A Beginner’s Guide to Getting Your Site Online

You’re not tech-savvy, have no design sense and barely manage to keep track of your emails. So creating your own website feels like a bit of a stretch. We feel your pain, but we’ve got some news for you. You can do this! That’s right — you can build an awesome website for your business. This beginners’ guide to website building will walk you through the steps to building your very own site. When you’re done, you’ll be surprised at how easy it was, and how beautiful the result!

Tell your story

Even from across the world and through a screen, a website is about communicating with real, live human beings. The more you are able to humanize your business and make a connection with the person looking at your site, the better the chances they’ll continue to explore your site and shop with you. In websites, as in literature and in life, telling a story is the very best way to plant the seeds for a real relationship with your clients.

Your story should begin on your homepage and weave its way throughout all the pages of your site. Your logo and site colors, the fonts you write in and the words you choose in your content should all be in alignment. The story you tell is a huge part of your branding and it should reflect you, your business and your brand – both online and in person.  

Page by page tips

Most websites include a Homepage, an About page, a Contact page and often a Services page. You can choose the sitemap that makes the most sense for your business. As you create each page of your site, keep the following things in mind:

Homepage –Your homepage is your first impression. Keep it simple with clear and concise text that gets your message across. If you’re not sure where to start, a quote is always a great option.

About – Tell customers who you are. People love stories, so if you have a cool one about how you got started, this is the place. Feel free to have a little fun with it; humor is a great way to make a connection.

Services –Let customers know exactly what you offer and what sets your business apart. If you offer classes or appointments, let your customers easily schedule with you straight from this page. Add Wix Bookings to your site and they can sign up for your services (and pay for them) in just a few clicks.

Products – Write accurate descriptions of your products, providing as many details as possible such as size, materials, weight and more. Include great product images that clearly show how each item looks. When shopping online, your customers can’t touch products or ask questions from a nearby sales rep. You have to provide them with enough information to make them feel they understand exactly what they are purchasing.

Create a logo

When building a new website, you’re taking a big step in establishing your brand. An awesome logo is another essential part of your brand. Luckily, it’s super easy to create a logo on the Wix editor. Just choose a shape, change the color, add your company name, and you’ve got a professional & stylish logo – no designer needed.  If you want to go a step further, here are some great tips on making your own logo.

Choose amazing images

Fantastic website images can instantly transform an amateur-looking website into a site that really impresses. When you create your site with Wix, we offer lots of options to help you find beautiful images that send the message that you are professional, serious and worth checking out.

Use your own images – Whenever possible, it’s best to use authentic images on your site. You can connect Facebook, Flick, Instagram and Picasa straight to your Wix account, making it easy to access all of your own photos and use them in just the right place on your site. Try to choose images that are high quality, in line with the tone of your website and accurately depict what you do. Here are some great DIY photography tips to help you get just the right images.

Take advantage of free media from Wix – 

Wix offers an extensive collection of free, high-quality photos, videos and more. Plus, the collection is always growing so you can update your site regularly with brand new images. Learn about all the free media we offer at Wix.

Tap into Bigstock photos – 

Wix partners with BigStock images so you can enjoy a nearly limitless stock of images to choose from. You can purchase any one of the 21+ million professional photos on BigStock. Choose the image you like, quickly purchase it and add it to your site!

Help people get in touch

Before finishing up your website, make sure it’s crystal clear how customers can reach you! Include a contact page on your site that includes a contact form, your email and phone number. If you have a physical location, include your address and business hours. You may also want to include your contact info on the header or footer of each page of your site. That way your visitors will have no problem getting in touch.

Before you start building your masterpiece, you may want to check out this quick video explaining how to make a website

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