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Food Logo Inspirations

Your food logo is just minutes away. Get inspired by these beautiful logo ideas designed by real users and create yours today.

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Food Logo Tips

Define Your Brand

The right logo design can help define your food brand and make it recognizable online. Pick a design that reflects the type of food your brand sells. For instance, if your brand sells healthy food products you may want to choose a design that illustrates health and wellness.

Tell It with Typography

Font helps to set the tone of your brand’s personality and messaging. It’s an essential aspect of your design so make sure it speaks to your brand and tells your story. For example, a food brand geared towards children may want to use a fun, playful font on their logo design.

Spice It Up

Colors play a big part in creating a connection between the type of food you sell and your customers. Choose colors that represent the flavor or product you offer. So if a brand offers an array of nut butters they may want to use more neutral beige hues to reflect the product.

Make It Eye-Catching

Icons, illustrations and graphics play a huge role in defining your brand through your logo. Make it appetizing and engaging in a way that displays the essence of your food brand. A brand that sells pasta may want to use an icon of a delicious bowl of pasta or the flag of Italy in its design.

Get Your Food Logo Today

Your logo is a symbol of your brand. It’s also an opportunity for you to tell your story. Choose your own color palette, design, font & more. Explore ideas that connect to your restaurant. Just answer a few questions to get your own food logo today.

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