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Medic Samaritan is a non-profit organization dedicated...... Read More

Medic Samaritan is a non-profit organization dedicated to providing medical support personnel to non-profit groups and mission teams traveling abroad. Its website, therefore, has two main goals: Get people involved with the organization, and get website visitors to donate to the organization. By adopting a clear, clean and professional web design, Medic Samaritan has made both goals easier to achieve. The homepage has just the right balance between the visual and the textual. Navigation links are set in a full-width toolbar along the top, with a clickable logo on the top right. Several images are featured on first view, with three text boxes below about the organization, ways to donate and how to get involved. On the left, there is an image teaser of "Our Next Project" and below it – a Twitter widget that gets people immediately involved, and makes it easy to join the account. The footer of each page features essential contact details and glossy social media buttons for quick access. The Get Involved and Donate pages, both rich in text, use a smart visual hierarchy that makes both processes easy to understand. A "Donate Now" button directs visitors to a PayPal account through which donations can be made online.


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