7 Examples of the Best eCommerce Website Designs

7 Examples of the Best eCommerce Website Designs

This post was last updated on May 6, 2021.

For the last decade eCommerce has steadily grown, with sales from online retail surpassing sales from brick-and-mortar businesses for the first time in 2019. Introduce a global pandemic in 2020 and, voilà: eCommerce has become the commanding force in the future of our global economy.

Based on trends from Wix’s network of 700K online stores, global eCommerce sales saw a 139% increase YoY in 2020 alone.

Integrating your business into the online retail industry as it continues to accelerate and change requires strong eCommerce website design. Simply, the design of your site influences the success of your business. By designing your store just right, you can maximize your traffic, sales and ultimately your revenue.

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What makes good eCommerce website design?

While good eCommerce websites come in many different forms, what they all have in common is their use of visual design elements—like images, fonts and colors—that tell the story of their brand, and a user experience that aids the customer in their buying journey.

Good eCommerce website design is the marriage of form and function that serves the ultimate goal of an online store: to sell.

Beautiful eCommerce website templates are a great starting point, but in order to make a design functional, consider how you can properly present products and features to help bring in visitors, convert those visitors into customers, and ultimately grow sales.

In this blog, we’ll explore 7 stellar eCommerce sites, and deep dive into how both their visual design elements and eCommerce features have helped to build successful businesses.

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01. Coal & Canary - Cultivating Loyal Customers

Coal and Canary’s juicy color scheme, coupled with their use of bright imagery make their site fun and evocative of their motto: “Cheeky Candles for Playful Personalities.”

And while fun is central to the Coal and Canary brand, they are certainly not playing around with one thing: building a loyal customer base. Founder Amanda Buhse estimates that an impressive 50% of their sales come from return customers. While scented candles might smell like a lightweight business endeavor, Coal and Canary is hitting in the big leagues with over 2M in revenue.

Customer Loyalty Programs

Wix stores with a Loyalty Program have an average of 214% higher revenue than stores without.

Coal and Canary Rewards Program Screen Shot

Upon entering the Coal and Canary online store, shoppers are immediately prompted to click on a bubble to learn about the business' detailed loyalty program, which offers coupons and discounts to those who buy, follow their social media pages and recommend the store to their friends.

The store's focus on customer loyalty doesn't stop there. Coal and Canary also offer local customers a "Burn & Return" option, which encourages them to return the candle jars to the flagship store for a discount on their next purchase. Not only does this push customers to keep buying, it also helps reduce waste and protects the environment.

Coal and Canary Burn and Return Program

02. Ultasmile - Creating Trust

Even for the most savvy of online shoppers, purchasing goods online requires a leap of faith. Without being able to touch or see the objects they are purchasing, how does a customer know that products are listed accurately? That their payment is secure? That their potential questions, concerns, or returns will be dealt with swiftly?

The answer is trust.

Ultasmile, the brand behind a unique three-sided toothbrush, faces a unique challenge in building trust: their product is new to many users. Angelia Morrison, co-owner and CEO of Ultasmile has done an amazing job building trust in her product by educating consumers through her use of colorful social media marketing.

Some of Morrison’s TikTok videos have amassed over 2,000,000 views, with one video alone bringing in nearly $40,000 in sales. Ultasmile has taken the lesson that their product needs to be seen to be believed, and have added a video to the background of their homepage as well.

Product Reviews

Hearing what other customers have to say serves as social proof to potential buyers that making a purchase is a good decision. Additionally, customer reviews serve to expand your internet presence, making it easier to find your products on search engines like Google.

Ultasmile creatively incorporates customer reviews as a central part of its eCommerce website design, using reviews both as a design element and as a tool for building trust. First, on the homepage, visitors can watch video reviews on the product from real users.

Second, customer reviews are used as a scrolling banner on the homepage, creating a unique, visually appealing testament to how much people love this product. Then, on the product page customer reviews are listed under the product description.

Screen Shot of Ultasmile Customer Reviews

Ultasmile’s success in building trust with its customers is evident in the company’s growth: this quirky three-sided toothbrush has grown into a business with six-figure revenue.

03. Evolve Clothing Gallery - Fluid Path to Purchase

When the Coronavirus pandemic forced RanD Pitts to close his brick-and-mortar fashion boutique, he realized it was time to move online. In a week, he started an online store and began selling across the country.

Like the clothes RanD carefully curates for his collection, his site’s look stands out. Beautiful product images and galleries pop against a black background. The site has a slick, sophisticated experience that feels as stylized as the Evolve brick-and-mortar store in New Jersey.

Another way this site stands out is through its beautiful navigation and easy checkout process, which pave the way for ease of purchase that has contributed to the site’s impressive 30% week-over-week growth.

Easy Navigation

It is hard to understate the importance of a good user interface (UI) when it comes to navigation in eCommerce website design. The ability of your users to find what they are searching for is paramount to your success.

All the tools your customers use to guide them in their buying journey, like the header, navigation menu, product category pages, filters, on-site search, and footer contribute to a good UI.

In the case of Evolve Clothing Gallery, detailed pull-down menus allow visitors to choose their own adventure in terms of what product categories they would like to browse.

Evolve Site Menus

Once in the clothing galleries, users can also filter on the sidebar by subcategory, making it easy for consumers to find exactly what they are looking for.

Multiple Payment Options

Providing multiple payment options creates a customer-centric checkout process, which in turn maximizes sales and encourages customer retention.

