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150+ Fabulous nail business name ideas for your salon

fabulous nail business name ideas

In the vibrant world of salons and wellness spaces, choosing the right nail business name is far more than a mere administrative task in the grand scheme of starting a business—it's a critical step in shaping your brand's identity and determining its success. This name will be the first impression you make on potential clients and it's the foundation upon which your entire brand will be built.

Beyond the aesthetics, your nail business name has a significant impact on how you're perceived in the competitive beauty industry. A carefully crafted name can position you as a trendsetter, an expert in nail art or a relaxing oasis for self-care. On the flip side, an uninspiring or confusing name may lead potential customers to look elsewhere.

Tip: Learn how to start a nail business with our guide.

Nail business name ideas to inspire you

Discover a handpicked list of nail business names to inspire your search for the perfect moniker. Whether you seek a professional, distinctive, or unique name, these suggestions can help you find the ideal fit for your nail business.

Unique nail business names

  1. NailNirvana

  2. Glitz & Gloss Nails

  3. Polished Elegance Studios

  4. NailCanvas Creations

  5. LuxeLacquer Lounge

  6. Enchanted Nail Artistry

  7. ChromaGlow Nails

  8. CrystalVine Nails

  9. VelvetVarnish Salon

  10. Opulent Oasis Nails

  11. PreciousPolish Parlor

  12. MosaicMani Studio

  13. VelvetVogue Nail Boutique

  14. GildedGlamour Nails

  15. AuroraNail Atelier

Catchy nail business names

  1. NailCraze Express

  2. TipTop Talons

  3. GlamourGleam Nails

  4. Starstruck Nails

  5. Nail Envy Haven

  6. ChicCharm Nail Bar

  7. Perfectly Polished Studio

  8. NailMoxie Lounge

  9. BlingBelle Nails

  10. DazzleDiva Nail Spa

  11. Painted Perfection Parlor

  12. NailedIt! Beauty Boutique

  13. SparkleSquad Nails

  14. ManiMagic Emporium

  15. ColorSplash Nail Co.

Funny nail business names

  1. Nail Biter's Retreat

  2. Punny Manicures & Pedicures

  3. Toenail Tickle Town

  4. Nailed It & Failed It

  5. Tipsy Toes Nail Bar

  6. Laugh & Lacquer Lounge

  7. The Nail Buffet

  8. Tickle My Tendons Nails

  9. The Pinkie Swear Salon

  10. Happy Hands & Hilarity

  11. Nailed & Hailed Beauty

  12. The Giggle & Gloss Studio

  13. Whimsical Nails 'n Tails

  14. Pedi-Palooza Parlor

  15. Chuckles & Cuticles Spa

Professional nail business names

  1. EleganceNail Studio

  2. ClassicTouch Nails

  3. Sophisticuticles

  4. OpalGlow Nail Spa

  5. SerenityNail Haven

  6. PristineNail Lounge

  7. LuxeLacquer Boutique

  8. VelvetGlo Salon

  9. PolishedPerfection Studio

  10. SignatureNail Atelier

  11. GlamourCrafted Nails

  12. TranquilTresses Nail Bar

  13. EnchantedElegance Spa

  14. PoshPolish Parlor

  15. The Nail Artisans

Inspirational nail business names

  1. EmpowerNails Studio

  2. RadiantSpirit Nails

  3. InspireGlam Nail Spa

  4. DreamDazzle Nails

  5. InnerGlow Nail Haven

  6. BlossomBeauty Boutique

  7. GracefulJourney Nails

  8. Rise & Shine Nail Co.

  9. TrueSelf Nail Artistry

  10. SerendipityNail Lounge

  11. RenewedYou Nail Bar

  12. FlourishFingers Studio

  13. JoyfulExpressions Nails

  14. HarmonyHues Nail Parlor

  15. SparkleFromWithin Spa

Location-based nail business names

  1. [City] Chic Nails

  2. [State] Star Nails

  3. [City] Serenity Spa & Nails

  4. [Region] Radiant Hands Nail Studio

  5. [City] Elegance Elixir Nails

  6. [State] Sparkling Tides Nail Lounge

  7. [City] Blossom Beauty Bar

  8. [Region] Tranquil Trails Nail Retreat

  9. [City] Velvet Glove Nails

  10. [State] Blissful Bay Nail Haven

  11. [City] Urban Glamour Nails

  12. [Region] Mountain Majesty Nail Studio

  13. [City] Polished Pearl Nails

  14. [State] Coastal Charm Nail Co.

