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Clothing Logo Maker

Create your clothing logo design in minutes. Get inspired by these logos designed by other clothing brands and create yours today.

bespoke bloke logo
divinam logo
camila boutique logo
reys organic logo
blurmart logo
buzz apparel logo
fosterlots knits
old soul attire logo
escape activewear logo
isuri aravinda logo
trim & proper logo
lemon's style logo
happy kids clothing logo
retro ravers logo
vintage madness logo

Clothing logo design tips

Define your branding

Your logo is one of the main elements that sets you apart from other clothing brands. It should reflect the style of apparel that your business specializes in. For example, a logo for a streetwear brand might be bold and edgy, whereas one for a company that has couture at its heart might be more luxurious or elegant. Do plenty of research to come up with clothing logo ideas.

Choose the right font

Your logo’s font helps define the feel of your clothing brand. If your brand focuses on minimalism, a clean Sans Serif font would work well. If luxury occasion wear is your thing, an elegant Cursive font may be a better fit. Your logo will also appear on labels and tags, so the font you choose will need to be clear enough to easily read in these small spaces.

Use color strategically

Like typography, colors also play a large role in communicating the feel of your clothing brand. It’s a good idea to research color psychology when choosing your logo colors. If your brand is high-end, black, deep navy blue, and purple could work. A monochrome color scheme with a splash of block color like red or bright pink might be the way to go if contemporary fashion is your specialty.

Make a graphic statement

Icons, illustrations and graphics also help your clothing logo stand apart. Choose visuals that reflect the line of fashion you’re in. Many clothing brands keep things literal by incorporating images of hangers or needle and thread into their logo. Some brands opt for an abstract symbol. Make sure whatever you choose complements the overall design.

How to make a clothing logo in minutes


Tell us about your brand

Enter your business name, tagline if you have one, and a little bit about the look and feel of your clothing brand.


Choose your style

Review the logo designs presented to you, and pick the one that best represents your brand.


Make it your own

Customize the font, colors, icons and text to bring your new clothing logo to life.

Clothing logo ideas

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