• Wix Editor Elements ($w): Audio Player API

    With the Audio Player API you can customize your Wix Audio Player. Now you can control your audio tracks programatically, customize your display, and add events as site visitors navigate your tracks. Learn more
  • Ascend by Wix: Wix Automations: Assign a Task

    You can now assign a task to a specific assignee by creating an automation in the Automation Panel. Learn more
  • Wix Stores: New Custom Checkout Field

    Add a custom checkout field to learn more about your customers, like their tax or VAT ID numbers. Learn more
  • Paid Plans API

    You can now use the Paid Plans API to work with plans in your site from front-end code. Learn more
  • Wix Blog: Blog Analytics Available on Desktop

    Optimize your blog even further—use blog analytics to learn about your readers’ online behavior. Learn more
  • Wix Music: Additional Audio Files Now Supported

    You can now upload Mono and M4A files, and upload any sample rate you like to your site. Learn more
  • Wix Blog: New Blog Notification Auto-Subscription

    Whenever a new member signs up to your blog, they will now be auto-subscribed to Blog Notifications.
  • Wix Stores: New Continue Shopping Settings

    You can now choose where your store’s Continue Shopping link will lead to on your site. Learn more
  • App Market: Pay Button Now Available

    Add the Pay Button app to your website to sell single products without installing a vertical, collect customer contacts and more.
    Here’s how: Go to the Wix App Market > Search for Pay Button > Add
  • Wix Blog: Mobile Editor Now Available

    You can now customize your post page. Design your posts, add dynamic elements, choose the info you display. Learn more