• Wix ADI: Change Your Business Name's Font Size

    Simply click on your business name to choose from 4 different font sizes. 
  • Add Your Instagram Feed to the Site You Created with Wix ADI

    Showcase all your Instagram photos & videos on your website. Find out how
  • The New Wix Blog Is Available for Wix ADI

    You can now add the new Wix Blog to the website you created with Wix ADI. Find out more
  • Paid Plans App: Restrict Access to Paying Customers

    Create web pages that are exclusively for customers who have purchased a plan.

    Here's how:
    1. Go to the Editor, choose the page you want and click Manage Pages
    2. Click Settings, Permissions and choose Members Only
    3. Select Only selected members or paying customers and choose the relevant plan
  • Wix Forum: Member Cards Are Now Available

    Your forum members can now easily follow and find out more about other members. All they have to do is hover over a profile image in the forum. A card will pop up with more info about the member and a link to start following them.
  • Wix Forum: Members Now Have Stats in Their Profiles

    Have a Members area for your forum? Now all your members have stats for the number of Likes, Comments and Top Comments they've received.
  • Wix Automations Is Now Available

    Send an email, chat or get a notification every time a user does a certain action.

    Here's how:
    1. Log in to Wix
    2. Contacts & CRM
    3. Automations

    Find out more
  • Create a Custom Member Sign Up & Log In Experience

    Now you can customize your members' sign up and log in experience. Find out how
  • Add a Custom Feed to Feature Your Blog Posts

    Now you can feature select posts or all posts in a specific category.

    Here are some helpful resources:
    Find out how to add & set up a custom feed
    Find out how to feature posts
  • Wix Forum: Mention Other Members in Your Posts

    Forum members can now mention other members in their posts. Simply use @username.