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Use Wix's slideshows feature to set your website in motion

In today’s world of instant gratification, capturing your site viewer’s attention for long enough for them to interact with your content has become more challenging. This is why design trends like long scrolling websites have become so popular. But there are new ways to get eyes on your most important content and messages, and using stunning Slideshows is one of them.

If you’re looking to create a website, this web design element is something you’re going to want to consider. Today, Wix is announcing a brand new feature to help you do just that – a stunning slideshow you can add while making your website in just a few clicks.

What Are Slideshows?

The Wix Slideshow feature is a beautiful design element that showcases images, video and other content you want to get eyes on, right on your site. It’s perfect for promoting products and sales, showcasing your art or letting people know about upcoming events – just to name a few examples. You can opt for the box version or full-width slides, both adding a powerful visual impact, anywhere on your website.

Slideshows come with tons of stunning preset designs, which you can customize individually to your own website’s unique style. You can use them as a website background, add images, videos, text, linked buttons, and even animation – the options are almost endless.

Want to go big? Use a Full-Width Slideshow for extra impact. Need to spotlight a specific item? Go with a Box Slideshow that still offers a stunning design element, on a smaller scale. 

What is a Slideshow?

Why Use Slideshows?

To put it simply, Slideshows provide a way to add motion to your website, displaying rich content on a stunning stage.  And they just so happen to be very easy to add to your page.

With so many stunning slideshows galleries to choose from, the only hard time you’ll have with this feature is deciding which one to use. Of course, they’re 100% mobile friendly, so your site visitors will be able to experience them wherever they are. Best of all, this new feature is incredibly easy to customize, so each slide looks exactly the way you want it to.

How to Add Slideshows to Your Website

The Slideshow feature can be accessed for free from inside the Wix Editor. Whether you start with a blank page or pre-designed website template, you can add a slideshow to anywhere on your website. There are tons of customizable settings to control everything from image parameters to transition effects, buttons and more. Here’s how to add one to your very own Wix website:

  • Click the Add button on the left side of the editor

  • Select Slideshow from the dropdown

  • Scroll through the list of box and full-width slide options, and then drag the one you choose onto your website

And if you ever want to add or edit your existing Slideshow, it’s totally easy. Add a new slide, move existing ones around, or duplicate a slide with a click of a button. There are so many options to play with. Change your slide background to any colors, image, or even a beautiful video. Upload your own media or choose one from Wix’s free media library. The design possibilities are endless.

How to access Slideshows

With so many options, there is a slideshow for everyone. Are you ready to try Wix’s beautiful new Slideshows for yourself? Check out these stunning Slideshow examples.

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