• Wix Art Store: Wix Payment Provider Is Now Available

    Have a Wix Art Store? Now you can accept credit/debit cards with Wix as your payment provider. 
  • Wix Podcast: The Subscribe Button Was Removed

    To prevent confusion, the subscribe button has been removed. Previously, the subscribe button functioned as a way for your users to get your RSS feeds. This created a little confusion for those who expected to subscribe up to the podcast. 
  • Wix ADI: Add Blog Sections with Dark Backgrounds

    Creating a website with Wix ADI? Now you can add a blog section with a dark background. 

    Click Add and select Section to Page.
  • Paid Plans: Email Is Not a Mandatory Field for Specific Payment Providers

    Using Paid Plans? Email is no longer a mandatory field for PayPal, Mecado Pago, PagoSeguro and Yandex. This means customers will not have to enter their email to start entering their payment details. 
  • Wix Blog: Show or Hide Your Blog Menu

    Now you can show or hide the blog menu featured above the All Posts feed.

    You can also decide what you want to display in your menu:
    - Category labels
    - Search box
    - Login/sign up button

    Here's how: Go to Wix Blog Settings > Display > Click Blog Menu > Use the Show blog menu toggle
  • Wix Bookings: Do More with Corvid

    Now you can fully customize your site's booking experience with Corvid APIs:
    - Create your timetable and display the next available appointment
    - Customize your service pages and confirmation messages
    -Suggest related services and products
    -Offer fast checkout, manage pending requests and more
  • Wix ADI: New Section Types

    Creating a website with Wix ADI? Now you can add new section types: 
    - Schedule
    - Price list
    - CV
    - Download file
  • Add a Collection Field from a Page Element

    When you're connecting an element, you can now add a new field to your database collection. This new field is automatically connected to the page element.
  • Wix Stores: Customize Your "My Wallet" Section

    Customize the My Wallet section. Find out more
  • New Payment Provider Available: Isracard

    You can now connect Isracard as a payment provider. Find out how