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Medical Logo Design Tips

Establish Your Brand

Your logo is the first chance to show people who you are so make it count by being clear in your message. Show your customers that you are here to take care of them. For example, use simple clean lines and solid colors to establish a feeling of calm, harmony and trust.

Tell Your Message Through Your Typography

The font you use will help set the tone for your brand’s messaging. Keep your fonts simple and clean. Let’s say you are a dermatologist, clean straight lines can help express health and cleanliness in your practice.

Make Your Colors Count

Color can help to categorize certain fields, and medicine is no different. With logos from the medical field, we see a lot of the same colors— blues, reds, whites and turquoises. When it comes to designing your medical logo, it’s good to stick with these color palettes.

Keep Your Style Simple

Your logo should mirror your field, and when it comes to medicine people want to know the facts— who you are and what you can do for them. Keep your logo style consistent with that theme by using imagery that defines you. For example, a dental practice might have an image of a smile in its logo.

Get Your Medical Logo Design Today

Your logo is a symbol of your brand. It’s also an opportunity for you to tell your story. Choose your own color palette, design, font & more. Explore ideas that connect to your brand. Just answer a few questions to get your own professional logo today.