  15. [City] Artistry Avenue Nails

Are you starting a business in New York? Use these names to get inspired:

  • Broadway Glam Nails

  • Central Park Serenity Spa

  • Empire State Elegance Nails

  • Times Square Sparkle Salon

  • Statue of Liberty Nail Studio

Timeless nail business names

  1. Timeless Touch Nails

  2. Classic Elegance Nail Studio

  3. Everlasting Glamour Nails

  4. Time-Honored Nail Artistry

  5. Eternal Beauty Boutique

  6. Ageless Nails & Spa

  7. Traditional Chic Nail Salon

  8. Vintage Varnish Studio

  9. Enduring Grace Nails

  10. Forever Polished Parlor

  11. Iconic Nail Creations

  12. Graceful Permanence Spa

  13. Timeless Trends Nail Lounge

  14. Lasting Impressions Nails

  15. Classic Couture Nail

Clever nail business names

  1. Nailchemy

  2. Tipsy Tints & Tangles

  3. Nails & Novelties

  4. Mani-Magic Mix

  5. The Nail Nest

  6. Polish & Pizzazz

  7. Lacquer Labyrinth

  8. Nailed Nirvana

  9. The Nail Palette

  10. Beyond the Cuticle

  11. Nail Nouveau

  12. EnchantiNails

  13. Digits & Delights

  14. The Nail Whisperer

  15. Quirky Tips & Toes

Modern nail business names

  1. NailLabXpress

  2. UrbanGlow Nails

  3. ChromaCrafted Studios

  4. ChicVibe Nail Bar

  5. PixelPolish Salon

  6. The Modern Mani

  7. NovaNail Lounge

  8. EdgeArtistry Nails

  9. Trendsetters Nail Co.

  10. UrbanGlam Nail Studio

  11. ModMingle Nails

  12. NextGen Nail Lab

  13. Evoke Elegance Nails

  14. PixelPulse Nail Art

  15. Contemporary Claws

Classic nail business names

  1. Elegant Nails & Spa

  2. Timeless Nail Studio

  3. Classic Beauty Nails

  4. Graceful Glamour Salon

  5. Polished Perfection Nails

  6. Signature Nail Artistry

  7. Traditional Elegance Spa

  8. Time-Honored Tips & Toes

  9. Classic Chic Nail Co.

  10. Everlasting Nail Creations

  11. Vintage Varnish Boutique

  12. Regal Nails & Spa

  13. Royal Treatment Nail Studio

  14. Allure Nail Haven

  15. Refined Beauty Nails

Minimalist nail business names

  1. NailMod

  2. PureNail

  3. ZenNail Studio

  4. SimpleTouch Nails

  5. CleanLine Nail Spa

  6. BareNail Bar

  7. Polished Edge

  8. SubtleStyle Nails

  9. MinimalMani

  10. NeatNail Haven

  11. PureGlow Nail Lounge

  12. ZenithNail Studio

  13. SleekNail Co.

  14. ModestElegance Nails

  15. The Nail Hub

Nail business real name examples

Consider these service business examples for service business ideas and name inspiration.

Opting for a bold business name can work for a nail business, if you plan to deliver unique and bold services to your clients. Attract customers looking for something different with a creative name that holds their attention.

Starting a nail business can be a fun venture, so bringing that vibe and spirit into your business name can work really well. Playing with words and their spellings is a great way to bring energy into your business name.

Creative names work well for nail businesses especially when used to convey exactly why customers might choose your services.

Using your name in your business name always works well for service businesses, like nail businesses, where a key part of your business is around relationship and trust building. It also adds a personal touch to your branding that always resonates well with people.

How to choose the best nail business name

Choosing a business name is a crucial step in building a strong brand identity and attracting clients. Your nail business name should reflect your unique style, services and values, while also being memorable and easy to find online. Here are four steps to help you write the perfect business name for your nail salon, including the use of a small business name generator:

01. Understand your brand

Begin by defining your brand identity. Consider what sets your nail business apart from the competition. Think about your target audience, the types of services you offer and the ambiance of your salon. Understanding your brand will guide you in selecting a name that aligns with your vision.

02. Brainstorm ideas

Start brainstorming name ideas that convey the essence of your nail business. Think about keywords related to nails, beauty, elegance and relaxation. Jot down any words, phrases, or concepts that come to mind. Don't worry about perfection at this stage, the goal is to generate a list of possibilities. In order to get as many options as possible, consider utilizing a business name generator or a list of store names to come up with names tailored to your niche.

03. Check availability

Before falling in love with a name, ensure that it's available for registration in your location. Additionally, check that the domain name you want is available and verify that the name isn't trademarked or registered by another business in your industry.

04. Test and get feedback

Narrow down your list to a few top contenders and seek feedback from friends, family, or potential clients. Ask for their opinions on the names' appeal, memorability and relevance. Furthermore, make sure the name is easy to pronounce and spell and consider how it looks in a logo or signage. Testing your business name by incorporating it into email name ideas can also provide insights into its effectiveness and appeal.

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Nail business names FAQ

Why is choosing the right business name for my nail salon so important?

Your business name is the first impression you make on potential clients. It sets the tone for your brand and can impact how you are perceived in the industry. A well-chosen name can also affect your online visibility and brand recognition. It can also help suport your nail salon marketing strategies.

Should I use words like 'nail' and 'spa' in my business name?

How can I make sure my nail business name is memorable?

Can I change my business name later?

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