• Ascend by Wix: Assign Tasks to Site Contributors

    Now with Ascend by Wix, you can create and assign tasks to your site contributors. Learn more
  • Wix Blog: Customize Mobile Settings

    Now you can easily customize your Wix Blog mobile settings, including what shows on your feed, the blog menu, recent posts and social sharing.
  • Wix ADI: Expanded Access to Photo Studio

    Creating your site with Wix ADI? Now you can access the Photo Studio from the ADI builder or the Media Manager. 
  • Wix Forum: Follow All Categories

    Now you can select to follow all categories in a forum when using the Wix mobile app. 
  • Wix Mobile App: View Site Insights

    Now you can see how many people visited your site and more from the Wix mobile app. Learn more
  • Wix Stores: Store Analytics

    You can now use store analytics to access and view data to help optimize your store. Learn more 
  • API: notifications

    You can now send notifications to your site's contributors using the new wix-crm-backend Notifications API. Learn more
  • API: memory storage

    You can now store data that is available as long the site visitor does not refresh or close the page, using memory storage. Learn more
  • API: addProductToCart

    The $w.CartIcon element now has a new addProductToCart function which allows you to add multiple items to your site's shopping cart at once. Learn more 
  • API: onCartCreated and onCartCompleted

    The wix-stores-backend API now has two new events, onCartCreated and onCartCompleted. You can now run code when a site visitor creates a cart or completes a cart purchase.