• Switch Back to Wix ADI from the Wix Editor

    Started creating a website with Wix ADI and switched to the Wix Editor? Now you can easily go back to Wix ADI.

    Here's how: Go to the Editor > In the top bar, click Site > Return to Wix ADI
    Find out more here

    Please note: Changes you've made to your site in the Wix Editor won't be saved. You can find any version of your website in your Site History.

  • Choose Whether or Not to Show a Mini Cart in Your Store

    Now, you can choose whether a customer sees the Mini Cart or opens the full Cart page after adding an item to their cart or clicking the shopping cart icon.

    Find out more here.
  • Wix Editor: Get Help Customizing How Your Site Looks on Mobile

    Making your website look great on mobile is so important. Now the first time you go to customize your mobile site in the Wix Editor, you'll get a helpful walkthrough and how-to video. 

    - Choose how your mobile menu opens
    - Customize your header's behavior when scrolling
    - Decide where you want to display your quick actions
    - Add a back to top button

    Here's how: Go to the Editor > Switch to Mobile 
  • Create a Loading Screen for Your Website

    Have a page that takes an extra few seconds to load? Now you can create a customized loading screen with Velo!

    Keep in mind: The loading screen will only appear on your desktop website. Basic custom code is required. Find out more here
  • Create Unique Roles for Your Site Members

    Now you can create unique roles for your site members. Give permission or restrict access to certain pages based on these roles.

    Why this is great: You can now offer different membership tiers or create different roles for different types of site members (i.e. teachers & students). 

    Here's how: Log in to Wix > Contacts & CRM > Member Permissions > Add New Role
    See how to here

    Please note: To create a member role, you'll first need to create Members Only pages.  
  • Wix Video: Give Visitors a Better Mobile Experience

    Give people a better experience when playing your videos from their phones. Now when viewers click the Play button, your video will play right there instead of opening a separate video page.
  • Wix Editor: List Builder Is No Longer Available. Use Repeaters Instead

    List Builder is no longer available. If you have existing lists on your site, you'll still be able to use them. To create new lists, add a repeater.

    Repeaters let you present a list of items that have the same design and layout, but different content. For example, it’s great for featuring your new stories, business listings and more.

    Add a repeater and change the content manually, in the same way you would do with a gallery or strip. You can also turn on developer tools to connect your repeater to a database collection and get the content to automatically update.

    Here’s how: Go to the Editor > Add > Click Lists & Grids > Choose a repeater & edit anything like text, images & more

    Find out everything you need to know about repeaters here
  • Get Subscribers: Update about GDPR

    Now you can add a checkbox to your subscribe form. This will make it easy for visitors to give consent when signing up to your mailing list.

    Here's how: Go to the Editor > Click on Get Subscribers > Settings > GDPR > Require Consent

    Read more about GDPR here
  • Wix Editor: Internet Explorer 11 and Safari 9 No Longer Supported

    Still using Internet Explorer 11 or Safari 9 with the Wix Editor? You'll see a popup letting you know that these browsers are no longer supported.

    To get the best experience creating your website, here's what we recommend:
    Internet Explorer 11 users:  Try Edge or Chrome
    Safari 9 users: Update your browser

    Please note: You are not blocked from using the Wix Editor. You may click Got It or X out and continue working on your website.  
  • Wix Editor: Better Experience Customizing Your Form

    Now you can easily add the fields you need to your form.

    Here's how: Go to the Editor > Click on your form > Select Manage Fields

    Find out more here