14 High-Converting Product Page Examples to Learn From

When customers reach your online store’s product page, it means they’re almost at the finish line. Now’s the time to give them the information they need to complete their purchase. When done right, your product page will leave your visitors feeling confident and prepared to buy.

We collected 14 of our favorite high-converting product pages. Use them to learn best practices for building your own.

01. Sena Runa

What they sell: Colorful paper quilling art

What they’re doing right: Sena Runa creates unique art pieces that are made-to-order. The store is upfront about the creation process and timeframe on their product pages. This keeps customers in the loop so they know what to expect.

Pro tip: If you’re selling art, create an Instagram account and keep it updated. Add links to the account on your website—that way, customers can follow you and see new creations in their feeds.

02. Furry Necks

What they sell: Handmade harris tweed dog collars

What they’re doing right: Collapsible mini-sections about “Product Info,” “Sizing,” “Care Instructions” and “Delivery & Returns” provides customers with the information they need without overloading the page with text.

Pro tip: Let customers add products they love to a wishlist so they can come back and buy them later.

03. Celebs on Sandwiches

What they sell: Watercolor paintings of your favorite celebrities sitting on sandwiches

What they’re doing right: Shoppers can view the drawings framed, zoomed in, or hanging on a wall to get the feel of how this art will “really tie the room together.” The clean white background and easy-to-read font lets your eyes quickly find any details you’re looking for.

Pro tip: Clearly display your shipping information and product dimensions. This way customers will have all the information they need to add the product to their cart without having to leave your product landing page.

04. Soft Art Home

What they sell: Metal floral wall decor

What they’re doing right: The product descriptions include clear measurements, product materials and multiple high-quality photos so customers know exactly what to expect.

Pro tip: Use your images to show your product in multiple settings. This'll help your customers think creatively about their own spaces.

05. MVP Organics

What they sell: Organic soaps and oils

What they’re doing right: MVP Organics doesn’t shy away from all the reasons their product is special. Their product pages clearly outline what makes their soap unique–from its organic ingredients to its USDA certification.

Pro tip: Writing playful product descriptions adds an element of fun to your store and makes customers feel more comfortable buying. Make sure to strike the right balance for your brand to avoid coming across as unprofessional.

06. Useless Treasures

What they sell: Art prints, patterned wallpaper and sticker packs

What they’re doing right: The designs are the focal point of this store and the product pages help showcase them. Customers can view the art up close, see how it looks in different frames, gain inspiration to mix-and-match various pieces and the exact print dimensions.

Pro tip: Give your customers the opportunity to easily browse through your products by moving to “Prev” or “Next”.

07. Mink Hair Wholesale

What they sell: Hair growth serums and beauty tools

What they’re doing right: The product pages include videos of someone applying the serum so shoppers know exactly how to use it safely, achieve maximum results and avoid hair damage.

Pro tip: Use a "Buy Now" button to lead your customers directly to the checkout page.

08. Handlebend

What they sell: Rustic, handmade copper mugs

What they’re doing right: Handlebend’s product photography and page design are stunning. The colors and textures of the copper shine so shoppers can marvel at the product’s natural beauty. The folksy and straightforward product descriptions match the store’s overall brand.

Pro tip: Showcase all the things that make your product stand out, like its unique packaging.

09. Abbyspace Pet Beds

What they sell: Stuffed pet beds

What they’re doing right: The product page is packed with photos of adorable animals loving their beds. It also includes a video showing how easy it is to remove and clean the bed cover, alleviating a common customer pain point.

Pro tip: Add a size chart on the page so customers know exactly what to buy. Provide them with any important information to help them pick the size they need.

10. Lamarsa

What they sell: Espresso machines, coffee grinders and anything else you need to make the perfect brew

What they’re doing right: Visitors can click the heart button to add a product to their own wishlist, or create a registry to share with friends and family. Beautiful product photos attract buyers, while customer reviews let them know what previous shoppers thought.

Pro tip: Include related items on your product pages to keep visitors shopping and increase your order totals.

11. Surf City Still Works

What they sell: Spirits distilled in California

What they’re doing right: The product pages spotlight the drinks’ uniquely designed label and branding. Each bottle looks like a masterpiece and gets the space on the page it deserves.

Pro tip: Use a simple page layout with a prominent call-to-action. Include minimal distractions so your customers stay focused on completing their purchase.

12. Cottons Jaipur

What they sell: Women’s kurtas, dresses, dupattas and more

What they’re doing right: This Indian online boutique includes care instructions on each product page. They also include the fabric so that customers know exactly how it’ll feel.

Pro tip: If you sell clothing, include a section on your product pages with matching items to complete the look.

13. Ruby Love

What they sell: Leak-proof period underwear

What they’re doing right: The store’s professionally-designed pages have a consistent layout, design and look across the site. Their sizing chart makes it easy for first-time shoppers to determine the size they’ll need.

Pro tip: Note how Ruby Love includes emotional value in their product descriptions. Don’t just tell your customers what the product is—tell them how it’ll impact their lives.

14. Alaya Tea

What they sell: Packages of organic, loose-leaf tea

What they’re doing right: Because the product makes a great gift, the product page features an option to upgrade your packaging to a Gift Box and include a personalized message.

Pro tip: Before completing their purchases, customers want to make sure previous buyers liked the product. That’s why product pages that feature customer reviews increase sales significantly.

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