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15 DIY business ideas for any creative entrepreneur

diy business ideas

DIY (Do It Yourself) business ideas involve creating and selling products or offering services that are handmade or involve a significant degree of personal crafting or skill. These business ideas allow you to leverage your creativity, craftsmanship and passion to produce unique and customized goods and start a business.

15 DIY business ideas to start today

Here are 15 DIY business ideas for those who love creating handmade goods. From jewelry, clothing and home decor to beauty products and woodworking, these ventures cater to different interests. You could start a business selling customized gifts, illustrations, candles or even teach DIY workshops.

01. Jewelry

Jewelry making involves creating unique and handmade jewelry items using a variety of materials. Jewelry making offers a perfect blend of artistic expression and craftsmanship. It's a business that allows you to craft personalized pieces and cater to a wide audience. It's also a great creative business idea that can grow with trends and your own ideas.

“We research new trends and talk with our buyers every month,” says Faye Darby, Co-Founder of Jewelry business Darby Pritchards. “We investigate their interests—and when we’re able to, we’ll offer one design in multiple items.”

Jewelry DIY craft business idea examples:

  • Beaded necklaces and bracelets featuring various gemstones.

  • Hand-stamped metal jewelry with custom inscriptions.

  • Wire-wrapped crystal pendants and earrings.

Jewelry businesses to be inspired by:

02. Clothing

A DIY clothing business involves designing, sewing and creating custom clothing, accessories, or footwear tailored to individual client preferences. The fashion industry offers endless opportunities for creativity and personalization. Custom clothing business ideas can cater to unique style preferences and body types.

Clothing DIY business idea examples:

  • Custom-made dresses, suits and formal wear.

  • Handcrafted accessories like scarves, hats and handbags.

  • Artisanal footwear, such as hand-stitched leather or alternatively vegan shoes.

An example of a DIY clothing business is Water Wheel Gift Corner, which offers a range of t-shirts, hoodies and sweaters with unique prints.

Looking to sell clothing online via eCommerce? You'll need to consider how to make an eCommerce website and explore these best eCommerce website examples.

Or consider these ecommerce business ideas for further inspiration.

03. Handcrafted home decor

Handcrafted home decor businesses focus on creating decorative items and furnishings for homes, including candles, wall art, furniture, ceramics and more. Home decor allows you to infuse your personal style and creativity into living spaces. There's a growing demand for unique and handmade decor pieces meaning demand for this kind of business

Handcrafted home decor idea examples:

  • Hand-poured scented candles in decorative containers.

  • Original artwork and prints for wall decor.

  • Handmade wooden furniture and personalized ceramic dinnerware.

Be inspired by SAS Handmade and their hand-crafted, wooden home decorations. From walking sticks to Christmas decorations, to earrings, they offer a wide range of items for the home and beyond.

04. Craft supplies and kits

This DIY business idea involves selling craft supplies, kits or DIY project materials for various crafting endeavors, from knitting and painting to jewelry making. Craft supplies and kits can be a lucrative business because they support other crafters and hobbyists and help them turn their talents into a business. They also make popular gifts during the holiday season.

Craft supplies and kits idea examples:

  • Online store selling knitting needles, yarn and patterns.

  • DIY craft kits with all the materials needed for specific projects, such as knitting a scarf or quilting a blanket.

  • Art supply store offering paints, brushes and canvases.

05. Personalized gifts

A personalized gift business specializes in creating customized and unique gifts that often feature engravings, monograms or personal touches. Personalized gifts are always in demand for various occasions and are popular year-round.

Be inspired by DIY business owner and Founder Alitzah Stinson who always held a love for stationery and planners but never could find the right planner to fit her busy lifestyle as a CEO and Influencer. After years of jumping from planner to planner and never being satisfied, Alitzah launched Ivory Paper Co. named after Alitzah's daughter, Eleanor Ivory.

Personalized gift examples:

  • Engraved photo frames, keychains and jewelry.

  • Personalized monogrammed towels and blankets.

  • Customized gifts with handwritten messages or artwork.

06. Handmade beauty products

This DIY business idea involves creating natural and organic beauty products such as soaps, skincare items, perfumes and bath bombs using carefully selected ingredients, often only natural ingredients. The beauty industry continues to embrace handmade and natural products. You can tap into the demand for clean and eco-friendly beauty products while expressing your creativity at the same time.

Handmade beauty product examples:

  • Handmade artisanal soaps with organic ingredients and essential oils. Like these made by Babylon Soaps and their vegan, handmade natural soaps.

  • Natural skincare products, including moisturizers and serums.

  • Scented bath bombs and spa gift sets. Cass Style Soaps, for example, has handmade soaps and bath bombs as part of their handmade inventory.

07. Illustrations

Illustration businesses focus on creating original artwork, prints, or digital illustrations for various applications, from wall decor to book covers and branding materials. Illustration allows you to express your artistic talents and provides a platform for self-expression. It's a versatile DIY business idea that caters to multiple industries and art enthusiasts.

Illustration business examples:

  • Hand-drawn and digital illustrations for book covers and children's books.

  • Custom illustrations for marketing materials, logos and branding.

  • Art prints and posters for interior decor.

  • Illustrations for gift cards, like these by Pat-Orama.

08. Stationary

This DIY business idea involves designing and crafting custom stationery, including event invitations, greeting cards and paper goods for various occasions. Custom stationery allows you to offer a personal touch for special events and occasions. It's a niche business that caters to those seeking unique, heartfelt products.

Stationary business examples:

  • Handmade wedding invitations with intricate designs and calligraphy.

  • Personalized holiday and greeting cards, like these by Pat-Orama.

