• Wix Stores: Abandoned Carts Collection

    With the Stores/AbandonedCarts collection, you can now retrieve the shopping carts that were created but did not end with a purchase. Learn more
  • HTTP Functions: options()

    You can now use the options() function to respond to requests made with the HTTP OPTIONS method, such as API consumers attempting to identify the allowed request methods or as part of a CORS preflight request. Learn more
  • Wix Payments: Custom Statement Descriptor

    You can now customize the description of the purchased product or service on a customer’s credit card statement. Learn more
  • Wix Editor: New Google Maps Features

    In the Google Maps app, you can now include multiple locations, add driving directions and set your map’s zoom.
  • Wix Stores: New Functions in Refund and Cancel Phases

    Choose items to refund and have the refund amount calculated automatically. You can also pick a refund reason, update your inventory and send a confirmation email to the customer when an order is cancelled or refunded. Learn more
  • Wix Events: New Calendar Layout

    You can now choose a calendar layout to display your event. Learn more
  • Ascend by Wix: Contact Images Now Available

    You can now upload an image for contacts through the contact panel.
    Here’s how: Go to the Dashboard > Customer Management > Contact List > Click on a contact > Click on camera icon
  • Wix Editor: Color Transparent Videos

    You can now customize transparent videos by coloring them any way you like. Just choose a color preset or create your own. Learn more
  • Filter Binding

    Now you can create filters for various lists (like repeaters, tables and galleries), to make it easier for your users to navigate through lots of content. No coding required. Learn more
  • Media Gallery Field Type Added to Database

    You can now add video to the Media Gallery field. You can add images and multiple videos in the same field and connect to a single Pro Gallery element. Learn more