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150+ Craft business name ideas for your artistic journey

craft business name ideas

When it comes to starting a craft business or selling crafts online, it's no secret that there are countless decisions to make, from perfecting your craft to finding the right suppliers and assembling a talented team. Yet, in the midst of all these considerations, one crucial element often gets overlooked or treated as an afterthought: the craft business's name.

In reality, selecting the right business name is far from a trivial task when starting a business; it is a pivotal moment that can shape the entire trajectory of your craft venture. Your craft business's name is not merely a label it's a reflection of your craft business idea, your brand, an introduction to your creative identity and the crafts you make and sell, the label on your craft business website and a promise to your customers. It's the first impression you make with your business and it can be the key factor in determining whether your craft or DIY business soars with success or fades into obscurity.

150+ craft business name ideas

Unique craft business names

1. ArtisticAlchemy Studio

2. HandmadeHarmony Crafts

3. CraftyCreations Workshop

4. RusticRoots Artistry

5. TextileTreasures Crafts

6. CreativeCanvas Studio

7. ColorfulCraftworks

8. ArtisanAvenue Crafts

9. WhimsicalWonders Studio

10. InnovativeInspirations

11. VelvetVibrance Crafts

12. CraftersCottage Studio

13. UrbanArtistry Works

14. ZenithZest Crafts

15. WholesomeHandmade Hub

16. GourmetCraftsmanship

17. CraftySerenity Studio

18. EnchantedArtistry Workshop

19. EmberElegance Crafts

20. PiquantPallet Creations

21. DelightfulDesigns Studio

22. CraftyCanvas Corner

23. PalettePerfection Crafts

24. VelvetVista Creations

25. ArtisticAdventures Hub

26. RusticRendezvous Workshop

27. ArtisanAurora Crafts

28. SereneSculptures Studio

29. CraftyCraftsmen Corner

30. InnovativeImpressions

Catchy craft business names

1. ArtisticAdventures Studio

2. CraftyCrafts Hub

3. SereneSculptures Creations

4. TextileTales Workshop

5. CreativeCanvas Crafts

6. ColorfulCraftworks Studio

7. InnovativeInspirations

8. RusticRoots Artistry

9. PalettePerfection Crafts

10. ZenithZest Creations

11. WholesomeHandmade Hub

12. CraftersCottage Crafts

13. UrbanArtistry Studio

14. CraftySerenity Workshop

15. EnchantedArtistry Creations

16. EmberElegance Crafts

17. PiquantPallet Studio

18. DelightfulDesigns Workshop

19. CraftyCanvas Crafts

20. VelvetVista Creations

21. ArtisticAlchemy Hub

22. HandmadeHarmony Crafts

23. CraftyCreations Studio

24. RusticRoots Artistry

25. TextileTreasures Workshop

26. CreativeCanvas Crafts

27. ColorfulCraftworks Studio

28. ArtisanAvenue Creations

29. WhimsicalWonders Workshop

30. InnovativeInspirations

Professional craft business names

1. ArtisticArtisans Studio

2. CraftMasters Guild

3. ArtistryAtelier Crafts

4. MasterpieceWorks

5. PrecisionCraftsmen

6. The Craftsmanship Studio

7. Artisanal Creations

8. LuxeHandmade Crafts

9. Artisan Craft Collective

10. Premier Craftsmanship Studio

11. Crafters' Haven

12. PrimeArtistry Guild

13. Haute Handmade Retreat

14. EliteCraftsmen Oasis

15. Artistry Excellence

16. Crafting Legacy

17. PrestigeCraft Studio

18. Craft Creations Mansion

19. NobleArtistry Workshop

20. RefinedCraftsmanship

21. SereneSculptures Crafts

22. RegalArt Studio

23. Artisan Dynasty

24. The Craft Enclave

25. Craftsmen's Galleria

26. Artisan Oasis Studio

27. Eminent Craftsmanship

28. The Artistic Vault

29. OpulentCrafts Haven

30. The Craft Ascent

Location-based craft business names

1. [City/Neighborhood] Craft Studio

2. [City/Region] Creations Workshop

3. [City] Artisanal Crafts

4. [City/State] Handmade Hub

5. [City/Neighborhood] Crafting Corner

6. [City] Artistry Marketplace

7. [City/Region] Creative Crafts

8. [City/State] Craftsmen's Studio

9. [City/Neighborhood] Artistic Artistry

10. [City] Urban Craftsmanship

11. [City/Region] Serene Sculptures

12. [City] Riverside Crafts

13. [City/State] Innovative Creations

14. [City/Neighborhood] Whimsical Workshop

15. [City] Maker's Den

16. [City/Region] Crafty Creations

17. [City] Artistry at the Quay

18. [City/State] Crafted Treasures

19. [City/Neighborhood] Hilltop Handmade

20. [City] Creative Oasis

21. [City/Region] Artisanal Avenue

22. [City] Handmade Hideaway

23. [City/State] Crafters' Retreat

24. [City/Neighborhood] Fireside Creations

25. [City] Heritage Handcrafts

26. [City/Region] Craftsmen's Loft

27. [City] Tidal Wave Studio

28. [City/State] Lakeside Crafts

29. [City/Neighborhood] Pineside Handmade

30. [City] Sunset Serenity

Looking to start a business in Arizona? How about these location-based craft business names:

  • White Mountain Crafty Creations

  • Phoenix Crafted Treasures

  • Scotsdale Maker's Den

  • Flagstaff Whimsical Workshop

Modern craft business names

1. UrbanArtistry Studio

2. The Craft Nexus

3. CreativeCanvas Workshop

4. ArtisanAlley Crafts

5. NouveauCrafts Hub

6. PalettePrime Studio

7. ArtisticAlchemy Creations

8. The FreshFactor Crafts

9. UrbanCraft Collective

10. Crafters' Workshop

11. TastefulTrek Studio

12. SereneSculptures Crafts

13. ModaMasterpiece

14. TrendyCraft Creations

15. ArtisticJunction

16. VibrantCrafts Studio

17. PoshArtistry Hub

18. CraftyCanvas Loft

19. CraftyCraftsmanship

20. GourmetCraftsmen Studio

21. ChicCraftsmanship

22. TrendSetting Creations

23. InnovateCraft Workshop

24. ArtistryXpress Crafts

25. The ArtfulPalette

26. ContemporaryCrafts

27. ArtisticCanvas Studio

28. FreshCraft Co.

29. The ModernMingle

30. SavvySculpture Hub

Timeless craft business names

1. The Heritage Studio

2. ClassicCraft Creations

3. TimelessCreations Workshop

4. VintageArtistry Loft

5. The Traditions Studio

6. Time-Honored Crafts

7. Old World Creations

8. The Classic Artistry

9. RusticCharm Workshop

10. The Regal Retreat

11. GrandCraft Mansion

12. Historic Handcrafts

13. The Crafting Legacy

14. Nostalgia Crafts

15. The Antique Artistry

16. Traditional Treasures

17. Elegant Epoch Studio

18. Legacy Handcrafts

19. The Vintage Venue

20. Homestyle Heritage

21. The Classic Canvas

22. Historic Handmade

23. The Vintage Vittles

24. Timeless Treasures

25. The Classic Craftsmen

26. Homestead Heritage

27. The Golden Era Studio

28. Olde World Artistry

29. ClassicCraft Haven

30. The Evergreen Workshop

Clever craft business names

1. CraftyConcoctions

2. ArtistryAlchemy

3. CraftyCanvas Creations

4. ArtisanAdventures

5. CreativeCraftworks

6. ColorfulCreations Loft

7. InnovationInspire

8. RusticRoots Artistry

9. Palette & Precision

10. CraveCraft Creations

11. CraftyConversations

12. ArtisticOdyssey

13. Artistry & Artifacts

14. Crafty & Captivating

15. Nosh & Notions

16. Artistry & Anecdotes

17. ArtisanAccents

18. Artistry & Ambiance

19. CraftyDesign Workshop

20. Sip & Sculpture Studio

21. Palette & Perception

22. CraftyCraftsmen Hub

23. Artistry & Aesthetics

24. Crafty & Captivation

25. ArtfulAssemblage

26. CraftyCreations Loft

27. Palette & Perspective

28. SavvySculpture Studio

29. Artistry & Antiques

30. Innovate & Imprint

Funny craft business names

1. PunnyProjects

2. CraftyComedies Loft

3. Laugh & Craft Creations

4. SillyStitches Studio

5. ComicCraftiness

6. Jokes & Jewelry

7. WhimsicalWeaves Workshop

8. Giggle & Glue

9. Puns 'n' Paintings

10. WittyWoodworking

11. Grin & Glitter Studio

12. HumorousHandcrafts

13. YarnYucks Crafts

14. CleverCreations Loft

15. Chuckles & Clay

16. Puns of Paint

17. BellyLaughs Studio

18. CraftyComedy Workshop

19. Giggle & Glaze

20. QuirkyQuilts

21. CraftyChuckles Hub

22. TickleMyTextiles

23. Puns & Pottery

24. Stitch & Chuckles

25. Cackle & Crafts

26. MirthfulMasterpieces

27. WackyWoodworks

28. CraftyComics Creations

29. Grin & Glitter

30. ChuckleCrafts Workshop

Craft businesses real-life examples

  • Bliss with Clay: We love the creative nature of this craft business name and how it so effectively conveys the nature of the crafts, clay, but also the joy its owner finds in working with clay.