  • Custom event stationery, such as menus, place cards and programs for weddings or shows.

09. Woodworking

Woodworking businesses create handcrafted wooden items, from furniture and home accessories to toys and functional tools. As a DIY business idea woodworking combines creativity with craftsmanship.

Woodworking business examples:

  • Handcrafted wooden furniture, such as tables, chairs and cabinets.

  • Wooden toys and games for children.

  • Artisanal wooden home accessories like cutting boards and serving trays.

10. Candles

Candle businesses involve crafting candles in various styles, scents and designs for decor, relaxation, aromatherapy and special occasions. Candles offer a versatile business opportunity, appealing to aesthetic and therapeutic needs. Handcrafted candles are popular for their unique designs and scents.

Candle business ideas:

  • Scented soy candles with custom fragrances and decorative containers, like these from Occasion Candles.

  • Hand-poured, artisanal beeswax candles for special occasions.

  • Decorative and themed candles for seasonal and holiday decor.

  • Hand-poured candles for relaxation, like this from Renee Candles.

11. Gourmet food items

This DIY business idea involves creating artisanal and gourmet food products, such as specialty chocolates, jams, sauces, infused oils or craft beers, using high-quality ingredients and unique recipes. Gourmet food business ideas and items tap into a growing market for unique and locally produced gourmet food products.

Gourmet food product ideas:

  • Handcrafted artisanal chocolates with exotic flavor profiles.

  • Small-batch gourmet jams and preserves made from seasonal fruits.

  • Craft brewery producing unique and flavorful beers.

12. Vintage clothing and goods

A vintage business focuses on sourcing, curating and selling vintage clothing, accessories or collectibles. Vintage items have enduring appeal and this DIY business idea allows you to uncover hidden treasures from the past. It's a business that appeals to collectors and nostalgia enthusiasts.

Vintage clothing business ideas:

  • Online vintage clothing store specializing in retro fashion.

  • Vintage boutique offering accessories like retro sunglasses and handbags.

  • Collectibles store featuring vintage toys, vinyl records and antique furniture.

13. Plants and flower arrangements

Plant and flower businesses involve cultivating and arranging plants, flowers and succulents. It’s a DIY business idea that combines creativity and entrepreneurship. Plants have become a popular interior design element, as they add freshness and aesthetic appeal to various spaces meaning they’re often in high demand. They’re also well known for their therapeutic effect in both homes and offices, making them an essential buy for many people.

Plant business examples:

  • Succulent and cacti arrangements in decorative containers.

  • Online plant shop specializing in rare and exotic houseplants.

  • Custom flower arrangements for events and special occasions.

14. Handmade toys and games

This DIY business idea involves crafting handcrafted toys and games, from wooden puzzles and board games to plush toys with a focus on quality and unique design. Handmade toys and games offer a personal and nostalgic touch. You can create engaging and educational products for children and adults alike.

Handmade toys and game ideas:

  • Hand-carved wooden puzzles and brain teasers.

  • Stuffed animals and plush toys with unique designs.

  • Handmade board games and card games.

15. DIY workshops and classes

With this business idea you can offer DIY workshops and classes where you teach others how to pursue various crafting and creative projects, both in-person and online. DIY workshops and classes empower others to explore their creative side. It's a business that allows you to share your expertise and provide hands-on learning experiences while making a living.

DIY workshop and class business ideas:

  • Pottery and ceramics classes for beginners and advanced artists.

  • Online knitting and crochet workshops.

  • DIY home improvement and repair workshops.

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Why turn a DIY idea into a business?

  • Express your creativity: DIY business owners are typically passionate about their craft. They get to express their creativity and produce items they are genuinely passionate about, which can be highly rewarding.

  • Lead with uniqueness: DIY businesses often offer personalized or customizable products or services, allowing customers to have unique, one-of-a-kind items tailored to their preferences.

  • Low start-up costs: Many DIY businesses can be started with minimal investment. Basic equipment and materials are often sufficient to get started, making them accessible for aspiring small entrepreneurs. DIY business ideas can be great business ideas for teens, or even children too.

  • Side hustle potential: DIY businesses can be started as side hustles, allowing individuals to test the waters and potentially transition into full-time entrepreneurship if the venture proves successful.

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Is selling handmade crafts profitable?

Selling handmade crafts can be profitable, but success depends on various factors, including the quality of your products, market demand, pricing strategy and your ability to effectively market and sell your items. Here are some considerations to assess the profitability of selling handmade crafts:

  • Quality and unique value: High-quality, unique and well-crafted items often command higher prices and attract a loyal customer base.

  • Market demand: Research the demand for your type of handmade crafts. Identify trends and popular items within your niche to ensure there's a market for your products.

  • Pricing strategy: Set your prices competitively, considering the cost of materials, time invested and market standards. Finding the right balance between affordability and profitability is crucial. Efficiently manage your production costs, including materials and time, to ensure a healthy profit margin.

  • Marketing and branding: Effective marketing and branding can significantly impact sales. Build a strong online presence, utilize social media and create an engaging brand story to attract customers. An online presence enables you to tap into a larger market beyond your local area.

  • Online presence and craft fairs: Utilize online platforms like Etsy, Amazon Handmade or your own website to reach a global audience. On top of that, selling at local craft fairs or markets provides opportunities for direct customer interaction and can boost sales. It also helps in building a local customer base.

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DIY business ideas FAQ

What DIY item sells the most?

The popularity of DIY items can vary, but some consistently high-selling categories include handmade jewelry, personalized home decor and unique accessories. However, the success of a DIY item also depends on current market trends, individual skills and the target audience's preferences.

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What is the easiest DIY business idea to start?

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