• New Text Elements onInput function

    With the new onInput function you can set event handlers that run when an input element on your site receives input from a site visitor. Learn more.
  • Image element fitMode property

    With the new fitMode property you can control how images are fit into image elements on your site's pages. Learn more.
  • Wix Bookings x Pricing Plans and a new getCheckoutOptions API

    Wix Bookings now accepts memberships and packages as payment options for bookings. Also, a new getCheckoutOptions API allows you to check which payment options are available for a booking based on a client's subscribed plans. Learn more
  • Wix Stores Catalog APIs

    The Wix Stores Catalog APIs allows you to create and update products in backend code. For example, you can now add products, assign products to collections, and add media to products and their options. Learn more.
  • Wix Router: HeadOptions Update

    The way you set HeadOptions in a WixRouterResponse has changed to conform to the same structure as setting the same data on regular pages using the wix-seo API. Learn more.
  • Wix Window: copyToClipboard

    You can now copy text to a site visitor's clipboard using the wix-window.copyToClipboard() function. Learn more
  • wix-search API

    With the new Search API you can create a customized search experience for your site visitors.  Create your own search bar and display results in editor elements. Filter your search by language or document type and control search result paging. Learn more
  • Job Scheduler: Set 1-Hour Intervals

    Now you can use cron expressions through the job.config file to run jobs in intervals as short as 1 hour. Learn more
  • Wix Location: Query Parameters API

    With the new wix-location.queryParams API, you can manage the query parameters in your page's URL using code. Learn more
  • wix-chat-backend API

    With the new backend chat API you can enhance your site visitors' chat experience. Send and handle chat messages from the backend, manage conversations between the site's business and site visitors, or create your own customized chatbot. Learn more