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Images, video & more: All the free media available in the Wix Editor

Want to get started with making a website that wows? Then your content alone just won’t do the trick. You’re going to need some stunning visuals; images, graphics, videos and fonts can make all the difference between a site that is bores and site that impresses.

The Wix Editor offers thousands of high-quality images, video backgrounds, icons, fonts, shapes and more – all available for you to use on your web design, all for free. Here’s a look at what we’ve got in stock.

Stunning high-quality images

The Wix free media collection is filled with thousands of stunning images gathered from top stock photo sites or created right here in the Wix design studio. With landscapes, food, people, places, and everything in between, you’re guaranteed to find images that are just right for your business.

To access this visual paradise, select “Image” in the Add menu and just click “Free Wix Images.” Once you’ve added the image to your site, you can also tweak it any way you like. Try adding a frame, cropping it, adding a filter or animating it.

If, despite the endless options, you just can’t find that perfect image, Wix also offers free stock photos that you can quickly add to your site. While they may not be free, they’re definitely the most affordable high-res stock images you’ll find on the web. In addition, if you need to resize your images for your site, you can use the Wix Image Resizer.

Stunning High-Quality Images

Engaging video backgrounds

Want to show your visitors that you are totally up-to-date with the latest design trends? Then you’ll definitely want to consider adding a video as your website background. The Wix editor is stocked with eye-catching videos that you can place behind an entire page on your site, or along a single full-width strip or fold on the page.

To add one to your site, click on Page Background and then select Video. Scroll the video options to find one that you know will captivate your site visitors.

Video Backgrounds

Fun vector illustrations

In the same Image menu, you can also find our cool Clip Art gallery. These vector art elements were created by our team of talented designers and can be used to spice up any website. To help you explore all the options, the Clip Art is divided into useful categories like Holidays & Occasions, Animals, Nature and Sport.

Fun Clip Art

Gorgeous fonts

In our quest to help you design stunning websites, we offer more than just images and videos. That’s why there’s a ton of free fonts for you to choose from when you design your website with Wix. Choose one for your headers and another for the content. Just be sure to find typography options that match the look and feel of your website and business.

Fun Clip Art

Multi-purpose icons & shapes

Want to spice up your website with some fun icons and shapes? Rather than a traditional square box, you can toss in a star, a badge or a banner. Find dozens of shapes, icons, arrows and more under the Add menu in the editor. You can even use some of the shapes to create a logo for your business!

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