• onFormSubmit Event Added

    The wix-crm-backend.onFormSubmit event allows you to write code that runs whenever a form is submitted. Learn more
  • Wix Location: onChange()

    Now you can write code that runs when an application page's URL changes. For example, you can use the onChange event handler to determine when a new product is displayed in a store and perform any necessary partial updates on the page. Learn more
  • Wix CRM: "Tasks" Collection

    Now you can work with your CRM task data. When you add a task in your site's dashboard, the CRM/Tasks collection is added to your site’s Database. The collection contains information about your tasks. Using the collection you can track, query, and sort your task data. Learn more
  • Blog PostPage API Released

    Now you can get information about your blog posts using the PostPage element API. Learn more
  • Wix Marketing: Coupons Collection

    When you add a coupon to your site, the Marketing/Coupons collection is added to your site’s Database. The collection contains information about your Coupons. Using the collection you can query, filter, and track your coupons with code. Learn more
  • Coupons API

    Now you can create, update, and delete coupons using the wix-marketing-backend Coupons API. With coupons, you can offer your customers discounts for Wix Stores, Bookings, or Events.  Learn more
  • API: notifications

    You can now send notifications to your site's contributors using the new wix-crm-backend Notifications API. Learn more
  • API: memory storage

    You can now store data that is available as long the site visitor does not refresh or close the page, using memory storage. Learn more
  • API: addProductToCart

    The $w.CartIcon element now has a new addProductToCart function which allows you to add multiple items to your site's shopping cart at once. Learn more 
  • API: onCartCreated and onCartCompleted

    The wix-stores-backend API now has two new events, onCartCreated and onCartCompleted. You can now run code when a site visitor creates a cart or completes a cart purchase.