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18 high-converting product page examples to help you sell

18 product page examples to learn from

This post was last updated on April 7, 2024.

Of all the elements that go into creating a successful online store, it’s hard to overstate the importance of a good product page.

When done well, product pages play a vital role in informing your shoppers, incentivizing purchases, and creating deeper connections to your products and brand.

We compiled a list of 18 of our favorite high-converting product pages. Check them for your own eCommerce website design inspiration.

18 product page examples for your eCommerce website

01. Something Good Studio

something good studio product page

What they sell: Stand-out textile pieces

What they’re doing right: Something Good Studio uses beautiful—and surprising—lifestyle photographs to show off its products. By showcasing a puppy rather than a person wrapped in their mini blanket, the brand evokes an emotional response from shoppers. Consumers are likely to stick around for longer, thanks to thoughtful and playful imagery.

Pro tip: When planning out your photoshoots, add lifestyle photos to your shot lists, ensuring that you capture images of your product in action. Follow these product photography tips to create images that give an added dimension to the online shopping experience.

02. Sena Runa

sena runa product page

What they sell: Colorful paper quilling art

What they’re doing right: Sena Runa creates unique, made-to-order art pieces. The store is upfront about the creation process and the timeframe for delivery, writing “please allow 3-4 weeks for me to create [this piece]” on their product page. This extra dash of detail keeps customers in the loop so that they know what to expect. This is good to keep in mind when you're learning how to build an eCommerce website.

Pro tip: If you’re selling art, create an Instagram account and keep it updated with your latest creations. Add links to your account from your eCommerce site—that way, customers can follow you and discover your newest pieces from their social feeds. Check out this guide for more information about how much an eCommerce website costs and the process of creating a website for selling online.

03. Bonsie

bonsie product page

What they sell: Baby clothes designed for skin-to-skin contact

What they’re doing right: Bonsie’s baby clothes are unique in their design, which means some extra education may be necessary for customers to understand the full benefits of outfitting their babies in a Bonsie onesie. The product page includes a video that shows a mom dressing her baby—demonstrating exactly how their product works.

Pro tip: Showcase all the things that make your product stand out. Use images, videos, and/or instructional illustrations to help your shoppers understand the full utility and benefit of the items you sell.

04. Furry Necks

furry necks product page

What they sell: Handmade harris tweed dog collars

What they’re doing right: Furry Necks’ handmade collars are a delight to dog lovers. But for these customers to feel comfortable enough to make a purchase, they need a way to verify that the collars will fit their dogs and are durable. To that end, Furry Necks uses collapsible mini-sections titled “Product Info,” “Sizing,” “Care Instructions,” and “Delivery & Returns” to provide shoppers with the necessary information—without overloading the page with text.

Pro tip: Offer detailed product descriptions that include all relevant details, such as sizing info, materials, and care instructions. This not only helps to capture a sale, but also helps to set the right expectations and reduce the amount of returned orders in the future. For more tips, check out our guide on how to write product descriptions.

05. Home + Patio Gallery

home and patio gallery product page

What they sell: Affordable home goods

What they’re doing right: Many furniture buyers struggle with visualizing how an item will look and feel inside a space. HPG seeks to bridge this gap by including images that showcase its furniture in a realistic setting, as well as providing close-up shots of important product details.

Pro tip: If you are selling discounted items, make the discount obvious on your product page with a banner or strikethrough pricing. By highlighting the amount of money customers will save, you can incentivize more purchases.

06. Noir Lux Candle Co.

Noir Lux Candle product page

What they sell: Handcrafted scented candles

What they’re doing right: Offering shoppers a subscription to their favorite products is a genius way to nurture customer loyalty. Subscriptions are win-win: your customers can ensure they are never without their favorite products, while you benefit from predictable recurring revenue. Noir incentivizes shoppers to subscribe to its products by offering 15% in savings.

Pro tip: In addition to subscriptions, loyalty programs are a powerful way to build a community of customers that regularly engage with your brand. With Wix Loyalty Program, you can create a unique program for your business where you choose the tiers, points, and rewards system for your shoppers.

