• Invite Your Team to Become Call Agents

    Boost your customer service by giving multiple agents the ability to make and answer calls on your business phone number at the same time. Available in the U.S. and Canada. Learn more
  • Improve Customer Service with Call Recordings

    Record calls made to your business phone number and review them any time. Call recordings are seamlessly integrated into your CRM, and you can listen to them from your Inbox. Available in the U.S. and Canada. Learn more
  • Easily Add Your Products and Services to Invoices

    Streamline your invoice creation process by easily adding your products and services with a drop-down menu. Learn more
  • Customize How Your Challenges Display on Search Engines

    Use SEO Patterns to control the titles, descriptions and other SEO settings for all your challenges at once. Get started

  • New Backend Events for Coupons API

    Write code that is triggered when a coupon is created, updated, deleted or applied using new Coupons API backend events. Learn more
  • Fully Manage Bookings with the Bookings Backend API

    Use the wix-bookings-backend API to list and query booking info, confirm or decline pending requests, cancel bookings or mark as paid, and more. Learn more
  • Track Site Performance More Easily with Analytics Alerts

    Use preset and custom alerts to get an email notification whenever there is a significant change in your site’s key stats or business activity. Learn more

  • Organize Your Bookings Calendar with Color Filters

    You can now filter your calendar with colors to differentiate between sessions and to keep track of their occupancy. Learn more
  • Get Insights about Your Bookings with Analytics Reports

    Use Reports to see how your bookings have changed over time, which services are most popular and who are your top clients. Learn more

  • Let Clients Save Their Payment Information on Your Site

    Allow your clients to securely save their payment information with My Wallet within the Members Area. This enables them to make future purchases much faster. Learn more