  • Which Craft Artisan: We love how this craft business name makes a clever play on names, for a whimsical name that sums up the magic this business owner finds through crafting.

  • Real Boujee Bangles: This business name effectively captures the energy behind this crafting business and brand and helps convey the handmade bracelets before you even see them. Be inspired by these jewelry business name ideas.

  • Gioiella Jewelry: This jewelry business opted for a classic and timeless name for their brand, representing the timelessness of their creations.

How to choose a craft business name in 5 steps

Choosing the right craft business name is a critical step in establishing your brand and attracting customers in order to make money as a crafter. Here are five steps to help you choose a craft business name:

01. Understand your craft business and audience

Start by defining your craft business's niche, specialty and unique selling points. Consider the type of handmade products you want to offer. Understand your target audience: Who are your ideal customers? What are their preferences and expectations for handmade crafts? This is an essential step when it comes to making money as an artist.

craft business name ideas - choose your craft niche

02. Brainstorm ideas

Begin brainstorming name ideas based on your craft, style and audience. Aim for names that are memorable, reflect your craft's personality and convey the essence of your business idea. Consider using keywords related to your skill or artisanal themes to help potential customers understand what your craft business offers. Use a craft business name generator for great ideas, fast.

03. Check name availability

Before you become too attached to a name, check its availability for legal and domain purposes. You can use the Wix domain name search for this. Ensure it's not trademarked or in use by another craft business in your industry. Check for trademark availability to ensure no one else is using the name in your industry. You can search the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) database or consult with a trademark attorney.

04. Consider your branding

Think about how the name will look on your craft products, packaging and promotional materials. A good craft business name should be visually appealing and aligned with your craft's style. Consider the artistic and emotional connotations of the name and how it complements your branding efforts.

05. Test, test and test your name

Test your top name choices with a small group of trusted friends, family, or potential customers. Get their opinions on the names' appeal, clarity and memorability. Consider conducting surveys or running focus groups to gather more extensive feedback.

Once you've finalized your name, next you can begin making a website to put it on.

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Craft business names FAQ

Why is choosing the right craft business name important?

When starting a service business, your craft business's name is the first impression you make on potential customers. It communicates your brand's identity, sets expectations and can influence customers' perceptions and decisions.

What should I consider when brainstorming craft business name ideas?

Should I use my own name for my craft business?

How can I make sure my craft business name stands out in a competitive market?

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