• Wix Forum: Get Paid with Subscriptions

    You can now get paid for your forum with subscriptions. Give subscribed members access to exclusive content. Learn more
  • Wix Forum: Image Expand Now Available

    You can now click on images and view them in expand mode. Check it out here.
  • Wix Forum: New Private Categories

    You can now add private categories that will only be visible to forum members with permission.
  • Wix Forum: New Job Board

    You can now use the forum for recruitment and advertising jobs. Learn more
  • Wix Forum: Private Categories Now Available

    Control who can access a category by adding Members, Roles or Badges. Learn more
  • Wix Mobile App: Group Chat Now Available

    You can now keep members engaged and build a community with Group Chat. You can also let members create their own group chats. Learn more
  • Wix App: Forum Member Badges Now Available

    You can now give badges via the Wix App to site members who contribute to your forum.
  • Wix Forum: New File Upload Option

    You can now upload files to your forum comments, posts and replies.
    Here's how: Go to the Forum > Click on a new comment > Add a File Upload
  • Wix Forum: Newest Posts Widget

    The newest posts from all categories are now shown at the bottom of every category page. 
  • Wix Forum: GIFs Now Available

    Express yourself with fun GIFs. Just click on the GIF icon to post, reply and comment.