• Save Time with New Dynamic Page Templates

    Enjoy new dynamic page templates designed for recipes, jobs and courses. Find them in the Editor > Content Manager > Add Content Elements > Choose Template
  • Sort, Filter and Reorder Directly from Collection Headers

    Sort and filter your content directly from column headers. Drag headers to reorder fields. Open your collection > choose Table View > click on Table Header
  • Access More Order Details with Expanded Order Properties

    Track payments and fulfillment, access invoice and channel details, view custom notes and more with the newly added Order object properties. Learn more
  • Create a Custom Search Experience with Updated Search API

    Filter, sort and categorize results with the updated Search API. Perform a fuzzy search, build dynamic searches and search specific Wix app content. Learn more
  • Offer Tickets to Your Event Guests with the New Tickets API

    Create tickets in the dashboard and offer them on your site using the Tickets API. Process payments and display the link to the tickets as a PDF. Learn more
  • New RSVP Form Process

    Use custom RSVP forms for your events via a newly updated process in the Events API. Learn more
  • New Backup Feature in Content Manager

    With Backups, all your collections will now be automatically backed up every 7 days. You can also create up to 3 new manual backups. Learn more
  • New Dynamic Page Template for Real Estate Listings

    Check out the dynamic page template specifically designed for real estate listings. Find it in the Editor > Content Manager > Add Content Elements > New Preset.
  • Wix Inventory API and InventoryItems database collection

    With the new inventory API you can track inventory for products either in Wix Stores or other store catalogs. You can either manage an item's inventory count or mark an item as "in stock" or "out of stock". You can locate the inventory item you want to update either by inventory ID or by external ID (which is the ID assigned to the item in its catalog, be it Wix Stores or a different store).  Learn more.

    You can track your inventory using the InventoryItems database collection. Learn more.
  • New Pricing Plans API for Listing Current Member Subscriptions (Orders)

    The new getCurrentMemberOrders() API for pricing plans lets site members see the plans they ordered. With this information, logged-in site members can manage orders more easily, for example, deleting an order if necessary. Learn more