• Host virtual events with Wix Live

    You can now stream live webinars & meetings directly from your website. Create, manage, host and record your online events with a fully integrated solution. Learn more

  • Skrill is now available on Wix

    Take secure online payments in multiple currencies with Skrill. Accept debit/credit cards, Skrill Digital Wallet, Rapid Transfer, Paysafecash payments and more. Connect now
  • Automatically Generate Invoices for Pricing Plans

    Reduce your workload by setting up automatic invoices that are created and sent anytime a visitor purchases your membership plan. Learn more

  • Easily Add Tax to Your Pricing Plans

    Easily set and collect tax across all your plans to comply with relevant laws and regulations. You can choose whether to include tax in the price or add it at checkout. Learn more

  • Display Pricing Plans On Multiple Pages

    Use the new Pricing Plan Widget to add your plans to multiple pages. Plus, you can choose which membership plans you want to display on each page. Learn more 

  • New: Wix Payments available in Canada

    Manage your business, payments and payouts right from your dashboard with Wix Payments. Now open to businesses in Canada. Connect now
  • New UploadFiles API for the UploadButton

    You can now upload multiple image, video and gallery files at a time chosen by the visitor. This replaces the deprecated startUpload function. Learn more
  • New Media Manager APIs

    Get info and access to the files and folders in your Media Manager with listFiles(), listFolders() and getFolderInfo() APIs. Learn more
  • New disableScrollToTop Option

    With disableScrollToTop for wix-location to( ) API function, you can decide whether a page scrolls to the top when navigating to another Wix page. Learn more
  • Customize the Way Your Pages Appear on Twitter

    Edit your social share settings for Twitter. Set the content, image & card size for individual pages or apply the same settings for all pages of the same type. Learn more