• Wix Editor

    Resolved: You can now change the background of an uploaded video. (20/6/17)
  • Wix Editor

    Resolved: Text no longer jumps after pressing 'Enter' (20/06/17)
  • Wix Editor: Editing Mobile View

    Resolved: When editing the Mobile View, page content will now not be hidden underneath the footer and all changes can now be saved as usual. (05/12/2016).
  • Wix Bookings: Group Cancellation Email

    Resolved: Cancellation emails mistakenly went out to Bookings users' clients. This bug has now been fixed. (7/5/17)
  • Wix Home

    Resolved: HTTPS wasn't activated by the HTTPS toggle. (03/04/17)
  • Wix Home

    Resolved: Users couldn't change their usernames. (1/1/2017)
  • Wix Editor

    Resolved: Clicking on the Lightbox overlay now doesn't close the Lightbox (8/12/2016)
  • Mobile Editor

    Resolved: Anchors on free mobile sites scroll past intended location (8/12/2016)
  • Wix Editor

    Resolved: Arrow Horizontal Menu skin - showing white lines on iPad (Safari iOS/Chrome) and Mac Safari (27/9/16)
  • Wix Photography

    Resolved: User's photo album is showing gray boxes where the photos are supposed to be (1/1/2017)