• Wix Editor: New Way to Add Anchors

    Now you can add easily add Anchors to your site.
    Here's how: Go to your Editor > Add > Menu > Anchor Menus 
  • Wix Editor: New Access to Help Center

    Now you can access the Help Center by right-clicking anywhere in the Editor and selecting Help from the menu.
  • Wix Editor: Page Transition Preview

    When you are setting a page transition, you will now see a preview of the animation and automatically return to the same page.
  • New Mobile Animations

    There are now different animations for the desktop and mobile versions of your site, and you have more animations made exclusively for mobile.
  • Wix Editor: New Media Manager

    Each site has its own folder so it's easier to stay organized.

    - Create sub folders
    - Add images to Favorites or trash
    - Work with contributors
    - Add tags

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  • Wix Editor: Back to Top Button

    Adding a Back to Top button makes it easy for visitors to scroll to the top of your mobile site. Now you can customize your button's design, layout and animation. 
  • Wix Editor: Wix Multilingual Supports Over 80 Languages

  • Wix Editor: Purchase a Domain Based on Your Site Name

    After publishing your website, you'll be offered a domain based on your site name. You can always choose a different domain or skip for now.
  • Wix Forms: Copy Paste Your Forms

    Please note: you can only copy paste new forms.
  • Wix Pro Gallery: Adjust Border Width and Color

    Now you can add colorful borders to your images.
    Here's how: Go to your gallery > Settings > Design > Style > Adjust your border width & color