• Add Alt Text to Background Images

    Make your site more accessible and add alt text to background images on hoverboxes, slideshows, lightboxes & more. Learn more
  • Track Statistics for Your Email Automations

    Get more insights into your email automations like who’s opening your emails and on which device. Go to your site dashboard > Customer Management > Automations > 3 dots on any Email Automation > Statistics
  • Sell More Online with Curbside Pickup

    Offer customers curbside pickup for your online store. Set up store pickup, add instructions and let your customers know as soon as their order is ready. Learn more
  • Add Customizable COVID-19 Badges to Your Site

    Update visitors about your business with a COVID-19 badge. Add Site Badges and share that you’re open for business, available online, taking orders and more.
  • New Add to Cart Button for Your Slider Product Gallery

    Add an Add to Cart button and customize its text, path or quantity field. Go to Slider Gallery Settings > Settings > Enable Add to Cart Button and customize.
  • Enable Double Opt-In on Subscribe Forms

    When site visitors subscribe to your mailing list through Wix Forms, send them an email to confirm their subscription. Learn more
  • Offer Tickets to Your Event Guests with the New Tickets API

    Create tickets in the Dashboard and offer them on your site using the Tickets API. Process payments and display the link to the tickets as a PDF. Learn more
  • New RSVP Form Process

    Use custom RSVP forms for your events via a newly updated process in the Events API. Learn more
  • Personalize Your Wix Payments Payout Cycles

    You can now choose when payouts are sent to your bank account. Select from a daily, weekly or monthly payout cycle—you can change it at any time. Learn more
  • Print Shipping Labels with Melhor Envio

    Create shipping labels for your Brazil-based eComm business with the new Melhor Envio app. Buy and print shipping labels and automatically add tracking numbers. Learn more