• Learn How Members Engage with Your Business in the Wix App

    Get analytics reports about your Wix app. Find out how many new and existing members are interacting with your business, at what time of day and more. Go to Dashboard > Menu > Analytics & Reports > Members App Category
  • Create and Share Social Posts on the Wix Mobile App

    Drive traffic to your site by creating eye-catching social content right from your mobile device. Use the Wix mobile app to design social posts on the go. Learn more
  • Assign Roles & Permissions from the Wix Mobile App

    You are now able to assign Roles & Permissions straight from the Wix mobile app. Go to your Dashboard > Manage > Roles & Permissions > Contributors
  • Discover All Your Must-Have eCommerce Features

    Create an exceptional shopping experience. Explore must-have features you need to run and grow your store online, like analytics, multichannel sales and more.
  • Get a Business Phone Number

    Separate work and personal calls with a dedicated business line. Choose a toll-free or local number that connects to your mobile device. Available in the U.S. and Canada.
  • Print Packing Slips from the Wix App

    Quickly print custom packing slips from your mobile devices. You can include order numbers, shipping and billing addresses, products purchased and store policies. Learn more
  • New Store Zoom-In on Mobile App

    Customers can now zoom in on product images when they’re shopping on mobile. Encourage them to buy more with detailed, high-quality images of your products. Learn more
  • Manage Your Product Collections from the Wix App

    Now, you can create, edit, delete and duplicate your store's product collections from anywhere using the Wix mobile app. Learn more
  • Wix Stores: Send Invites to View Specific Products in the Wix Mobile App

    Now you and your members can send invites to view or buy specific products from your storefront on the Wix Mobile App. 
  • Wix Stores: Duplicate Products in the Wix App

    Create a new product on your Wix mobile app storefront by duplicating a similar product. Save time by copying and editing an existing product's details. Learn more