• Wix Site: prefetchPageResources

    With the new prefetchPageResources() function you can optimize resource fetching of pages and lightboxes on your site so they will load faster. Learn more
  • Wix Data: Truncate Function

    The Wix Data truncate() function allows you to delete all items from a database collection at one time. Learn more

  • CRM: Media Manager API

    The new wix-media-backend mediaManager API allows you to work with your site's Media Manager in backend code. Learn more
  • CRM: Workflows API

    The new wix-crm-backend.workflows API allows you to work with your site's workflows in backend code. Learn more
  • Wix Editor: New Photo Studio Enhance Button

    Enhance your photos with the click of a button. 

  • Wix ADI: New Menu Panel Customization

    You can now rename, reorder and hide items from your ADI site’s menu panel. You can also manage pages and add menu items. Learn more
  • Payments by Wix: Pay Button

    With the new Pay Button, you can offer express checkout for a single item on your site. Set your item details, connect a payment method and customize the look of the button. Learn more

  • Payments by Wix: Phone Number Field Validation

    The phone number customers enter at checkout will now need 7-15 digits and special symbols only, including +, ., (), -, and #. This way, you can check that customers are giving a valid number.
  • Wix Stores: Multiple Tracking Numbers

    You can now add multiple tracking numbers to your orders. Customers will be able to track the fulfillment status of each item separately.
  • Paid Plans: Add a Policy

    You can now add policies to your paid plans. Clients will see the details at checkout. Learn more