think: appropriately sized buttons and text, a logical order of content, and mobile-optimized menus. (Fortunately, all of Wix’s templates are already mobile-responsive.)


One of the most significant benefits of creating your own online store is the control you gain over its branding and the overall user experience. The template you choose should therefore be easily customizable; it should be backed by a WYSIWYG editor with simple drag-and-drop blocks and/or widgets. Wix templates are all highly customizable, allowing you to use out-of-the-box widgets to create robust, one-of-a-kind experiences.

Search engine optimization (SEO) and performance

The best eCommerce website templates support eCommerce SEO best practices. As examples, it should have a clear hierarchy of content and an easy-to-follow navigation. Search engines like Google additionally prefer sites with fast-loading pages, so you’ll want to choose a template with clean and efficient code. Note: all templates designed by Wix are optimized for easy navigation and fast site speed.


Today’s online consumers are savvy shoppers who are careful about who they give their money to. Therefore, an ideal template should convey professionalism and transparency—and ultimately make customers feel safe spending money in your store. A trustworthy template will have a professional design alongside secure payment portals, visible “About” pages, and easy-to-spot store policies.

Ready to start selling? Create your online store today and watch our video courses to learn more about eCommerce.

Daniel Clinton

Managing Editor, Wix for eCommerce

Daniel is the managing editor at Wix, where he uses his experience as a merchant, journalist and marketer to create content that helps online businesses grow.

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