• Wix Stores: getAbandonedCart

    With the new getAbandonedCart() function you can get the information in an abandoned cart by providing the cart's ID. Learn more
  • Wix ADI: Form Builder 3

    The Form Builder 3 includes all the features from Form Builder 2, plus six new sections. The new Form Sections are Sales Lead, Support, Testimonials, Job Applications, Feedback and Price Quote. These Sections can be found by clicking: Add > Section To Page > See More. Learn more
  • Wix Editor Elements ($w): Multi-State Box API

    With the new multi-state box element and API you can display different content for different situations and let site visitors easily navigate multiple displays. Learn more 
  • Ascend by Wix: Chat: Holiday Backgrounds for Your Chatbox

    Get your chatbox ready for the holidays with seasonal background patterns.
  • Wix Stores: Add to Cart Button Settings

    You can now keep customers on your product pages after they click "Add to Cart." A checkmark will appear on the button to show they've successfully added the item.
    Here's how: Go to the Editor > Product Page > Settings > When button is clicked > Stay in Product Page
  • Wix Blog: New SEO Settings

    SEO settings are now available in Blog Post Settings on the Wix App. Learn more
  • Paid Plans: cancelOrder API

    Now you can use the Paid Plans cancelOrder API to allow members to cancel their own orders (subscriptions). Learn more
  • Wix Site: prefetchPageResources

    With the new prefetchPageResources() function you can optimize resource fetching of pages and lightboxes on your site so they will load faster. Learn more
  • Wix Data: Truncate Function

    The Wix Data truncate() function allows you to delete all items from a database collection at one time. Learn more

  • CRM: Media Manager API

    The new wix-media-backend mediaManager API allows you to work with your site's Media Manager in backend code. Learn more