Multiple Payment Options eCommerce

In the case of Evolve, they offer customers the option to pay by credit card, PayPal, or Sezzle. And, these flexible options don't stop there. Evolve Clothing Gallery offers customers the option to buy now and pay later, with the flexibility to split their costs into affordable payments over time.

Based on data trends from over 700K Wix stores, on average, Wix Stores with 3 or more payment methods have 39% higher sales revenue. Moreover, stores that offer buy-now-pay-later options at checkout have 97% more orders on average.

Evolve’s beautiful site, combined with the easy navigation and smooth checkout process create a design that is both fluid, and fashion-forward.

04. The Spice Suite - Bringing Your Whole Self to Your eCommerce Website

With the boom in eCommerce shopping, there has also been a boom in eCommerce competition. To set yourself apart, it’s more important now than ever to find ways to distinguish your brand from competitors.

To do this, your successful eCommerce website design is one that finds a way to bring your whole self to your eCommerce website.

Looking at The Spice Suite, one thing is immediately apparent: both the site, and the store’s founder, Angel Gregorio, have flavor. In Angel’s words about her site design, “I can clearly lay out who I am, what my business is, who I support, and how you get my product."

About Us Page

An “About Us” page is where customers come to connect to the human side of an online business. Telling your story creates a vulnerability that helps build trust and connection with your customers. A good ‘About Us’ page outlines the company values, communicates your commitment to your brand and exposes the people behind the products that you sell.

Spice Suite About Us Page

It also showcases her extraordinary commitment to her community, touching the 450+ black-owned pop-up shops she has hosted in her store. “If you build your tribe and your community, they will go along the journey with you."

05. Kaekoo - Design That Sells

Site visitors get the feel of Kaekoo’s unique, cozy style immediately. The hand-lettered logo, the tasteful photography and the consistent color palette deliver the clear message: this business understands branding.

Having a beautiful and consistent brand is especially important for a store of handcrafted items. Home decor shoppers want to understand and trust the creator’s vision and aesthetic. They’ll also want to see lots of beautifully designed spaces to gain inspiration for upgrading their own. Kaekoo does this right. Their eCommerce website design is packed with images of their products in different settings to help customers choose the product that matches their own style.

Gift Cards

Home decor makes for great gifts, but potentially overwhelming choices. Selling gift cards is a great way to reduce gift-givers’ stress and increase your sales.

Based on Wix data: 69% of customers spend more than the value of their gift cards when redeeming in online shops.

Flash Sales

Another great way that Kaekoo’s site is designed to incentivize the buyer is by creating a sense of urgency with Flash Sales. Holidays sales and seasonal promotions are most effective when the customers know that the offer is time-limited.

On average, Wix eCommerce merchants that ran a flash sale in 2020 increased their monthly sales by an astounding 64,000%

Kaekoo updates the top banner of their homepage with seasonal promotions and coupon codes, prompting their customers to buy now. This prime real estate is one of the first things customers see when they enter your store, so it’s important to use it wisely. Make sure to keep the banner design subtle so it doesn’t visually take over your homepage.

06. Ruby Love - Subscriptions and Product Suggestions

Take a look at this cute, approachable eCommerce site and you’ll understand why it gets thousands of visitors a month. Take a closer look at the charming design coupled with smart use of eCommerce features, and you’ll see how Ruby Love has turned those visitors into a $22 million business.


Subscriptions are a growing trend in eCommerce, and are a clever way to build reliable, consistent revenue, and improve your customer lifetime value with repeat purchases.

RubyLove Subscription Options

At RubyLove, buyers are able to purchase subscription “Period Kit” gift boxes in 3,6, or 12 month increments. This subscription is not only a thoughtful gift to someone for “that time of the month,” but also provides unboxing opportunities for recipients every month. A search on YouTube reveals dozens of RubyLove Period Kit unboxing videos which prove that the subscription model can also be an effective vehicle for organic marketing.

Related Products

Suggesting products that your customers might be interested in as they shop is a great way to enhance the shopping experience, and is a good tool for increasing sales. At RubyLove, suggestions are cleverly branded “Related” instead of “Recommended,” so that potential customers don’t second guess their initial choice.

07. Celia B - Keeping the Customer Engaged

Celia Bernardo, founder of the Spanish fashion brand CeliaB, creates clothing designs inspired by her travels across the globe, and her website encapsulates the unique patterns, textures and bright colors of her couture clothing.

Beyond being beautiful to behold, the CeliaB site does an excellent job of creating engagement with visitors.

Email Marketing

eCommerce Email Promotion

CeliaB uses a colorful pop up inviting visitors to join the mailing list, with a 10% discount on the first order as an incentive to sign up. Celia then informs her customers with a newsletter and promotional marketing emails. Email marketing is a powerful tool for capturing revenue.

Wix data shows that email marketing conversion rate is 6.4%—the highest among the traffic sources. Moreover, stores that use email marketing have an average of 149% higher revenue than eCommerce stores that do not.

With your information on hand, CeliaB uses automated emails to help recoup costs from abandoned carts. This helps recover lost sales, and ensures that her beautiful clothing creations stay top of mind for prospective buyers.

How to get started designing your store?

As you begin the design process for your online store, consider the look and feel of your products, as well as your target audience. The visual design elements that you choose - like fonts, text, colors and images should present your products to your customers in an appealing way, and create a shopping environment that is representative of your brand.

Incorporate eCommerce features into your design that help your customers on their buying journey, enhance UI, and make the shopping experience easy and enjoyable.