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Doctor, doctor! Beautiful medicine & health websites designed with Wix

For most people, the medicine and health industry is not the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about stylish and cutting edge design of a business website. What you’re about to see might challenge this perception.

Private clinics, health consultants, medical products, individual specialists, and health and wellness websites, require online presence just like any other professional in today’s economy (see our guide on how to start a service business). For these businesses and organizations, Wix created a variety of medicine and health related website templates (or service business ideas examples), for instance:

And plenty more! With these professional website templates available, no wonder Wix users are creating gorgeous websites for their health and medical types of businesses. We have here a selection of 15 user sites that successfully express well-being, personal care and professional treatment.

Even if you have nothing to do with the health industry, these great sites will definitely make an impression.

Pro tip: Use the Medical Logo Maker to explore your options and create your own.

Have a healthy weekend!

Alex Picot Annand

Better Work Health

Dana Shafir Wellness

Ellijay Wellness Center >>

Ellijay Wellness Center

Dzielny Mis

Little Love

My Dental Clinic

Ni Labs

Patricia L. Shaw >>

Patricia L. Shaw

Rhode Island Free Clinic

 Rudolf Pardubsky Orthopedic

eed Organic Naturopathy

Tame Medical Aesthetics

W Gynecology and Women's Wellness

Relaxation Marume

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