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11 inspiring About Us page examples and how to create one for your clients

Updated: Feb 1

Example of an About Us page for an homeopathic medicine company.

Too often, an About Us page is viewed as just another box to check off the to-do list for a website. But it has the potential to be much more than that. When done well, an About Us page can help site visitors connect to your client’s business on a personal level, build customers’ trust and set your client’s business apart from their competition.

In this article, we’ll look at how to create a great About Us page, including:

  • The purpose of an About Us page

  • Why it matters for your client’s business

  • 8 expert tips for creating an About Us page

  • 11 inspiring examples of About Us pages, and what makes them stand out

What's the purpose of an About Us page?

An About Us page is the right place on your client’s website to tell their story and make a strong, positive impression.

What should an About Us page include?

Every About Us page should cover these basics:

  • The story behind your client’s business and why they started it

  • The customers or cause their business serves

  • Their business model or some insight into how their products are made

What sets an outstanding About Us page apart is how it delivers that information while capturing the business’ personality and values. The best ones truly bring a business’ brand story to life with engaging text, media and design.

Why are About Us pages important to your clients?

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