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Creative Web Design Ideas for Your Website

Creative Web Design Ideas for your Website

When it comes to innovative web design, we can honestly say that our users are our greatest source of inspiration. Whether building off a fully customizable template, or creating their own site from scratch, Wix users are always proving themselves to be ahead of the curve with the innovative websites that they put out.

Here’s a list of some unique design ideas that you too can add to your Wix site.

The Ring Tree Got it Right with GIFs

The Ring Tree cleverly incorporated a GIF into their image gallery to take viewers on a journey from how a run of the mill coin turns into a beautiful custom made ring.

The Ring Tree

Creative Clip Art from Emilia Serrano

Writer Emilia Serrano proves that you don’t need to invest in costly images to have great looking pictures on your site. Her delightful online portfolio uses free clip art that can either be uploaded separately or found right inside your Wix editor!

Emilia Serrano

Ken Riley Jr. Uses a Unique Perspective

Graphic designer Ken Riley Jr. shows off his creativity by opting for an aerial view of his site as opposed to a more generic front facing view. This one of a kind site gives viewers a bird’s eye view of Ken at work.

Ken Riley Jr

Video Backgrounds by N3BULA

Bye-bye boring background! N3BULA’s space themed site creates a video background effect by fitting a large video screen in the back space of their site. Talk about an out of this world design!


DYI Looking Design by Small Girls PR

What they lack in stature, Small Girls PR make up for with big design ideas! This boutique PR firm drives home their trendy DYI feel with fun textures, illustrations and cut-out elements in their website design motif.

Small Girls PR

Simple Color Scheme, a Hot Design Trend from Breakthrough

Breakthough shows site visitors that they can keep up with current trends both on and offline by incorporating a simple color scheme into their beautiful site. One of the hottest design trends this year, the simple color scheme design is achieved by merging  primarily monochromatic colors with a pop of a vibrant accent color like the fuchsia seen below.

Break Through

Half & Half Images Kiz Musique

Another of this year’s hottest design trends has been executed beautifully in Kiz Musique’s fun half and half imagery.

Kiz Musique

Fun Textured Buttons from Buddy Warren

Buddy Warren’s wild use of color, texture and impeccably executed animation is the perfect web personification of this eclectic design firm/mixed-use retail store.

Buddy Warren

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