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  • Wix ShoutOut: A Sample Mail May Be Sent When Sending an Email to a New List of Contacts

    When you send an email to a new list of contacts, Wix ShoutOut may automatically first send out a sample mailing. This means that a portion of your recipients will receive your email before it's distributed to all of the contacts on your list. Find out more
  • Get Subscribers: Update about GDPR

    Now you can add a checkbox to your subscribe form. This will make it easy for visitors to give consent when signing up to your mailing list.

    Here's how: Go to the Editor > Click on Get Subscribers > Settings > GDPR > Require Consent

    Read more about GDPR here
  • Email Marketing: More Video Capabilities with Wix ShoutOut

    Adding videos to your email marketing campaigns just got a whole lot better. You're no longer limited to only YouTube videos. Explore the Free from Wix and Shutterstock video collections or upload any from your computer.
    Here's how: Log in to Wix > Email Marketing > Add > Video > Add a video from My Videos > Choose a Video
  • Wix ShoutOut: Send Only to Your Active Contacts

    We recommend sending ShoutOuts only to your active contacts. This is a great way to increase your email delivery rate.

    When you're ready to add recipients, you'll see an option to only show active contacts. Read more about active and inactive contacts
  • Wix Shoutout: Send Trigger Emails to All Contacts

    With Wix Code, you can now send automated emails to all your contacts for any action you choose. Learn more here 
  • Wix ShoutOut: Active/Not Active Users Toggle

    When sending ShoutOuts, it is important to keep in mind who your active contacts are. Active contacts are people who engage positively with your newsletter. We recommend sending ShoutOuts to your active contacts only.  Learn More
  • Wix ShoutOut: New Templates!

    Explore stunning new email templates from Wix ShoutOut. There are tons of templates to choose from to help you find just the right match for your business or brand.

    To access the templates, go to your My Account page, find the Email Marketing box, click Send a ShoutOut and then select + New ShoutOut in the top right.
  • Wix ShoutOut: Get Email Marketing Pro Tips

    Perfect your marketing game with helpful articles and videos from our Email Marketing Guide. Now you can easily access the guide from the Email Marketing dashboard.

    To find it, go to your My Account page, select Send a ShoutOut, click Dashboard in the top left and scroll down until you reach the Email Marketing Guide.
  • Wix ShoutOut: New Templates for the Share It App!

    Check out our new stunning social post templates from the Share It App! They were created for the biggest sale days of the year, Black Friday and Cyber Monday. To use Share It, download the Wix Mobile App.
  • ShoutOut Dashboard

    We've released the ShoutOut dashboard. A place where users can have a general overview of their most recent activity on ShoutOut. It includes:
    • Last published ShoutOut
    • Last draft
    • Last automated email
    • Subscribers overview
    • Monthly quota overview
    • Helpful tips on email marketing
    • A detailed email marketing content hub