• Customize Your Events Pages' SEO Settings from One Place

    Save time by using the SEO Patterns tool to optimize your SEO titles, descriptions, and other settings across all your events pages of your site at once. Get started
  • Verify Your Site on Google, Bing and Other Search Engines

    Claim your site ownership and get access to search data from Google, Pinterest, Bing & Yandex search engines. Verify your site.
  • Monetize Your Challenges with Pricing Plans

    Start earning money from your challenges by connecting them to a pricing plan. Offer paid access to challenges as a subscription or fixed package. Learn more
  • Get Paid Online with Xendit in Indonesia & the Philippines

    Connect Xendit to sell online and get paid in your local currency. Businesses based in Indonesia and the Philippines can now accept debit/credit card payments, direct online bank transfers, retail outlets/OTC and more. Connect now
  • Check and Set Visitors’ Privacy Policies with New APIs

    Ensure your site is GDPR and CCPA compliant with new APIs. Check which cookies your visitors allow and if they allow data transfer to third parties. Learn more
  • Access Cart Changes with New Client-Side Event in Stores API

    With the new onCartChanged()event in wix-stores, you can access information about the site’s shopping cart every time an item is added or removed. Learn more
  • Create and Share Social Posts on the Wix Mobile App

    Drive traffic to your site by creating eye-catching social content right from your mobile device. Use the Wix mobile app to design social posts on the go. Learn more
  • Make Your Website Compliant with Data Privacy Regulations

    Gain your customers’ trust by making your website more compliant. Use the Wix Privacy Center tools to improve compliance within regulations like GDPR and CCPA. Learn more
  • Let Clients Save Their Payment Information on Your Site

    Allow your clients to securely save their payment information with My Wallet within the Members Area. This enables them to make future purchases much faster. Learn more
  • See What Times of Day People Visit Your Site

    Learn more about your sites’ busiest hours with a report that tracks traffic by time of day. Make data-driven decisions to optimize your site traffic and performance. Learn more