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Web Design \ AUG 10th 2017

How to Create a Drop-Dead Gorgeous Modeling Portfolio

Great visual presentation is important in all professions and industries. But when it comes to modeling, looking fantastic is absolutely a must. Models need a gorgeous portfolio to represent themselves professionally online. Standing out and getting noticed in the industry is not easy. A high-quality online modeling portfolio can make all the difference, and we are here to show you how to create one.

Let’s start with some great news: You don’t need to spend a fortune to create an online modeling portfolio. In fact, you can do it yourself using our website builder. Even if you never created a site before, you can design your own with ease. From start to finish, Wix offers all the tools and guidance you need to set up a gorgeous online presence that will boost your modeling career.

Moving on to the fun part, the steps listed here will lead you through the process of setting up your website. These tips are specifically designed to help models by focusing on the key aspects of what makes a great modeling portfolio. Go ahead and get gorgeous online.

  1. Choose the ultimate template

    Before you start the actual design work, choose the template that best suits your needs, your style and your personality. In an online modeling portfolio, the focus is on you. When you consider your options, go for a template that will help you shine the way you know you can.

    Here’s a couple of beautiful templates available through Wix:

    2 Modeling Portfolios created with Wix

    You should also check our full catalog of website templates. You might find a design that you like in another portfolio style.

  2. Show your versatility

    Potential employers and scouts want to see versatility and flexibility in models. Make sure the images you upload to your site depict diverse projects you’ve worked on, photo shoots that vary in style and artistic vision, photos that show different angles and different takes on your lovely features. You want to show them that you are capable of working in any type of production.

  3. Carefully choose the order of images

    Many portfolio viewers will not have time to browse through your entire image gallery. Prepare yourself for that by considering the order of visuals carefully. Give prominence to your best shots or to the most prestigious projects you’ve worked on. It’s particularly important that you pay attention to the first three images that viewers see from the moment they load your website on their browser. Be sure to nevertheless follow the versatility guideline. You’re not scoring too many points if you choose the start with pics that look almost identical.

  4. Include high-quality images

    This point is so vital in making sure your modeling portfolio is impressive and effective. When you compromise on the quality of the images, not only are you allowing yourself to appear unprofessional; you are also putting your greatest assets as a model at risk of being overlooked. Don’t let pixelated images come between you and your career.

    Use Only High Quality Images

  5. Watermark your photos

    Protect yourself from copyright infringement and from impersonations by adding watermarks to your images. We suggest adding your name and your domain name. This way, if your portfolio photos find their way to the web, they are not only declaring your name as rightful owner, they are also promoting you as a model. Of course, you will need to clarify any ownership questions with your photographers first.

    [Note: Check out these helpful tips for adding a watermark to your photos]

  6. Share comprehensive professional info

    Try to think of all the important details that could be relevant to a potential employer and share them on your site. Models are usually expected to share information like height, clothing size, skin tone, hair and eye color. You may choose to add features that you think are unique and appealing about you (tattoos, acrobatic skills, anything that might make a photo shoot more interesting).

    [Note: You can use the Table Master app from the Wix App Market to neatly display your stats!]

  7. Use diverse media

    Still photos will clearly play the definitive role in your modeling portfolio, but why not keep things interesting by adding different types of media? Using video clips, for instance, can reveal aspects of your professional demeanor that one simple photo may not. Adding GIFS will add some motion and spice up your portfolio. Give it a shot!

    [Note: Here’s how you can upload video or use GIFS with Wix!]

  8. Stay social

    We recommend that you connect your social media profiles to your portfolio. First, this will offer yet another channel where viewers can see your pictures. But more importantly, your social pics show yet another side of who you are; they provide a fuller picture of your capabilities and your personality. Use professional social accounts if you have them, but even personal accounts can work (as long as they don’t depict aspects of your life you wouldn’t share with colleagues and employers). If you are running a stunning Instagram account, you can even show your Insta feed directly on your portfolio!

    Instagram profile on your Wix website

    [Note: Here’s how you can add social links and an Instagram account to your modeling portfolio with Wix!]

  9. Get personal with a blog

    Working some personal magic into your modeling portfolio could be a great idea, but we recommend that you keep the professional and personal parts separated by adding a blog. There, you can share experiences from behind the scenes, fashion and beauty tips or just have fun :) As a plus, running a blog will give you occasional opportunities to casually promote your site by sharing the link on social media.

    [Note: Follow these steps to add a blog to your portfolio using Wix!]

Want more guidance on how to create a modeling portfolio that will rock the entire industry? It’s time to get visual. Check out these Wix-made online websites and learn from real-life professional models with a fantastic online presence:

Wix Website - Modeling Portfolio of Benjamin Feys

Wix Website - Model Portfolio of Jessica Peart

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Wix Website - Model Portfolio of Nahezhada Pavlova

Ready to launch your modeling career online? Create a website with Wix!

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