07. Healthy Eating on the Go

healthy eating on the go product page

What they sell: All-natural food bars

What they’re doing right: Healthy Eating’s customer base is very intentional about the foods they put in their body. That’s why the company takes care to list all the ingredients and nutritional information about each product from both the product description and product photos. For health-driven shoppers, this approach offers the transparency that they’re looking for.

Pro tip: If you’re selling something ingredient-driven, like food products or scented candles, include photos of the main ingredients of your product so that it’s easy for shoppers to find.

08. Romaria

romaria product page

What they sell: Statement knitwear pieces

What they’re doing right: Romaria collaborates with a diverse group of artists and designers to create a colorful collection of one-of-a-kind knits. Its product pages naturally include information about the designer of each piece, as well as the inspiration behind each design. This glimpse into the product creation process helps add to Romaria’s story and reputation of selling truly couture pieces.

Pro tip: A whopping 82% of shoppers want to buy from brands whose values align with their own. By highlighting your brand values on your product pages, you can reaffirm your mission as a brand and potentially strike a chord with your site visitors.

09. Beck and Cap

Beck and Cap product page

What they sell: Modern wabi-sabi furniture

What they’re doing right: Beck and Cap’s wooden pieces aren’t like any run-of-the-mill furniture. Rather, they’re hand-carved, ethically sourced, and built to showcase the natural imperfections of the wood itself. Beck and Cap therefore makes sure to include detailed care instructions on how to care for these pieces as they age. This information helps the company build trust and set clear expectations.

Pro tip: For products like furniture, you’ll want to clearly display your shipping information and product dimensions. This way, customers will have all the information they need to confidently make a purchase.

10. Hydrascape Infinity Stickers

Hydrascape product page

What they sell: Graphic vinyl stickers

What they’re doing right: Hydrascape’s online store is a haven for travel junkies. The brand’s mural-like stickers celebrate various national parks and mountain tops. Knowing that their customers have most likely visited multiple of these sites, Hydrascape cleverly showcases “other scapes we love” at the bottom of each product page. This cross-selling technique aids product discovery and serves to increase AOV.

Pro tip: For some stores, a simple page layout with a prominent call-to-action may be all you need to prompt a sale. This approach removes distractions, helping your customers stay focused on completing their purchase. Explore eCommerce website templates for inspiration.

11. Tach

Tach product page

What they sell: Couture knitted clothing

What they’re doing right: Magazine-quality product photography makes Tach’s product pages worthy of a social share. Tach includes social share buttons on its product pages, making it easy for shoppers or affiliates to post about its products in just a few clicks. With over 70 million followers on social media, Tach proves how a strong, well-integrated social media strategy can work wonders for brand visibility.

Pro tip: Keep your hand on the pulse of eCommerce design trends to gain inspiration and keep your site looking sharp. As an example, many online clothing brands are moving towards showing the same outfit on different body types, as well as using video to show how clothes look on a moving body.

12. Copper and Brass Paper Goods

What they sell: Stationary promoting Black culture

What they’re doing right: With thoughtful word choices (like “bestie” and “icing on the cake”), Copper and Brass Paper Goods lets its brand personality shine in its product page copy. When writing your own copy, don’t just tell your customers what your product is—speak their language and tell them how it’ll impact their lives.

Pro tip: Create buyer personas to inform your messaging and establish your brand voice. Personas put you in the mindset of your customers, while ensuring consistency across your various marketing assets.

13. Handlebend

Handlebend product page

What they sell: Rustic, handmade copper mugs

What they’re doing right: Handlebend’s products are presented in a classy manner. By keeping the product page simple and giving lots of real estate to elegant product photos, Handlebend does a great job of demonstrating that their copper mugs are top-quality. Handlebend’s branding can also be felt in its use of rich, warm tones. The company takes care to use strong, consistent branding throughout all of its designs.

Pro tip: If appropriate for your store, reduce choice paralysis among your shoppers by featuring fewer, highly curated items online.

14. Koketit

Koketit product page

What they sell: Art prints and NFTs

What they’re doing right: When it comes to wall art—size matters. That’s why Koketit goes the extra mile and provides an infographic of various print sizes directly in the product photo slider. The store also provides a conversion chart from CM to IN on every product page to help all of its shoppers understand the sizing of its prints.

