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Design Inspiration \ OCT 30th 2017

Where Our Top Designers Find Inspiration Online

There’s an epidemic sweeping the nation – and it can happen to anyone, anywhere, at any time. It’s called a creative block, and symptoms include: coming up with boring ideas, being trapped inside the box (instead of thinking outside of it) and an overall feeling of helplessness. Creative blocks are inevitable, but what do you do when your job depends on innovative execution?

To find out, we went straight to the source: The Wix Design Studio. Wix houses one of the biggest design studios in the world, with over 200 talented designers creating everything from the commercials you see on TV, to the hundreds of templates that you can use to create your own website. We were curious to know: where does this team of imaginative people find the inspiration to make their stunning contributions to the web and beyond?

We won’t leave you in suspense for much longer! Read on to discover the places and techniques that our designers use when they hit a creative roadblock.

Yaya Aaronsohn, UX/UI Product Designer for Wix ShoutOutWix SEO Wiz

The first place I start when looking for inspiration is a website called Collect UI. As the name would suggest, this website collects daily UI inspiration from across the web, including a variety of product designs. You can also find cool typography, web designs, illustrations and more while you’re there. Another website that I like is not only inspirational but it’s also educational; Case Study Club has digital product processes, wireframes, final designs and other visual assets for anyone designing and building a digital product.

When I really get stuck, I ask my coworkers to join me for a chat and I pick their brain. Talking to someone with an outside perspective who is interacting with something for the first time is a great way to generate fresh ideas.


Yotam Kellner, Web & Brand Designer for Experts, Pros and Wix Ambassadors

To me, being a designer means being a part of the creative process from A – Z. I truly think that a designer should be involved in the process from start to finish; not just the person who makes “pretty things.” When I’m not working on creating content for Wix’s growing community, I also help plan activities for the Wix Studio Design Guild team. Our goal is to enrich and develop Wix designers by hosting learning activities, in-house lectures, and fun routine-breakers that ensure our team is always thinking outside the box. I believe that inspiration can be found almost anywhere. I live in Tel Aviv, a city that’s always hosting cultural events like art and design exhibitions, live concerts, and performances. I love meeting new people and discussing their art with them.

A great project that I follow every year (and sometimes even participate in) is called 36 days of type. This online project invites people from all walks of life to flex their creative muscle using letters and numbers alone. This project is so versatile and so many talented designers participate in it, that I often go back and follow those designers on Instagram for a daily dosage of typography inspiration. On another note, I also love looking at Fanzines (print is still my secret passion!). I collect fanzines from all over the world and give them a look for new ideas.

When I have a creative block, I like to brainstorm and create as many options as possible for a design idea, and just throw them all on art boards. After working at lightening-speed, I pause and go back to it with fresh eyes. From there, I sort out the good and the bad.

36 days of type

Ofra Lior, Social Media & Community Design Team Leader

My team creates all the visuals for Wix’s social platforms like The Wix Blog (yes, including what you see here) Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest and more. Our goal is to find the right balance between social media trends, all the while keeping the Wix brand identity sewn into everything we do.

I find music videos to be very inspiring. From well-known artist to Indie bands, I listen to everything and collect visual inspiration that I later use for different projects. Some of my all-time favorite videos are Metronomy – A Thing For Me , Son Lux – You Don’t Know Me and Robyn – Konichiwa B*tches.

When I hit a wall, I do anything but design. I watch a movie, meet friends or go for a walk. I try not to freak out (sometimes it even works) and just clear my mind and then try again.

Eliran Mor Yosef, Wix Marketing Designer

I’m a designer in Wix’s in-house Marketing Studio where we work on everything from landing pages, banners, Facebook posts and more for Wix’s new features and campaigns.

I find design inspiration everywhere I look, from street art to posters and, of course, online. Like many designers, I turn to Pinterest for inspiration. Some of my most common searches include illustrations, logo design, and website layouts. On Behance, I often use the keywords “look & feel” and “plant” to find cool projects. I also find personal sites from designers and even some of my friends to be very helpful. Some of my favorites are Gravual, Melanie DaVeid, Hulse & Durrell, OFFSET, and Broken Fingaz.


