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What is a webpage?

A webpage, or web page, is a single page within a website. So, any individual part of a website that you access is considered a webpage. Technically speaking, it's a document composed using HTML so that it can be read by web browsers. Webpages have distinct features and text, as well as unique URLs that enable viewers to access them directly.

Webpages can be created using website builders like Wix, or by building them independently with HTML. Either way, they enable millions of people to display their information, businesses, blogs and more online.

Examples of a webpage

Webpages can take many forms. There are currently close to two billion live websites online, each of these including even more webpages of their own. This makes the possibilities virtually limitless. Examples of common webpages include:

  • Homepages- Homepages are typically used as the main hub of any given website, providing essential information and linking to other pages.

  • Product pages- Product pages are the essence of any online store. They are the places where you display the products you are trying to sell.

  • About Us pages- About Us pages are simple pages used to explain what your company or organization does and why.

  • FAQ pages - These pages are used to answer frequently asked questions. They are a common feature of websites and offer preemptive support to site visitors who might be considering your online offering.

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What’s the difference between a webpage and a website?

Although sometimes used interchangeably, there is actually a difference between a webpage and a website. As mentioned above, webpages are the individual pages that make up websites. Collectively, many webpages come together to form a website. To further understand the distinction between a webpage and a website, think of a webpage as only focusing on one specific topic such as a bio or a specific blog article. A website on the other hand, can cover many different topics and include varying types of content.

How to create a webpage

Equipped with an understanding of what a webpage is, you may now be wondering how to create one. To create webpages hassle free, we recommend creating a Wix website. This will enable you to complete a webpage without any knowledge of web design, and get your information online quickly.

You can start with the basics and create a single webpage and then build your website up from there. Once your pages are finished, make sure they are visible to your audience by linking them with a navigation menu. This will ensure that all of your pages are easily accessible.

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