Pro tip: If you sell internationally, keep your international customers in mind when drafting your product pages. For example, include information about international shipping, offer multiple units of measure, and include currency converters on your site to help international customers feel more comfortable making a purchase.

15. Oak and Willow

Oak and Willow product page

What they sell: Eco-friendly cleaning products

What they’re doing right: Oak and Willow does a great job of letting its happy customers prove the value of its products for them. Within its product pages, Oak and Willow showcases product reviews from happy customers to build trust and pave the way for sales.

Pro tip: Showcase and collect product ratings from your product page using today’s top review apps.

16. Lamarsa

Lamarsa product page

What they sell: Espresso machines, coffee grinders, and anything else you need to make the perfect brew

What they’re doing right: Lamarsa knows that the first thing a shopper looking at espresso machines wants to know is what features the machine includes. By listing the mechanics and special features of its machines as bullet points, Lamarsa makes it easy for shoppers to compare its products to similar ones on the market.

Pro tip: Include a wishlist function on your product pages that allows your customers to bookmark their favorite items so that they can easily find them later. This wishlist feature can also give you valuable data about what your shoppers love.

17. Fieldstone Outdoor Provisions Co.

Fieldstone product page

What they sell: Sporting lifestyle clothing and accessories

What they’re doing right: Sometimes, it’s hard to justify a purchase that's technically non-essential and related to a hobby. Fieldstone helps its customers get over that hump by accepting Afterpay as a buy now, pay later (BNPL) option. This allows customers to pay for an item in installments, rather than with one lump payment.

Pro tip: Enable live chat on your product pages to further guide the buying process. Wix Chat comes pre-installed on every Wix Store, making it easy for you to start answering questions in real time and help shoppers get the information they need to feel confident about their purchases.

18. Starling Home

Starling Home product page

What they sell: Smart home hardware

What they’re doing right: Starling Home focuses on marketing one product: the Starling Home Hub. For this reason, its homepage doubles up as a product page—simplifying the path to purchase. All of the product details are provided on one page that’s easy to digest, thanks to thoughtfully placed visual aids.

Pro tip: Simplify your path to purchase when designing your product page. Eliminate extra clicks between the moment a shopper enters your site and the moment they decide to make a purchase.

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Best practices for creating your own product page examples

Creating an effective product page is crucial in driving conversions for your e-commerce business. In order to create the best ones, you'll want to consider the following:

  • Use clear, high-quality images: Use high-resolution product photos from different angles and if possible, the images should feature the product in use. ASOS for example, use video and multiple still photos to show their clothing on models.

  • Detailed product descriptions: Accurate and detailed descriptions help the shopper fully understand the features and benefits of your products. Apple's product pages, for instance, are excellent examples - detailing every product feature with simple, persuasive copy.

  • User reviews & ratings: Customer reviews build trust and significantly influence purchasing decisions. Amazon is a good example of user reviews being well used within product pages.

  • Clear pricing and shipping information: This includes the product price, any discounts, taxes and shipping costs. All of this information should be transparent and clear.

  • Actionable call to action: Make sure your ‘Add to Cart’ or ‘Buy Now’ button stands out. Airbnb does this effectively with their 'Reserve' button—it's bright pink and impossible to miss.

  • Product availability: If a product is out of stock, make this obvious and where possible, inform the customer when it will be available again.

  • Care instructions and product specifications: If relevant, include information on product care or specs.

  • Use videos: Videos can give a better understanding of your product and can showcase product features in action, or the real-world.

  • Upselling and cross-selling: Suggest related products or accessories to increase the basket size. Amazon's 'Customers who bought this also bought' is a classic example of this strategy.

  • Easy navigation and quick loading: Check that your product pages load quickly, and it's easy for visitors to navigate around your website.

Brielle Gordon

Brielle Gordon

Marketing Writer, Wix for eCommerce

Brielle is a Colorado native with a passion for innovation and helping to mobilize entrepreneurs. Brielle is a marketing writer for Wix eCommerce, which powers over 700k online stores worldwide.

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