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Free Image Resizer

Instantly resize or crop your images, and download them in JPG, PNG or GIF formats.

A male model wears a red baseball cap, blue hoodie and white puffer coat in various social media posts, scaled to different dimensions with Wix’s Image Resizer.

Resize your images, 
use them anywhere

Change the dimensions of any image in seconds with our free Image Resizer,
so it’s ready to publish on your site, online store or social media feed.


How to resize an image in 4 simple steps


Pick up to 6 images or photos you want to resize.


Choose the dimensions 
and file format you want.


Use the built-in crop tool to rotate or crop your image.


Save your resized images directly to your device.

Change the dimensions to fit 
every social media platform

Use the recommended image sizes for each platform
to make your posts look their best.


Story + IGTV

1080 x 1920 pixels

Post size

1080 x 1080 pixels

Profile picture

110 x 110 pixels


Profile picture

170 x 170 pixels

Post and timeline

1200 x 630 pixels


1080 x 1920

Cover photo

1200 x 628 pixels

Feed ads

1080  x 1080 pixels



1500 x 500 pixels

Profile picture

400 x 400 pixels

Post image

1200 x 675 pixels

Card image

120 x 120 pixels

In-stream photo

1600 x 900 pixels



1080 x 1920 pixels

Profile picture

200 x 200 pixels


Video story

1080 x 1920 pixels



2560 x 1440 pixels

Profile picture

800 x 800 pixels


1280 x 720 pixels

Build your brand image with Wix

The online portfolio of graphic design studio Ritual Objects, which displays images of a trendy green candle and purple glass vases.

Create a custom portfolio
to showcase your projects

Present your projects and promote your work in an online portfolio. Get inspired by some of the best portfolio websites created with Wix.

Display your best work
with a photography website

Share your work and take bookings directly from your photography website. Find out how to optimize images for your website so it loads fast.

A free photography website created with Wix. The website has a bold, monochromatic design and displays portraits and still life images resized with Wix’s photo resizer tool.
On the left, the homepage of a jewelry brand’s online store. On the right, a mobile device displaying a product page featuring a silver ring with a blue star.

Sell products or services
from your own online store

Grow your business with an online store. Take online payments, manage your inventory, and send invoices with our free Invoice Generator.

Engage with customers
through email campaigns

Connect with your audience and drive traffic to your site with strategic email marketing. Save time with automations and personalize emails to boost sales.

A website’s dashboard shows statistics from a recent email marketing campaign. Beside it, an email template featuring a header that reads “New Product” and an image of a man wearing a VR headset.

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Two skincare products alongside a selection of icon options for a cosmetics brand. The icons are created with Wix’s free logo maker.

Logo Maker

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Two promotional videos for a sunglasses brand, created with Wix’s free video maker. One shows a pair of orange sunglasses and the other shows a woman smiling while wearing a pair of rose-tinted glasses.

Video Maker

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1. What is the Image Resizer?

The Wix Image Resizer is a free tool that allows you to change the size of images and crop images online—so you can get the exact dimensions you need for print, web or social. Check out our ultimate social media image size guide to find out what the recommended dimensions are for each platform.

2. How does the Image Resizer work?

In just 3 simple steps, you can use Wix’s photo size editor to resize images online.

  1. First, select up to 6 images from your device. You can resize PNG or JPG images as well as GIFs.

  2. Next, choose the dimensions you want. To make an image bigger, increase the dimensions or scale it to a percentage higher than 100%. To make an image smaller, decrease the dimensions or scale it to a percentage lower than 100%. You can also use the built in image editor to rotate or crop the picture before resizing it.

  3. Finally, download the resized images to your device—ready to print, post or publish online.

3. How do I resize my image without losing quality?

Resizing images affects their quality, but it often isn’t noticeable. The best way to ensure a quality outcome is to start out with a high resolution image and consider the size of the container you want it to fit. When you change photo size to dimensions that are equal or slightly bigger than the container, you’ll end up with a high quality image.

Shrinking photo size has little effect on its quality, but when you enlarge or stretch an image it can become blurry or pixelated. For example, if you downsize an image that is 2400 x 1200 pixels to fit a 600 x 400 blog banner, you will end up with a high quality image. On the other hand, if you enlarge the same image to 4800 x 2400 pixels, it will appear pixelated and lower quality.

4. Can I crop an image using the Image Resizer?

Yes. Wix’s free photo size reducer has a crop tool built in, so you can make sure your final image includes everything you need—and nothing you don’t.

5. Do I need to pay to resize images?

No. The Wix Image Resizer is completely free to use. Check out more free tools for your business, or create a free Wix account to showcase your images on your own website.

6. Why should I resize images before adding them to my website?

Reducing image size before publishing to your blog or website can help to optimize site speed. The smaller the file size, the faster your image will load. Using an image shrinker not only creates a smooth browsing experience for your visitors, but can also help to positively impact your site’s ranking on search engines like Google.

Using a smaller file size is also a great way to save storage space on your web hosting platform—allowing you to upload more images or videos to your site.

Bring your ideas to life
with a Wix website

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