Michal Doktorchik, Social Media Designer

I’m a graphic designer in the Wix Community Team, where I design content for Wix’s social media channels, and for the amazing Wix Blog. I find my inspiration on popular websites such as Behance, Designspiration , Dribbble and some lesser known sites, like Design Milk, One Page Love, and blogs such as Mini eco, o-k-e-r, and Design Love Fest.

When I have a creative block I take a look at some of my previous work and think back to the process and inspiration I had back then. Sometimes I remember something that sparks a new thought which can help me with my current design.

One Page Love

Assaf Bezalel, Wix Marketing Designer

I am a graphic designer for Wix’s marketing department. I design everything from emails to landing pages, banners, campaign assets, and sometimes even some simple animations.

One rule that I have is that I need to have music playing when I design. For me, music and inspiration go hand in hand. What I play can vary from classical to electronic, and anything in between. These days, I generally listen to electronic music when I work like: Siriusmo, Modeselektor and a lot of Amanda Palmer. One of my favorite design challenges is 3D animation. For 3D inspiration, I often check out 3Dtotal, Art Station and Sketchfab.

When I have a creative block, I grab a pencil and paper and sketch without thinking too much. If I have the time (which I usually don’t), I clean my head by taking a short walk outside or I read something unrelated to my design assignment to free my mind and relax.


Ira Sholk, Social Media Production Artist

The biggest challenge in my job is finding fun content that resonates with our social media fans, while still speaking to our brand’s values and design guidelines.

I’m originally from Russia so aside from traditional websites like Behance, Dribbble, and Awwwards Blog. I also turn to popular art and design sites in my native language, like Awdee, Art Lebedev, HSE Art and Design School. I also like to browse old design magazines from the 60s and 70s and the website Trend List; you’d be surprised how many fresh and modern ideas you can find from decades ago!

When I have a creative block I like to go to museums, listen to my favorite podcasts (Radiolab and Freakonomics Radio) or take an online design class. I love finding lessons on Skillshare or just on YouTube or Vimeo. This world is full of so many interesting people I can learn from. I also attend a weekly painting class to help keep my inspiration flowing.

Art Lebedev

Gala Turman, Wix Marketing Designer

I design marketing materials for Wix which includes everything from creative landing pages to Facebook posts; I do it all! My inspiration comes from Pinterest, Tumblr, Behance and magazines. A lot of the pages that I follow aren’t design related, but my favorite pages are Design Everywhere, Kustaasaksi, Cool sh*ts Bullsh*t, and Alex Trochut.

I typically work in increments of 25 minutes. This allows me to track my time better and lets me take breaks in between. When I get a creative block, I start working on something else. Usually, when I come back to the project with a fresh perspective, the problem is solved.


Erez Attias, Wix Marketing Designer

I’m a Wix marketing designer, which basically means that I design great campaigns, emails, banners and super dope landing pages.

I’m lucky to work in a room full of people who were top of their class in school, or excelled in their previous jobs. For the first time in my life, I feel like every day is an inspiring day. You see, my colleagues are damn- gifted and they design such breathtaking things every single day (each in his or her own style) – so honestly, I get my inspiration just by looking around my office!

Most of my colleagues like exploring different places, eras, cultures, trends – and I truly admire their passion. This is what great designers do. But, I’m not like that. Most of the time I find myself getting tons of new ideas just by observing my friends. If I really like something, it will probably trigger a new idea for my next project. And when my next project is complete, another designer will get their new idea from it. This is what makes our studio the best in the world, in my opinion. The fact that Wix designers keep raising the bar for each of us – every single day.

Inspired to create something of your own? Build your Wix website today!

By Nathaly Myers
Community & Social Media Manager, Wix - About the Wix Blog

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