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15 Examples of Striking Website Design Inspiration

15 Examples of Striking Website Design We’ve Seen

Poetry, beauty, romance, website design – this is what we live for. Earlier this month we launched the Wix Stunning Awards 2018 and asked users across the globe to share their amazing websites with us for the chance to win an opportunity of a lifetime to put their business in the spotlight and give their work the exposure it deserves. The prize? A tailor-made online promotional campaign, produced and fully supported by Wix.

Over the years, we’ve seen so many stunning website examples from our Wix users. For this contest, we received nearly 100,000 submissions from all kinds of business owners, creators, and freelancers, making it really difficult for our panel of experts to select the winners. While they work on a final verdict, here are some of the most beautiful finalists we have seen so far. Thinking of learning how to design a website of your own? We guarantee that you can look at these examples inspiration.

The Tea Story

A stunning website is like a cup of tea. It’s all in how you make it.


Proceed with caution, you might want to throw away all your furniture after visiting this site.

Studio 19 UK

The best way to promote a dance school? Make your website dance like everyone’s watching.


Fashion, beauty, and lifestyle brands never looked better.

Johnny Valentine

When the media content you create is this good, you can let it do all the talking.

Jean-François Bury

Amazing things happen when beautiful food meets great website design.


Take a peek into the mind-blowing birth of flat design animations.

AliceBlue Florist

The only thing more beautiful than their bouquets is their website.

Oli Dillon

Jack of all (design) trades, master of them all.

RunWild Design

We’ll eat up this incredible one-page portfolio website – we love it so! It's certainly among the best portfolio websites we've seen.

New England Farm to Fiber

Their website will warm your heart – and their product will warm the rest of you.

Sherry Zhao

Animation, concept art, storyboarding, motion graphic, fashion design… Because talent has no limits.


If all online stores looked this good we’d never go to the mall again.

Izzy Wheels

Making the world a more beautiful place, online and offline.

Lena Steinkühler

Jaw-dropping digital art in all its forms, shapes, and colors in this inspirational graphic design website.

By Judit Ruiz Ricart

Photography Expert for the Wix Blog & Social Media Team


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