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8 Unique Digital Products Sold by Wix Users

Unique Digital Products Sold by Wix Users

Finding your career path in life is like finding the right condiment combination for your burger. It takes some time, but when you find the right fit, you feel a sense of great accomplishment. At Wix, we see a lot of talented people who bring their creativity and their passion to life through the beautiful websites they create. And now, with the ability to sell digital goods from your online store, the opportunity to share your craft (and make money online!) is even easier. From offering your own workout classes or custom-made diet plans, it’s easy to get your talent out there to the masses by selling your digital products.

Krissy Cela, Workout & Nutrition Plans

A fierce personal trainer deserves a fierce website. Krissy Cela showcases her training programs and nutrition plans in a clear and descriptive way. She offers pre-made guides that are downloadable or, after answering a few short questions about yourself, she’ll send you tailor-made plan in PDF form. Who knew getting fit could be so fun?

Krissy Cela website selling digital nutrition plans.

Cole Reyes Music

Cole Reyes began composing music from elementary school and now, he’s found a way to turn his talent into a career. His online store contains original sheet music available for download as a digital file. Gone are the days where a musician defines their success the moment they are signed with a major label, wouldn’t you say?

Cole Reyes music website selling sheet music downloads.

Mr. MC

Remember when going to school meant daydreaming in the back of your class, plotting what snack you’d treat yourself to when you got home? Well, teachers like Mr. MC have totally changed the game. He presents his lesson plans in fun, easy-to-follow videos (that anyone can watch for free) as well as downloadable lesson plans for purchase. Education will never be the same!

Mr. MC eCommerce website.


Thought your smartphone replaced the need for a full-fledged planner (you know, the ones you physically hold in your hand)? Think again. Today, downloadable organizers are all the rage. DoersWave presents the new wave of traditional planners; allowing anyone to jot down goals, objectives, personal schedules and more. Of course, you can purchase this planner in booklet form, or you can easily download the exact same product as a digital file for use right on your computer.

M3 Journal eCommerce website.


Online gallery, Artodu, represents talented artists from Budapest. Rather than limiting themselves to selling physical art online, they allow for various pieces to be downloaded. Doing so keeps all possible doors open for these artists. Genius!

Artodu eCommerce website.

Sewn Ideas

If you know how to get crafty with a needle and thread, then this next one is for you. Head on over to Sewn Ideas and get inspired to create something unique. The patterns available are detailed with step by step instructions and photos to help guide the process. Everything is available via instant download, so you can get started on your project ASAP!

Sewn Ideas Patterns eCommerce website.

Lightroom Filters

These days, everyone appreciates a good filter on their photos. This Wix user knows there’s a need for warm, sunny tones and turned that into a business. Amateur and professional photographers (and pretty much everyone in between) can download nine exclusive Lightroom preset filters. Just a minute to download and you’re on the road to Sepia-ville.

Marcus Valeur photography website.

Gridbook, Digital Books

Taking musical education to a whole new level, the Grid Books allows anyone to download an eBook and become a pro percussionist straight from their home. From extensive 10-week curricula to a lick book chock full of tips and exercises, these folks make it easy for just about anyone to rock on!

Gridbook digital books website.

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Geraldine Feehily

Marketing Writer, Wix eCommerce

Geraldine is a marketing writer for Wix eCommerce. She uses her broad experience in journalism, publishing, public relations and marketing to create compelling content and loves hearing user success stories.

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