• Wix Podcast Player: New Search Bar

    Visitors can now easily find their favorite podcasts by using the new in-app search bar.
  • App Market: Multilingual App Now Available

    Serve a global audience with a professional site in several languages by adding Wix Multilingual from the App Market.
  • Wix Blog: AMP and Schema Now Available

    Now you can display faster-loading blog posts on mobile devices with AMP and use Schema to help your site rank higher on Google.
  • Wix Stores: Gallery Filter Available in Mobile View

    Product gallery filter options are now available in mobile view. Customers can sort products by price, name, newest products and more.
  • Wix Editor: Member Badges Available

    Now you can give member badges to site members who contribute to your forum. Learn more
  • Wix Automations: New Automations Available

    Now you can send automated responses to thank customers for paying an invoice or accepting your price quote.
    Here’s how: Go to the Dashboard > Customer Management > Automations
  • Wix Blog: Import Your Blog from Wordpress

    Now you can easily import your Wordpress blog and posts to your site. Just add your Wordpress URL to get started. Learn more
  • Wix Data: distinct() Function

    The WixDataQuery.distinct() function allows you to retrieve distinct values from a database collection. Learn more
  • onFormSubmit Event Added

    The wix-crm-backend.onFormSubmit event allows you to write code that runs whenever a form is submitted. Learn more
  • Wix Location: onChange()

    Now you can write code that runs when an application page's URL changes. For example, you can use the onChange event handler to determine when a new product is displayed in a store and perform any necessary partial updates on the page. Learn more