• Wix SEO: Removing Keywords Meta Tag from Editor

    The keywords meta tag has been removed from the SEO panel in the Wix Editor—search engines no longer consider this tag when ranking pages. If you want to add the keywords meta tag, go to the Custom Meta Tags section of your page’s SEO panel. Learn more
  • Wix Mobile App: Manage Email Marketing

    Now you can create and manage your email marketing campaigns from the Wix mobile app. Learn more 
  • Wix Mobile App: Edit Quick Actions Bar

    You can now reorder or hide the Quick Actions you see in the dashboard view of a place in the Wix mobile app. Learn more 

  • Wix Mobile App: Send Invoices

    Now you can create, edit and send invoices from the Wix mobile app. 
  • Wix Mobile App: Hide Members List

    You can now hide your Members List, including the number of members and social features, from the Wix mobile app. Learn more 
  • Wix Stores: Fetchy App Integration

    The free online shipping solution Fetchy is now available in the Wix App Market and ready for integration with Wix Stores. Learn more 
  • Wix Stores: New Mobile Gallery Filters

    Now with Wix Stores you can add filters—such as price, color and size—to product galleries for your site on mobile. 
  • Wix Video Maker: Now Available Under Marketing Tools

    Now you can promote your site with a video and instantly share it on social.
    Here's how: Go to your Dashboard > Marketing Tools > Video Maker > Create New Video 
  • Wix Bookings: Number of Sessions Remaining

    Now when selling Paid Plans packages, you can see the number of sessions your clients have remaining. Learn more 
  • Wix Editor: Translate Payment Methods

    Now you can translate your Payment Methods into different languages.