• Wix Editor: Purchase a Domain Based on Your Site Name

    After publishing your website, you'll be offered a domain based on your site name. You can always choose a different domain or skip for now.
  • Get Notifications for All Your Websites in One Place

    Now you can:
    - Log in to Wix to get notifications for all your websites in one place
    - Select a specific site and see notifications for only that site or all sites 

    You can also decide which notifications appear for each site. Learn how to manage your notification settings
  • Wix Mobile App: Pin or Hide Sites

    Update to the newest version of the app to pin or hide sites. Pinned sites will appear at the top of the page so you can find them more easily.
  • Wix Members "PrivateMembersData" Collection

    Now you can work with your Member data. When you install a Members Area in your site, the PrivateMembersData collection is added to your site’s Database. The collection contains information about your site members. You can connect member data to site elements and query member data with code. Learn more.
  • API: wix-stores-backend onCartAbandoned and onCartRecovered events

    We've added two new backend events that allow you to handle situations where a visitor has added items to the shopping cart but did not complete the purchase. Learn more: onCartAbandoned, onCartRecovered.
  • API: wix-users-backend.login()

    You can now log in a site member from backend code using an email address and password. Learn more
  • Wix Events: Disable the RSVP Button

    Now you can display your event on your website without letting guests RSVP.
    Here's how: Go to Settings > Display > Disable the RSVP button
  • Wix Forms: Copy Paste Your Forms

    Please note: you can only copy paste new forms.
  • Wix Payments: $20 Minimum for Payouts

    The minimum amount for payouts has been reduced to $20. Payouts are transfers from your Wix Payments account to your bank account. Find out more
  • Wix Blog: Upload Videos from Your Computer

    Now you can upload your own videos to your blog posts. Before, you could add videos from YouTube, Vimeo or Facebook.